When you’re looking for a new laptop, there are a lot of brands and models on the market. While they have a Life Book on the market which is comparable with the other brands, Fujitsu is not one of the top brands that many people think of.

Fujitsu LaptopsFujitsu laptops have advantages and disadvantages, and to decide whether one is right for you it is necessary to familiarize yourself with them.

You’ve got to take a look at the Fujitsu laptops yourself. They’re not as sleek on the market as some of the other convertible tablets, but they have a lot of features. The price on the wallet is not the cheapest, but the features make up for the expense if you can afford it.
Take the time to read and make your own decision on some of the feedback on the model you’re considering.

Advantages of Fujitsu Laptops

1. Processors

It processes data quick in terms of power. It’s faster than the average Lenovo, but a little slower than a Gateway, with the same processor within all three of them. For an extra charge, additional processors and RAM can be added to the regular layout, giving you the kind of power you need depending on what you are going to use the device for.

2. Spill-resistant Keyboard

Two layers of protection are offered by the spill-resistant keyboard against damage caused by accidental spills. A protective membrane and collection tray (the collection tray contains approximately 20 ccs of liquid) help minimize the chances of internal components coming into contact with the liquid if a liquid is inadvertently spilt onto a keyboard. Users have more time to save their data and shut down their machine, and they may easily tip their notebook and drain the liquid out.

3. Data Protection

Full disk encryption (FDE) is a security feature whereby the hard disk drive encrypts every bit of data. Encryption requires translating information into unreadable text, which unauthorized users will not decode easily. Full disk encryption thus protects the encrypted data from unauthorized access.

4. Convenient Logging

Face recognition automatically recognizes or verifies the user from a digital image, providing a more convenient means of logging into the ESPRIMO X. It is automatically locked when users exit their device and then unlocked for better protection and convenience upon their return.

If there are several users on the device, the program will automatically log them into the correct Windows account. It is also possible to manually log in when the device does not recognize an authorized user.

5. Cold Plug Access

The creative cold plug access offered by Fujitsu at the front of a number of CELSIUS workstations allows you to insert and swap up to 8 hard drives without opening the chassis.

It is possible to install an external hard disk drive quickly, thereby increasing the storage space of the workstation, a significant advantage for professionals working with large files. Furthermore, for security purposes, cold plug access makes it easy to delete the hard disk drive at the end of a workday.

6. Saves Power

The Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) is a light-sensitive sensor that automatically changes the brightness of the LED display in the user’s working environment according to the light level.

In certain instances, due to alterations in the location of the sun, the ambient light in an office setting varies throughout the day. Therefore, the Ambient Light Sensor is a practical feature, allowing you to save power while enjoying ideal working conditions.

7. Travel Friendly

The laptop is just under 5 pounds which can be positioned in a computer bag and carried it everywhere you go. It can sit comfortably on a lap and be pushed around without doing a job of taking it with you.

Disadvantages of Fujitsu Laptops

1. Price

One of Fujitsu’s greatest drawbacks is the price tag. This manufacturer’s average laptop is around $2,000-and this can be almost twice what some of the other laptops in this category are. The brand is on the higher end of the scale, but there are a few different versions with different price tags.

2. Warranty

The warranty is another disadvantage. A one-year warranty is issued by Fujitsu. They have help in the form of 24/7 phone assistance, and to diagnose issues, technicians can connect to the laptop through an Internet connection. Adding another year of service comes at a price, which means it would possibly be costly if there are any issues after using the computer for a year.

3. Battery

A 6-cell battery also comes with the computer. It only lasted a little under four hours during testing. There are other computers on the marketplace that are able to use the same battery for five and six hours. You have to spend the cash to update the battery that pops in the back if you want the battery to last longer.