content quality online

What experts say

If you ask any social media or SEO expert, they will all tell you unanimously that the content is the king. Their logic makes sense: good content is more valuable and interesting for the people, and thus it will bring better results. However, that’s not the whole truth. What these experts don’t take into account is that a large number of people are not smart and do not follow the logic.

The reality

If we look at the statistics of the most popular social media accounts, we will see that people mostly follow celebrities based on their popularity and not content.

Of 20 most followed Twitter accounts:

  • 14 accounts belong to show business celebrities or athletes
  • 3 accounts belong to media companies
  • 3 accounts belong to politicians or businessmen

Of 20 most followed Instagram accounts:

  • 17 accounts to show business celebrities or athletes
  • 3 accounts belong to businesses

The tendency of what people like to follow is clearly seen. Sure it would be wrong to assume that all show business celebrities produce stupid content, but since we see people like the Kardashians and Britney Spears on the list, it’s safe to assume that intelligent content was not the reason why people started to follow them.

Low-IQ content is everywhere

The biggest problem is not actually the high amount of popular accounts that produce low-IQ content, but that dumb content produced by smart people get ton of visibility. Take Elon Musk as an example. No one would argue that he’s a genius, but like anyone else, he also says stupid things. The problem is that everything stupid that Elon Musk says still gets featured in top media publications. The proportions of this are so ridiculous that basically, if Elon Musk would tweet that he went to the toilet, Forbes or CNN would put up an article about it. The fact that Elon Musk said that the price of Bitcoin will go up is not news for anyone. A million people have said that before him, so why is his Tweet suddenly getting so much attention? It’s clearly not due to the quality of the content.

The reason for the popularity of low-IQ content

Most people are lazy and not particularly smart. They are no interested in intelligent, high-quality content. When they use the Internet, they are looking for something fun to waste their time. They don’t want to learn anything, so the high-quality article as this will not be searched or read by them. All they want to do is see what celebrities they know are doing are saying, like it’s some kind of guideline for them of how to live their lives.

Does the content still matter?

It does, in some cases, but not as much as you are being told, as in most cases, the writer’s popularity and his reach does all the work. In some niches, such as business, technology or science, high-IQ content will always be valued. But even here, the creator’s popularity is so important that low-quality content produced by the celebrity will always get more exposure than extremely high-quality content written by a common person.

Volume is the king

Content actually matters when you are competing with other non-popular people, but keep in mind that if you have 1000 followers on Twitter and the other person has 100’000, you will lose to him. It all comes down to simple math. If you write super content that 50% of the people will like, you will get 500 interactions. But if the other person writes poor content that only 5% will enjoy, he will still get 5000 interactions. High-quality content increases the conversion rate, but you still need the volume.


Filip Poutintsev, the Chief Editor of Honest Pros and Cons, is a long term business writer, who has been featured in various online publications such as Forbes, CoinTelegraph and HackerNoon. Now he writes exclusively for Honest Pros and Cons.