With today’s technological improvement, we have been able to create better and better devices. As the name suggests curved TV has curved screens which means the screen is bent at certain angle inwards which makes the screen curved.

Avantages of Curved TV
Photo by Maxwell Nelson on Unsplash

Curved screen TVs were considered as a technical breakthrough in the television world because they were offering some new features that other TVs weren’t able to offer like greater immersion, greater depth, richer contrast, wider viewing angle.

Curved TV provides a wider field of view as it is designed as per the human eye structure, rounded shape of our eyes. If you have been to IMAX theatres then you will find out what curved screen offers, which is almost the same as watching curved screen TV at our homes. We can say curved TV provides an immersive IMAX experience at home.

The best viewing position for a TV is the position which is directly along the central axis of the TV called as optimal position, that position offers the best viewing experience. But viewing experience is not so good for other positions for example when you move slightly off-centre. But things are different for the curved TV since they provide better viewing experience because of the wide viewing angle.

Some viewers also claimed that the experience of watching curved screen TV is like 3D although the setup is not entirely 3D. If you compare the flat TV and curved TV of the same screen size, the curved screen TV provides a wider field of view which is due to the curvature present on the screen.

The curved screen TV offers the same image quality or you can say equal sharpness or you can say clarity from every portion of the screen and aids in your high-quality way of watching your favourite programs.


About 8 years ago, two big electronic companies LG and Samsung came together with the concept of curved TV and in the year 2013 first curved TV was launched. They coined the term, improved immersive experience and wide viewing angle for their marketing weapon which was used to attract buyers.

The idea of curved TV was inspired by the curved IMAX theatre screens which claimed they provide an immersive experience and wide viewing angle. Bending the screen which means a curved screen makes one feel like seeing a wider image than others with other screens.

From 2013-2017, those three years were fruitful for the curved TV manufacturers but the market went down after that. Due to the market fall, all other companies who used to manufacture curved TV have stopped producing but Samsung does offer a few models of the curved TV to this date.

Advantages of Curved TV

Curved TV always has much to offer than flat TVs as it has many features that the flat TV failed to provide. Here are some points which make a strong point regarding why to choose a curved TV over a flat one,

1. Wide Viewing Angle

In the case of the flat-screen TV, the best viewing position is when you are sitting right in front of the TV along its central axis which is often called an optimal position. So if one is sitting off-centre the image quality may change i.e. image gets distorted or gets blurry.

But the curved screen has a solution to this problem due to a wide viewing angle you can get the same image quality regardless of the position you are sitting as long as you don’t go far off from the sides.

2. Improved Immersion

The curved screen displays are designed for better visual experience and provide a unique panoramic experience. Every part of the image is somehow said to be maintained at the same distance away from the eye, so things you are watching seem to wrap around and provide a new viewing experience like never before on any other TV’s.

3. More Depth

In a survey among people, it was found that the viewing experience with curved screen TV is like 3D screens. This is due to the curvature present in the screen. Some companies such as Samsung have Depth Enhancing technology to aid some more depth to the image. Depth, the perfection of the image on the case of curved TV is more

4. Fewer Reflections

A much clearer image is produced on the curved TV than that of flat TV due to the fewer reflections. A flat-screen grasps light from more of a surrounding generally bright object like a window or a light bulb hence reflecting directly back.

Unlike in a flat screen, in curved screen light less likely hitting the screen and not directly reflected at the viewer, all thanks to the curved screen which is reflecting it in various directions. Hence, it decreases the chances of reflections and boosts image clarity.

5. Richer Contrast

Just like the satellite dish focuses the signals from surrounding into the LNB, the curved screen focuses light coming from the screen directly into your eyes in the same way, thus giving spectacular clarity. In flat TVs, this mechanism is not seen since the screen is flat and no such focusing mechanism takes place.

6. Attractive Design

Every curved TV has such an appealing design that it can win anyone’s heart easily. The curved TV looks more aesthetic than flat TVs and adds more style to your home. One is more likely to spend his money on an attractive one rather than on an ugly one. If you compare a flat TV with a curved TV, the curved TV would definitely be cooler.

7. Uniform Viewing Distance

As curved screens are designed according to human eye structure, keeping in mind the round shape of the human eye to deliver the best viewing experience. Every part of the screen is equidistant from the eye hence it delivers much focused and clear image than flat screens. The image has the same sharpness all over the screen and image quality doesn’t really change for different viewing positions.

8. Minimum Glare

One more reason to choose curved TV over flat TV is that it offers minimum glare which is shine or dazzling light coming from the screen. It makes the light reflect in different directions with the help of a curved screen hence reduces the glare.

9. More natural

A study has suggested that the curved screen produces less visual distortion which is much beneficial to the human eyes hence easier to look at longer periods which is surely not in the case of flat TVs.


From all the above discussion we can conclude that the curved TV has many advantages over flat ones not only in the viewing experience but also in the design. Curved TV focuses on such small precisions on image quality.

High precision, depth, improved immersion, wide viewing angle, and great aesthetic are the main features that stand as a strong point for choosing a curved TV over a flat TV. Curved TV not only provides a nicer aesthetic than flat ones but also provides comfortable viewing and pleasing experience.

One can surely go for a curved one if he wants small precisions in the viewing experience, better contrast, depth, and aesthetic for sure. Due to its attractive design, it grabs everyone’s attention and the sleek curvature adds more style to your home, that’s one of the reasons to opt for curved TVs.