Sparkling water is the type of water infused with carbon dioxide under pressure. It is also known as carbonated water, bubbly drink, club soda, frizzy water, etc. It has some amount of salt added to it to improve its taste. It is an alternative for sodas.

Benefits of Sparkling WaterSparkling water is similar to soft drinks, but it has fewer calories contain. It is not the same as the mineral water that comes in bottles. Due to the carbonation process, small bubbles are present in carbonated water. It is as hydrating as normal water, but some have unnatural sweeteners or added sugars in it.

History of Sparkling Water

In 1767, an English scientist Joseph Priestly invented a method of adding carbon dioxide in still water. He suspended a bowl of water in a beer vat and dipped sulphuric acid over the top of the vat.

Hence, Priestly discovered that we could infuse carbon dioxide in normal water by making it carbonated. In 1772 he released a newspaper describing the process of carbonation in normal water. The name of the process was “Impregnating water with fixed air.” By this process, sparkling water got introduced.

At the time of the eighteenth century, Johann Jacob Schweppes developed carbonated mineral water in Geneva. It had a different taste at that time. In fact, until World War 2, it was known to be “Soda water.”

Benefits of Sparkling Water

1. Improve Indigestion

Drinking this type of water helps to get rid of constipation and enables proper digestion. It increases the ability to swallow. It stimulates nerves required for eating, compared to other beverages.

Studies have shown that people who want to clear up their throat find relief as well. Furthermore, it has a positive impact on bowel movements, reducing the severity of other symptoms of indigestion.

2. Weight Loss

The main benefit you get from sparkling water is losing weight. Research has shown that carbonated or sparkling water will make you feel full as it forces food to remain in your stomach for a longer time.

You won’t face the urge to have food frequently. Thus, it serves as empty calories that will reduce your wish to eat more. By eating less, you will get a chance to lose weight easily. It can contribute to your diet by decreasing your unhealthy cravings.

3. Phosphorus Free

Mostly, soda water has phosphorus in it. Unfortunately, phosphorus is not good for your health as it decreases your bone health. On the other hand, sparkling water doesn’t have any effect on bone health.

In fact, for some reason, it can be an improving agent to develop bone health. Studies have also found that drinking sparkling water helps in proper water retention than mineral water. Also, it has believed that it improves bone health compared to tap water.

4. Improves Heart Health

Drinking sparkling water helps you be more hydrated throughout the day. It has similar health benefits compared to spring or tap water. Getting hydrated will allow you to be mentally and physically fit. When you are well hydrated, it will reduce oxidative stress during a workout. Lack of hydration makes your mood swing also results in a lack of concentration.

Dehydration can also make you prone to headaches. In a nutshell, sparkling water benefits your overall health.

5. Increase Productivity

Do you ever feel sluggish and tired in the afternoon at your workplace? Instead of having your mid-day coffee, why not grabbing sparkling water to be more energetic? Scientists have proved that mild dehydration can affect employees’ productivity in the workplace. Energetic employees increase productivity as compared to lazy ones. As mentioned above, sparkling water increases hydration and allows the brain to retain the amount of water we have lost.

According to the study published in the journal in 2014, dehydration can disrupt blood vessels of our brain, reducing cognitive performance that is in terms of paying attention, short term memory loss.

6.Helps to Remove Stains

Apart from the many health benefits that sparkling water gives, it also helps to remove stains on clothes. It is that type of mother method which actually works. It allows tricky stains to get lifted.

It can get into use to decrease stubborn pats and pots. The fizz present in sparkling water helps to remove the stain. Instead of using a chemical-based method for removing stains, you have a home remedy method with sparkling water.

7. Avoid Rust

Carbon dioxide is present in sparkling water due to which takes away rust. You can get away from rust by pouring sparkling water on the rust and allowing it to soak for five minutes.

The carbonation process will dissolve the rust. Also, you can clean your jewelry with the help of sparkling water as it takes away the dullness of metal and jewelry. You can place your jewelry into warm sparkling water and rub it for some seconds and see the amazing results.

8. Rich in Nutrients

Sparkling water is rich in nutrients such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. It helps to circulate fluid balance, nerve signals, and muscle contraction. Since it has potassium present on it helping to reduce blood pressure, prevent stroke and kidney stones.

9. Improvement in Taste

Sparkling water enhances your taste buds, making it more sensitive. Sensitive taste buds can focus on the flavors of food. Also, you can enjoy your every bite. It can be an excellent choice for you before enjoying a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

10. Replacement for Soda

Instead of having sodas, you can add up the flavor in your sparkling water. You can use lemon, orange peel, ginger, and mint to enhance the taste of your sparkling water. It would be great for refreshment drinks as well, making your drink more palatable and easier to drink during the day. Also, phosphoric acid and caffeine contained in soda can allow you to be prone to various diseases. It causes loss of calcium in your bones and loss of enamel of your teeth.

Lastly, sparkling water has great health benefits as well as other benefits that make our lives easier.