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Honest Pros and Cons (HPC) is an online magazine that focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of various subjects the in business, marketing, e-commerce, technology, cryptocurrencies, and society in general. From time to time, we also post product and service reviews. As your name suggests, our main priority is to provide an honest and truthful perspective about the topics we write.

The Chief Editor of HPC is Filip Poutintsev.

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  • New article submission with 1 do-follow link: 300$ (client provides the text).
  • Each additional link, or link insertion in existing article: 200$.
  • For gambling, adult, dating, pharmacy, cannabis or spammy links we charge additional 500$ per link on top of the default prices.

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HPC is visited by 70’000 unique readers per month, most of which come from search engines. Over half of our readers come from Europe, North America and Australia. Our traffic is heavily focus on business, and therefore is more active during the working days.

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