Tattoos are a form of body modification on the skin made by way of ink and needles or dyes and pigments. The art of putting a tattoo is called tattooing. They can be either temporary or permanent.

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In this article, we will be talking about permanent tattoos. Once the ink is inserted into the second layer of skin known as the dermis, the wound scabs over and the skin heals to disclose a design under the new layer.

History of Tattoos

Tattoos are a form of a very old tradition and in today’s date, it is more popular and socially acceptable than ever. A proof that prehistoric people knew and practised tattooing are tools that were discovered in France, Portugal, and Scandinavia, and are at least 12,000 years old.

Tattoos have had their perceptions in various parts of the world. Ancient Egypt and India used tattoos as methods of healing and as methods of religious worship. They were also marks of status in society, but also a punishment.

Tattoos in the Philippines were marks of the rank and accomplishments and people there believed that they have magical properties. But in Europe, with the rise and mass adoption of Christianity under the Roman Empire. Tattoos were suddenly considered inhuman practice, and it slowly died out across the empire.

The oldest physical proof of tattoos has been found on an ancient mummy from the Alps, called Ötzi. The prehistoric human has been dated to around the 5th to 4th millennium BC.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tattoos

What and which sort of inking you go for, the decision is altogether up to you. Be that as it may, much the same as some other type of piercing, there are numerous upsides and downsides of tattoos.

Advantages of Tattoos

Benefits of Getting Tattoos

1. Health Benefits of Tattoos

A recent study has shown that getting a tattoo boosts your immunity by inducing the body’s immune response. The human body is such a system that fights against any kind of external factors be it by getting used to it or by producing antibodies to fight against it. Getting a tattoo makes our body ready to combat external impurities and thus boosts the immunity power.

2. Form of Self Expression

Tattoos are the ultimate form of self-expression. Many views marking and altering their body as a way to express personality or exhibit solidarity with another person, group or idea. Others see them merely as a way to beautify themselves, using their bodies as a blank canvas.

3. Emotional Component

For the individuals who have experienced misfortunes or particularly difficult life experiences, getting a tattoo can be the only explanation that is required. Having the option to feel just as you are carrying that lost cherished one with you any place you go or having a constant reminder of that hindrance you defeated can be incomprehensible and powerful.

For instance, few of those who suffered from depression decided to ink semicolon (;) which symbolized hope and love. It was chosen because, in literature, the semicolon is used when an author chooses to not end a sentence.

4. Covering Up Marks  and Body Scars

People can consider having a tattoo to get rid of stuff on the body which one does not like or prefer. Birthmarks, stretch marks, etc can be covered by inking your body.

5. Conversation Initiator

In spite of the fact that a few people may lose every single social grace when they see your tattoos, others could be fascinated and might need to share their own with you.

Two individuals having ink, or simply meeting somebody who is keen on tattoos, is an incredible method to just beginning a discussion since it’s now an intrigue you both share things in common.

6. Enhancement of Self Confidence and Self Esteem

According to a survey of 2,395 college students, they found a relationship between tattoos and self-esteem. And the more tattoos, the more confidence is enhanced. Four or more tattoo respondents had significantly higher self-esteem than those with fewer tattoos.

This was especially true of those who indicated a history of depression. The explanation for this may be that a tattoo gives you a sense of self-control and it helps you to recover something that has been lost or taken away.

7. With You To the Grave

If you get tattoos for the correct reasons, by the correct specialists, and with the consideration they need, you’ll be wearing an astounding and significant bit of an art form for your lifetime.

Disadvantages of Tattoos

why you shouldn’t get a tattoo? Below are the cons of having tattoos.

1. May Limit Your Career Path

While society is getting increasingly open to tattoos every day, there is as yet a taboo with body art that might influence the sort of occupation you get in life. There are as yet numerous jobs and careers where tattoos are not permitted. Nowadays, even skilled people have difficulties finding a job, so having a tattoo might make it more difficult.

A few people have an instinctual negative reaction to them, which could remove you from the running for specific types of business.

For instance, shockingly, odds are likely that white-collar office jobs won’t enlist somebody with obvious hand and face tattoos, regardless of whether the individual is qualified or not.

2. People May Keep on Asking

There is nothing more irritating than being picked apart about every single tattoo you have. At the point when you begin to get tattoos, be set up for the consistent bombarding of individuals trying to get some information about them.

3. Health Risk

Some tattoo inks have been known to cause hypersensitive responses. In many states, reputable tattoo parlours are controlled and should keep standards of cleanliness for needles and equipment. However, there are still dangers of contamination and sickness from tattoos. Improperly sterilized needles can increase the risk of infections.

These diseases can extend from bacterial contamination to hepatitis and HIV. Likewise, there are dangers of diseases when you don’t take care of your new tattoos properly.

4. It’s Permanent

Are you sure that ten years later, you will, in any situation, like whatever you are getting inked on your body at the present time? There is a chance that your design will outgrow.

Tattoos stick permanently on your body, and it is human nature to despise a few things later on in life, which we like right now. So, there is no reason for going for something changeless, which can’t be replaced later on, and it may be a reminder of bad times in one’s life.

5. It can be Painful

If you think you cannot hold up the pain and stay still, it is better you do not go for getting inked. Sometimes the pain you face for the first time could be worth it, but tattoos are probably not a good example of it.

For example, imagine you getting into the tattoo shop, and you start wiggling once the tattoo artist starts using the “gun” and your tattoo gets screwed up.

6. Allergies

Many people have sensitive skin which develops various sorts of reactions to tattoo ink. It may cause skin allergy, rashes, and itching sensation.


Despite the very fact of however you consider it, there’ll perpetually be benefits and drawbacks with tattoos. Before you choose to own a tattoo, you need to make certain that the structure you select is a few things that you simply will see on yourself for an extended time.

If there’s any hesitation in your mind regarding the tattoo, you ought to make certain that you resolve them. Despite the reality that tattoos would possibly seem cool in today’s generation, the price for removal and the workings along with the medical procedures don’t seem to be even.


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