When spring rolls around, digital marketers can take advantage to boost their performance and bring in new customers for their clients, and for themselves. Spring is an optimistic time, and a lot of things are changing during the season, so how can you make the most of it? We cover 7 things that digital marketers should consider as we enter spring.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning can mean a lot of different things. In this case, we’re talking about social media profiles, email lists, and even the old blog posts that aren’t relevant to your website, or your client’s websites. Spring is a good time for a fresh start. You can control a lot of this yourself, or you can send out an email asking people if they’d like to stay subscribed or if they wish to remove themselves from the list. There’s no point in marketing to people who aren’t interested.

Know Your Ideal Customer

Publicly available information and marketing can go hand-in-hand, this is a way for you to create a profile for your ideal customer. Your marketing should be based on customer profiles. What sort of profile do they have? 

You might have a range of customers, but it is still helpful to have a specific “ideal” customer to target. Most marketers are very familiar with this idea. It might be that your standard customer is a small business owner from 40-59. If this is the case, you’ll have a better idea of how to target them. 

Both businesses and the attitudes of people evolve, too. It might be that your ideal customer has changed, so using spring as an opportunity to review is ideal.

Social Media Strategy for Spring

Spring has holidays, too! Why not base your social media strategy and other marketing around easter in an attempt to drum up some interest and positive feeling. There is a lot of imagery around easter, and it is the perfect chance to create a competition, or even an event that can bring in new customers or reward existing ones.


If you’re not already making use of retargeting then now is the time to get involved. Retargeting on social media is a way to use cookies to target customers who have already been on your website or showed some interest in your products and service, so you know that they are potential buyers. 

Done right, retargeting can be a very profitable marketing type. It serves as a “reminder” for potential customers. People even utilize specific retargeting methods such as “abandoned cart” retargeting, trying to appeal to people who didn’t complete a purchase. You might even be able to give them a specific offer to keep them interested.

Use the “Cute” Imagery

Having great images to use is difficult for some brands, but when it comes to spring and easter specifically, there is a lot of cute imagery you can use, from chocolate to bunnies to chicks.

Your graphics can have a spring theme to stay current and to capture peoples’ attention. Spring is also all about color, so why not use that in your marketing images? It’s the perfect time to add dashes of green, pink, and yellow.

Use Positive and “Fresh” Language

Spring is about new horizons and positivity, and you can reflect this in your language. If you have a newsletter or even in copy on your website, use language that refers to vibrancy and sunshine. This is more likely to strike a chord, especially as people will often be desperate for a bit of sunshine and positivity at this time.

 Set Targets for the Rest of the Year

What are your KPIs? How will you judge your performance, and what do you even want to achieve over the coming year? Spring is a time to look forward and think about what you will be targeting. Do you want to gain a certain new number of customers? Perhaps you want to add a certain number of pieces of content to your website?

 Targets will vary based on the line of business you are in, but without them you may just float aimlessly.


If you’re a digital marketer, you’ll know that there are plenty of opportunities to market your brand, and those who are switched on try to make the most of every season, and seasonal event. In spring, it’s a great time to set yourself up for the rest of the year ahead, and take advantage of some of the optimism that people start to feel when the weather improves and people start to look forward.

 It’s also a time to set targets and using public records and marketing, you can audit your customers as well as the future of your company’s marketing.


Ben Hartwig is a web operations director at InfoTracer. He authors guides on marketing and entire cybersecurity posture and enjoys sharing the best practices. You can contact the author via LinkedIn.