Smartphones have changed the lives of people dramatically. Before people had to make an extra effort to send messages and purchase a camera just to take photos. Today, these features are combined into one innovative, rectangular technology that keeps getting smarter and more intelligent every day. Since then, smartphones have never been found outside of people’s reach.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SmartphonesAdvantages and Disadvantages of Smart Phones

Nearly half of the population possesses a smartphone, according to reports. In a Bank of America survey conducted in 2016, 96% of millennials aged 18 to 24 years even said smartphones are very important to them. 93% of them also suggested that smartphones are more relevant than toothbrush and deodorant. The research also revealed out that a person checks his or her smartphone every 6.5 min.

Let’s learn about how we can benefit from smartphones and what the disadvantages of smartphones are at the same time.

Advantages of Smartphones

1. Communications Made Easier

Smartphones developed from the earliest devices for communication. It has therefore been built to primarily strengthen the way people interact with each other. The development of technology for smartphones modernized communications. It has paved the way for SMS, text messages, calls, video chat, and applications that allow individuals to connect with others around the world instantly.

2. Privacy

Through the advent of smartphones, you don’t have to fear about your family members finding your personal texts and love letters.  Smartphones help you to save this information and protect it. A phone lock system is designed in most smartphones. A pin, code or even your fingerprint can be used to secure your phone. People are blocked from lurking in your private messages.  You only have to make sure others don’t know your password by using a unique password.

3. Web Surfing

Smartphones also make it easier for users to surf the internet. These devices are integrated with mobile browsers that allow websites to be searched and viewed anywhere and at any time. 10% of the total time spent by people on smartphones is used in order to open browsers to surf the internet, according to a survey. Through this, people have simple access to the information.

4. GPS

Your smartphone can work as a GPS device. There are several excellent applications for navigation that will allow you to quickly locate the place. You’ll get directions no matter if you’re a driver or a pedestrian, because you won’t have to go around asking strangers how to get somewhere. Many of the applications even display the traffic jam locations, so this will help you escape the mess and arrive more efficiently.

5. Education

Smartphones also support education, especially among children. Children can have more immersive learning by watching instructional videos and playing educational apps with easy access to information and helpful content. If they want to find out about a subject, they can also easily surf the internet.

6. Entertainment

You probably have come to the conclusion that smartphones are super useful, as you have read the things we described above. Not just that, though. Occasionally, we need to relax and have some easy fun. You can watch funny videos, listen to music or play your favorite games using your smartphone.

7. Useful Apps

With the assistance of applications, smartphones can do almost anything. There are over 2 million applications in the Google Play Store, while the Apple App Store has over 1.5 million apps. People spend 90% of their time using apps in which 36 apps are installed by an average user on their smartphone. The functionality of apps differs from each other – picture and video editor, ticket booking, online shop, payment system, data review, personal assistant, etc.

Disadvantages of Smartphones

1. Distraction

With a smartphone, you can be distracted quickly. Since accidents can occur, you have to be careful. Put away your phone and focus if you are driving. Everything that’s on your phone can wait until you get home. With these handheld devices, do not endanger your life. Another problem is social etiquette.

There are several companies that would ask for limited use of smart phones. People appear to lose their attention when they hear a phone ringing and someone steps out to answer the call.   When you’re at an important meeting, don’t forget to keep your phone off. Even when someone is talking to you and you pay more attention to your phone, it can be rude.

2. Cost

Being a cell phone enthusiast, trend and fashion lover will leave you minus a substantial amount of cash maybe every 3 to 6 months.  You want to have that latest brand, that fresh and good looking phone accessory; all result in debits to your wallet. Not to mention airtime credits and internet costs every day.

3. Health Problems

Late night chats and playing games on your phone in bright screen results to eye issues.  Network waves can result in some skin cancers. There is even more if you plan to scrutinize the poor effects of using a smartphone. Among the problems are eye cancer, sleeplessness that induces chronic exhaustion during the day and infertility due to Wi-Fi connectivity.

4. Addiction

Interesting games and social websites are available on smartphones that can contribute to addiction, more so to the kids growing up before they reach the age of ten. Some schools have thus restricted the use of cell phones in school premises.

In the morning, several people wake up and check their phones first. You’re one of them? Yeah, indeed, that’s how important our smartphone is. It’s the first thing we look at before we say a friendly “Good morning” to everyone around us.

5. Risk of Data Loss

Information would no longer be confidential if your phone is stolen. It’s really important to lock and deactivate your phone. You should complain to your service provider that your phone is missing, and it will be deactivated.

To do online transactions, we use our phone and sometimes this information is saved. Someone will be able to access your personal details if you are not careful. It could be someone close to you who has access to your phone. You’ve got to be careful.

6. Uncensored Contents

Finally, there is a downside to quick access to data and the internet. Individuals, particularly children, could see uncensored material, including violence, pornographic content, etc., intentionally or not. If you have kids, make sure that their use of smartphones is limited.