The 21st century has seen rapid development in the field of technology. Each year companies battle each other to be the innovative force in this field while the public benefits from their competitiveness. Pros and Cons of Apple Watch

One of the exciting and innovative creations is the Apple Watch from Apple Inc. Apple watch is a Smartwatch with fitness tracking and message exchanging capabilities connected directly with your iPhone. The newest product in this line is the Apple watch series 5 which comes in 44 or 40 mm options

With all competing devices trying to earn your valuable time and money, it is best to know the pros and cons of Apple watch before investing your hard-earned money on this device.

The Pros of Apple Watch

1. Fitness Tracker

The biggest advantage of these watches must be the fitness and workout tracking capabilities. The Apple Watch connects directly to the iPhone and ios can give you all the data related to your workouts. It can track your heart rate, calories burned and steps taken.  It even has ECG (Electrocardiogram) function that tracks your heart’s rhythm and electrical activities.

It even tracks your distance covered, elevation changes; time elapsed and your pace by its built-in GPS.

The workout app can opened and 12 different exercises are shown (running, cycling, and swimming). It even has an automatic workout tracker that tracks your physical status and detects when you are beginning to workout. It then gives you a notification asking if you are ready to workout. Just choose your workout and you are good to go!

2. Fall Detector

Apple watch has a fall detector that senses whether or not you have fallen at any time of day. It works by highly accurate and sensitive accelerometers and gyroscopes to detect a hard hit and immediately asks whether you are okay or not. If not responded within 60 seconds the apple watch can send an emergency call on its own. If you are fine then you can just cancel the call by responding that you are okay.

3. Sleek Design

Apple inc. is known for being an innovative company in both the design of its product and technology. So it comes as no surprise that Apple watches have a very sleek design that can fit in any occasion you attend.

The straps are changeable with wide varieties of colors and designs. One can go for a sporty look or the more sophisticated business look. The designs of the screen and its resolution are unmatched in the industry and the graphics definitely prove that Apple is at the top of their game.

4. Calls

Apple Watch can receive and send calls on its own. The watch can be connected directly to the iPhone and the calls received on your iPhone can be redirected directly to your watch and you can answer the call on your watch itself! It does look like it has directly from a sci-fi movie scene but this is a design of the future seen today.

5. Water Resistance

Wearing a smartwatch on your wrist and protecting it from water splashes and spills may have a hard thing to do had Apple not made it waterproof.  The Apple watch series 1 is splash and water resistance while from there on the newer versions are water resistance.

You can take your watch to your pool and swim without the fear of damaging your watch. It can resist water in all shallow-water activities. But on the same hand, other activities like scuba diving, water skiing, etc. is not recommended.

You can even take your watch to shower but it must be exposed to soaps, shampoo, lotions which damage its waterproof seal.

6. Music and Other App

Music can be played through your watch while working out or while doing any activity. It can even connect to Bluetooth headphones and play music.

The Cons of Apple Watch

1. Hefty Price

Apple products always come with a hefty price. The base price of the new series 5 is $399. It is available in other versions like stainless steel case is $699 and the titanium case costs $799. The brand name and its symbol of luxury are worthy enough for many people to pay the high prices of these devices.

Apple does lower the prices of older products after a new one launches. So, you may have to wait to buy them under your budget.

2. Low Battery Life

It should come with a new surprise that given the size of the watch, the battery life is quite slow. It gives 18 hours of battery performance on “all-day” use. Apple bases “all-day” life in 60- minute workout, 45 minutes of app use, 90 notifications and 90 times checks. So the battery life may fluctuate according to your use of the watch.

3. Compatible only to iPhone

Apple watches is compatible only with iPhones even though they are Bluetooth enabled. Other smartphones cannot access them. The iPhone must also set up with other services like iCloud and Apple pay for fully functioning Apple watch.

Furthermore, it can only connect to iPhone 5 or newer models. So, if you have an android or iPhones older than iPhone 5 you may have to get a new iPhone before using your watch.

4. Highly Distractive

The accessibility of the watch comes with a price that may be disturbing at the same time. It is always with you and the constant notifications and vibrations can be quite annoying at times.

5. Small Screen

Unlike the 1990s, the average smartphone screen has been increasing in size day by day with each model. There were times when smaller the device, the cooler it seemed.

But now 44 and 40 mm options of the watch may seem too small for the ones who have been accustomed to large screen sizes.


Apple watches are no less than a modern-day miracle. Blending the functionality of a watch to the sophistication of modern-day smartwatches, Apple has created a true masterpiece with something as simple as a watch. Its high use in health and fitness tracking to its cellularity function it is no doubt that the apple watches will form a major part of our future. Seeing the pros and cons of the apple watch one can easily decide whether or not they consider investing their money in this device.Pros and Cons of Apple Watch


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