Every year, thousands of people immigrate to the United States of America hoping to create a better life for themselves. It is a large job and educational opportunities that attract people towards the nation.

Living in Las Vegas

Living in Las Vegas
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The large country covers a whopping 9.8 million square kilometers of the land area divided into 50 states, a federal district (Washington D.C), five major territories and many minor islands.

Located in the state of Nevada is a city ranked among the top 30 most populated cities of the US, Las Vegas. It is the largest city in the great Mojave Desert and has developed to become the heart of Nevada state.

History of Las Vegas

The first known inhabitants of the city were the Native Americans who settled in the city around 10,000 years ago. However, it was around the 1830s when trade routes were being established in the US to speed up development, that Antonio Armijo, a Spanish merchant, along with his caravan reached Las Vegas to set up a trade route to the city of Los Angeles, California. They named the region ‘Las Vegas’, which is Spanish for ‘The Meadows’. The naming was inspired by the geographic state of the city that was filled with spring-watered grass.

With the establishment of railroads across the country, Las Vegas prospered in terms of trade and finance. The city has collected its experiences of war during World War II and nuclear weapon tests in the Nevada Test Site due to which the city was often referred to as ‘Up and Atom City.

The legalization of gambling by the Nevada Government led to the rise of casinos and gambling sites in the city which has eventually grown to become one of the main reasons for the millions of visitors that the city receives every year.

Advantages of Living in Las Vegas

1. Low Cost of Living

With the state of Nevada having the lowest income tax rate in the US and many other forms of taxes not present, the average cost of living in the city of Las Vegas is comparably very low. The main reason for this is that the revenue from the casinos that are visited by around 40 million tourists every year covers up the funding for the basic necessities of the locals of the city.

2. A Quiet Life

Contrary to the popular belief about the city that is known to be the entertainment hub of the world, the residential areas of Las Vegas are very serene. Away from the buzzing crowds of the famous ‘Strip’ and surrounded by desert, locals of Las Vegas live life as anyone would in the peaceful suburbs.

3. A City that Never Sleeps

When you are living in a city like Las Vegas, that is active during the day and even more so as the sun goes down, you always have something to do at any given hour of the day and this applies to areas out of the ‘Strip’ too.

4. Wide Options for Outdoor Activities

Along with the wide range of activities available for locals within the city, Las Vegas also ensures to its locals the pleasures of various outdoor activities. The Red Rock Canyon is quite popular among both the locals and the tourists during the climbing season.

The state of Nevada, with its collection of national parks, provides the locals with never-ending options for recreational activities, most of which are within a 3 hours drive from the city.

5. Great Weather For the Majority Of the Year

Though the summer season in the city of Las Vegas is quite complained about by the locals, the rest of the months of the year have a pleasant, enjoyable climate. Even during the summers, there are various opportunities to indulge in outdoor activities like Mount Charleston for climbing.

Winter season is also pretty mild when compared to other states of the US.

6. Other Advantages

Being the financial capital of Nevada, Las Vegas has its fair collection of branded merchandise available for the locals to shop at.

The diversity that the city holds within itself is reflected in the sights as we pass down the streets of Las Vegas and along the rich ends of the city, food spots that are popular all around the nation mark their appearance.

Disadvantages of Living in Las Vegas

1. Summer Season

Though the majority of months in the city are quite pleasant, many inhabitants have comments to make about the dry desert heat experienced in the region every summer. Situated in the middle of a desert, it is quite justified for the summer season to feel like living in a hot oven.

2. The Wild Side of the City

As a city that is renowned for being the entertainment hub of the nation, gambling, drinking, and other activities are accessible in the blink of an eye. For a person who lacks self-control, living in Las Vegas can be considered a destructive turn in life. The ‘Sin City’, as the people call it, has a way of luring people into its traps and if not cautious enough, you may find your life getting out of hand.

3. A Car is a Necessity

Unlike other major cities of the US where public transportation covers a person’s basic traveling requirements, it is crucial to have a personal vehicle in Las Vegas. The public buses are functional but not to a large extent.

4. Limited Employment Opportunities

According to statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage in Las Vegas is less than the national average by around 15 percent as of 2019. With restaurants and casinos being the largest employer industries, one of the highest-earning jobs that are widely available is a bartender. Employment opportunities in fields like finance and business are lagging far behind as compared to the national average. Healthcare and construction businesses are running fairly on the same level as the rest of the US.

5. Crime Rate

One of the most important factors when choosing a neighborhood is the crime rate. When it comes to Las Vegas, the crime rate is the highest among the cities of the US, especially in the urban lifestyle.

The suburban regions have a comparatively lower crime rate.


Choosing a neighborhood is one of the most important decisions to make, especially for an immigrant. Therefore, it is necessary that an informed choice is made to ensure a better future for yourself.

Las Vegas, like any other city, has its good sides and its bad. It provides various options for the neighborhood for the person to choose from according to their interest and requirements.

This allows an immigrant to be near the bustling crowds of the downtown while enjoying a quiet suburban lifestyle at the same time.

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