About Us

Honest Pros and Cons (HPC) is an online magazine that focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of various subjects the in business, marketing, e-commerce, technology, cryptocurrencies, and society in general. From time to time, we also post product and service reviews. As your name suggests, our main priority is to provide an honest and truthful perspective about the topics we write.


Our mission is to help educate and promote critical thinking through presenting the pros and cons of various subjects in an easy to read manner.

Our website is a non-biased place where users can find the information they need on a variety of subjects. Every article is thoroughly researched by our experienced team of writers and editors.

The reasons we use the pro/con style of articles on our site are as follows:

1. By examining both the pros and cons of an argument the users are able to see the differences much faster than with traditionally formatted articles.

2. Users can become more confident when debating issues with other people by knowing what opposing points of view are. This enables people to have respectful debates.

3. Getting people to see both the pros and cons of an issue makes it less likely that they will discriminate against others that have different opinions.

Our Team

filipThe Chief Editor of HPC is Filip Poutintsev.

Filip Poutintsev is a long term business writer, who has been featured in various online publications like Forbes, CoinTelegraph and HackerNoon. Currently he writes exclusively for Honest Pros and Cons.

Filip has over 10 years of experience in the online business, marketing , SEO and start-up space. He has worked with big brands such as Match.com, Crocs, Finnair, Booking.com, AliExpress, Travelbird and Be2.

Filip enjoys writing about the subjects he deals with in business and life. His goal is to spread knowledge about cryptocurrencies, life extension research and libertarianism.

Email: filip@honestproscons.com