Being a salesman in the car industry is an exciting opportunity for a career in any community, where one makes their living by selling cars to the customer in need of a vehicle.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Car Salesman
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Pros and Cons Of Becoming a Car Salesman

Selling a car is a basic form of sales, allowing one to make a living through little effort and dedication. Here, the salesman offers the customer with either a new car or a used car as per their demand and affordability.

Just like any job or position in any industry or company, being a salesman have specific sets of challenges as well as benefits. As a salesman, you get to interact with families and people from a broad range of condition and demands.

One is always required to be up-to-date about the changes in the automobile sector and should be able to address all the quarries of their customer concerning the cars they sell.

However, it all comes down to a single point; all the customers of a variety of conditions and backgrounds come to the salesman for a single purpose, i.e., to get a vehicle for transportation. All of these customers desire to own a vehicle and as a salesman, you make that possible.

Along with that, one proficient enough to deal with people and one who understands the operation of the automobiles, can make a living out of this job as well as look after their family and develop a network of connections that can aid them in need.

But, like any other job, this career opportunity also has several drawbacks. One can spend a whole month working hard, but won’t be able to sale any car, resulting in very less or zero payout. Not all are cut for this job, however, for any other career or job, the same condition applies, where one might like the perks offered by it, while the other might hate it for its downsides.

Regardless of the job interest, if you desire for a job that might aid you in maximizing your earning potential, then considering the perks and shortcomings of being a car salesman can be worth your time,

Pros of Being a Car Salesman

Choosing a career in selling cars to the needed customers provides one with the below illustrated advantages of being a car salesman

1. Minimal Physical Need

Working as a car salesman, one isn’t required to work physically as hard as they would have to in other opportunities of employment that comparatively pay the same as the salesman. As a car salesman, one is required to work in general with pen and words for convincing customers to purchase a car and prepare the paperwork, leading to the limitation in the need for physical labor.

2. Good Income

For a car salesman, who can sell around ten cars a month, including new as well as new cars and working more than forty hours a week, earning more than a 1000 dollars isn’t of that shock on a single transaction. A good salesman can earn a salary of full-time by working part-time. As per the article, within the United States, an average salesman’s salary per year is about 50000 dollars.

3. Responsible For your Salary

As a car salesman, one is responsible for their income, as they can decide the amount they would make per month by determining the commission they get per the made sales. One can make several thousand or decide to earn just enough by deciding the number of sales they make each month.

4. Flexible Time

Working as a car salesman requires one to work in a schedule that would include weekends, days, and evening, granting one with the facility of flexible timing. Because of this, one gets occupied in the work in flexible hours, leading to the prevention from them being bored with the same working schedule each day.

5. Network of Connections

When you can win the trust of a customer and make them purchase a car, you will have built a connection with them, leading to them sending customers to you for buying cars. This helps in building a chain of connection with trust and respect, leading to the skyrocketing of your career.

Cons of Being a Car Salesman

Being a car salesman comes with the below-illustrated demerits:

1. Risky Income

Almost all car salesman get paid per the commission they make on finishing a deal with a customer. However, most of the time, one isn’t able to make sales, leading to the diminution of the income they make, as several dealerships offer salesman with the salary that is 100% dependent on the commission they make from the sales.

2. Irregularity

Working as a car salesman, one faces the difficulty of irregularity in the customers as well as in the sales. One day, a salesman isn’t even able to sit down due to the load of the work, while the other day, they sit wishing for a customer. This irregularity in the sales, lead to frustration in the staffs of the sales.

3. Limited Training Occasions

A challenge of being a car salesman is the unavailability of the training occasions to attend in this job, leading to the restriction of the development of most of the salesperson after they are trained at the initiation of their job by the employer.

4. Workload

Being a car salesman requires one to work per the flexibility of the customers. Since, most customers take time visiting stores for purchasing vehicles during their weekends, car salespersons are required to work even during the weekends.

Also, for making a good income, one is required to work more than forty hours a week, leading to the increment in the workload and resulting in the stressful conditions.


To summarize, one should always remember that whatever job they pursue, there is never a 100% satisfaction. There will certainly be pros as well as cons of any job or business out there.

For enjoying a job and making full of its benefits, one should have a positive attitude towards that job. Being a car salesman can lead to one earning in six figures with enough effort and dedication, and can liberate one from the boring working schedule by introducing flexibility.

On the other hand, being a car salesman, one’s income is based on the purchase of the customer and it sometimes can lead to an extreme condition where not a penny is earned in a month regardless of the put in effort and dedication.

The flexibility of time offered by this career can be a blessing for some people, while for others can be a condemnation, where they are required to work per the time of the customer, despite weekends or holidays.