Asustek Computer is a Taiwan-based company that produces a range of large computer parts, including motherboards, graphics cards, and notebooks. The organization gets competitors from other vendors such as MSI, and Gigabyte.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Asus Laptops

Asus LaptopsPrevious Asus is well known as a maker of motherboards with the highest quality are very popular in the world. Finally, Asus now manufactures products for laptops and notebooks, and this is all due to the advancement of the times of course.

You’ll soon realize that there are several different brands to consider while searching for a new laptop. Asus, which produces computers for professionals, students, and many other categories of customers, is one of the top brands on the market.

It is important that you know the advantages and disadvantages before you buy one of Asus’ laptop models. Then you can decide if this is the right computer brand for you or not.

Advantages of Asus Laptops

1. Quality

The high quality of Asus laptop computers is well known. It is quite practical that people can do multi-tasking without thinking too much about hang-ups on their Asus laptop computers. It’s quick processing also helps users to work twice the time in a single environment on their tasks.

2. Price

Where can you find laptops of great quality that don’t need you to spend a lot on having them? Asus laptops are inexpensive and do not sacrifice their efficiency over price. This brings Asus laptops within the reach of many computer users regardless of what market they relate to.

3. Versatile

Asus computers are extremely versatile, too. Asus has produced many models that can act as either laptop or tablet computers. On the back of the laptop, there are hinges which allow the keyboard to pop off, providing you with a Windows 8 tablet computer.

4. High-resolution Screens

Most Asus computers sport high-resolution displays, providing all your images and videos with high-quality graphics. For gamers, graphic designers, and common people who like to look at photos and watch videos, the screens are fantastic. In the darkest space, the screen is still bright enough to see and built to be completely visible even in direct, bright lighting.

5. Touchable LCD Screens

There are touchable LCD screens on many of the models in the Asus series. Although touching laptop screens is not recommended, these specific screens have been specially designed to respond to touch gestures, making it even easier to navigate your device, particularly if you don’t want to click on stuff using the trackpad.

6. Stylish

When it comes to its designs, Asus laptop computers are one of the trendiest laptops. For many users, its sleek minimalist style makes it really appealing. The lightweight feature is also very suitable for individuals who are constantly on the move.

7. Longevity

The durability of the Asus laptop computers is well known. Not only can it be maintained in multitasks, but it can also last a long time. This purchase is quite ideal and realistic. Of course, people do not want to invest anything on the market that is easily ruined or obsolete. The laptop computers of Asus were designed to be at keeping with the latest technological innovation.

Disadvantages of Asus Laptops

1. No CD/DVD Drive

Many latest laptop models do not have CD/DVD drives, which can be frustrating for individuals who want to play CD-requiring video games, or if you have apps that you want to install on your computer that can’t be downloaded anywhere on the Internet.

2. Low Battery

A few models only have a battery life of 4 to 5 hours, which is relatively poor for a high-performance, multi-use laptop, so before making a buying decision, you may want to take that into account.

3. Heavy

Some of these laptops can be a little top-heavy, so when you hold onto them, you have to be careful, because there is a risk they could fall over.

4. No Service Centers

In certain regions, Asus still lacks an appropriate number of service centres. This is a recurrent cause of the accumulation of service goods. But you have to wait for a queue when there is a problem or injury, and this normally takes a long time.

5. Quick Updates

Asus is too fast to update its items, so the previous item easily makes its way back. The latest product is released by Asus almost every month, so its variants may confuse the buyer too much as a consequence. Furthermore, this condition also makes users who have purchased the previous product feel frustrated and sorry.

6. Switching Difficulty

Some of Asus’ computers experience trouble converting from portrait to landscape display with the new Windows 8 operating system when you detach the device from the keyboard and try to transform it into a tablet.