Business professional attire

1. The Importance of Business Professional Attire 

A business professional attire refers to a set of standard attires that are identified by the organization’s employees. There was a basic idea in the minds of managers to create attires. If the business attire is the same, a common sense will be created among the employees and depicts a kind of solidarity among them. Today, wearing attires in organizations differentiates them from other people in a society, and the members of these organizations are easily recognizable by people in the community. Although the managers usually emphasize the coverage of professional attires, the employer, employees, and customers also benefit from it. Typically, professional clothing has benefits for 3 different groups in each organization.

1.1 The Interests of The Employer

Investing in the design and sewing of business attire is costly for employers, but given its benefits, there is no doubt that it will cost more. Requiring employees to wear business clothing is a win-win game for business owners and managers. Some of these benefits include:

Increase employee productivity

Studies show that wearing formal attire increases employee productivity. Increasing the employees’ productivity and efficiency will lead to the growth and prosperity of the organization. More than half of employees felt positive about wearing business attires and rated it positively. In this case, male and female employees participated in the survey and both groups expressed their satisfaction with the official coordinated coverage.

Business professional attire and its role in branding

Undoubtedly, business attires are an effective tool for the success of an organization’s brand. Spending money on designing and sewing attires is very affordable against the promotional value of these attires. Keep in mind that designing business attires is an effective advertising possibility. Inserting the organization’s logo on attires and using corporate color is the best way to brand that does not need to be explained and interpreted. The one-handed and stylish appearance of the colleagues shows the professionalism and credibility of the company’s branding.

Safety of business professional attire

A variety of formal attire can also provide some kind of employee safety. Some attires have special properties that are considered according to the type of work. For example, professional attires can be fireproof, anti-polluted, or night vision. These cases are reviewed according to the employee’s working conditions.

1.2 Employee Interests

Undoubtedly, one of the concerns of employees is wearing appropriate attire in the workplace. Especially women are more involved in preparing professional attires. The form of clothing determines a person’s style. The use of business attire for the employees working in an office will have the following benefits:

  • The feeling of equality with colleagues in the office environment
  • Stylish appearance and fits the work environment
  • No worries about getting the right business attires for the workplace
  • Save on the cost of buying attires at high prices
  • Creating a positive attitude and optimal productivity of employees

1.3 Customer Interests

The main concern of business owners is related to being seen by their customers. Meantime, companies that can make a positive impact on the customer are always more successful. Business clothing is a good tool to achieve this goal. When a customer enters an office or shopping center, he/she encounters many people and does not know who is responsible for handling his problem. Business attire is an easy way for employees to identify employees. Professional attires have the greatest impact on creating a favorable mental image for customers. The customer judge’s employees by appearance, and this subjective bias influences decision making. Wearing a harmonious attire conveys a good sense of professionalism to the customer.

2. Business Casual vs Business Professional

Office work environments are divided into formal and informal. Due to this issue, the type of business clothing is also different in each of these cases.

business professional vs business casual

2.1 Business Professional Attire in Formal Settings

In such environments, men/women are required to wear a complete set of professional attires, including business attires, business pants, etc…

2.2 Business Professional Attire in Informal Settings

In such semi-formal work environments, men/women can have a few casual dresses with their designs. This will make it easier for women to set up business attires in informal settings. Therefore, it is possible to set different professional attires daily in a way that is different from the attires they wear on the street or when shopping.

3. Business Professional Attire for Women

Setting business attire, especially for women, can be important in the workplace. Because most women like to have appropriate and neat coverage in all environments, especially work environments. Setting business attire is one of the methods that can follow this beauty for women. Since today, the sale of business attire has also increased, following which, has become an important concern. The rules of professional attire for women are divided into three categories: formal, semi-formal, and informal.

  • Business formal: For formal occasions, a pair of brown, crimson and black fabric pants and a business suit are a good combination. In the case of shoes, closed-toe heels in the said colors complete the style.
  • Business semi-formal: In the case of a semi-formal category, instead of using a business suit, women can use a separate but proportionate suit. In this model, comfortable and flat shoes are also suitable options.
  • Business informal: In informal cases, jeans, T-shirts, and shoes can be good options.

4. Business Professional Attire for Men

It is natural for men to want to have proper professional attire. As mentioned above, men can choose 3 different styles to cover depending on the type of business environment.

  • Business formal: The first type of work environment is working in formal, administrative, and especially public offices. In such cases, men need a completely formal outfit. A simple suit in black, crimson, and gray can be the right outfit.
  • Business semi-formal: Such work environments are not completely formal. Thus any shirt color is suitable. On the other hand, men can choose different designs for their shirts and wear them with a single suit. In the case of pants, they can also use patterned fabric pants.
  • Business informal: In such a case, men can wear attires daily. But there is a fine line between wearing and breaking the rules daily. In this case, everyday jeans and linen in the usual form are the most suitable choice.

4.1 Types of Shirts 

Buttoned shirts are a classic color and will work well when sewn to fit the body and cut well. If a man wants to choose everything more conservative, it is better to choose neutral or classic color patterns. This will make him look more tidy and stylish and useful for versatility.

4.2 Pants

In this regard, men will have various options that they can choose according to the business environment. Items such as fabric pants with good shape and height, linen pants, and jeans are among the most important suitable ones for business professional attire.

4.3 Business Suit

For business environments, men can use simple or striped suits, the choice of each of these models depends on their body shape and personal taste.

Also, they must be sensitive in choosing the color of this model of suits. Business suits in black, dark blue, dark gray, charcoal, and brown are ideal for offices.

Another of the most influential factors in choosing business suits is the material and quality of the fabric of the suit. Formal suits made of woolen, linen, and cotton fabrics are suitable for a business formal office. Linen and cotton suits are also ideal for the warm seasons.

5. Business Shoes

One of the most important things when setting up a business attire is shoes, and in fact, setting shoes with a stylish suit can be very impressive. In this regard, it should be known that high heels, shoes whose heels make a lot of noise, sandals, and open-toed summer shoes are not suitable. People should choose shoes according to their business clothing. Men and women should pay attention, shoes should always be clean. It does not matter if the shoes are leather or sport, the important thing is that the shoes should always be clean and tidy.