Mobiles and Laptops might be trending in the present world throughout the news and media, however, for gaining real power and extreme performance, the desktop is the prime choice. Among the wide variety of desktops available in the market, iMac can be a great choice for fulfilling the demand for performance and durability.Advantages and Disadvantages of iMac

A desktop computer that is fabricated by Apple since 1998 is known as an iMac. The design of this desktop is similar to the primary Macintosh that was developed by Apple in 1984. An iMac comprises of an all in one design, where all the components present normally inside a CPU of another computer, are present within a single unit, i.e., display unit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of iMac

Through time, the design of the iMac has been refined by Apple incorporating new technology for building like using aluminium for designing the body. Because of this, a slimmer design is achieved that is faster as well as powerful, regardless of being just a single piece.

These desktops usually compete with other kinds of desktops in the department of power, however, in the department of the graphics card, normal desktops take the lead.

The first and the oldest iMac sold by the Apple was on August 15, 1998, after its introduction on May 6, 1998, via the CEO and co-founder of Apple, the late Steve Jobs.

Following that, around seven different designs have been launched of the iMac, varying its sizes, shapes, and colours, through a materials’ multitude, to the presently known smooth profile. On its first introduction, iMac developed waves of shock within the technical industries and immediately became the icon for the design.

Owning an iMac ensures one gets extreme performance maintaining the style offered by it. However, iMac isn’t always applicable for fulfilling the requirements of the consumers, and hence before deciding to get one for yourself, it would be worth a while for considering its pros and cons that are presented in the following section of this article.

Advantages of an iMac

Following are the reason why you should get yourself an iMac.

1. Sleek Design

Looks is the first plus point of the iMac, where Apple have demonstrated their skills in designing and developing stylish technology. The design of an iMac is one of a kind, and comprising of an aluminium body, it delivers a sleek and clean look for a desktop computer.

2. Secure

Due to the dependency of the macOS on UNIX, there are several features of security present in an iMac as compared to the Windows computers. Using an iMac, one isn’t required to care much regarding the chances of malware and viruses in contrast to a windows computer.

3. Simple

Looking at an iMac, one thinks it nothing more than a thin monitor, however the frame of this monitor houses all the ports and hardware of a computer. Because of this, the need for bulky, external CPUs, just like in conventional computers, is eliminated.

Like its design, its operating system is developed in such a way that it simplifies the things and optimizes the resources for delivering peak performance.

4. Ports and Storage

Unlike the latest released MacBooks with no ports for connecting USB sticks, mouse, and keyboards, the iMac still grants one with the ability to connect a broad range of devices like mice, keyboards, etc., through the provision of several USB ports and Thunderbolts within a single unit.

The provided ports in an iMac are enough to connect multiple devices at the same time, and the storage it comes with is comparatively larger than that in MacBook laptops.

Disadvantages of an iMac

Following are the reasons people prefer not to own an iMac:

1. Price

A prime drawback of an iMac is its cost. One is required to pay a fortune for owning an iMac that doesn’t offer much than the computers running on windows, which cost comparatively less than the iMac. The logo of the Apple and the iMac’s design make almost half of what it costs. Besides that, windows PC with a much richer performance cost less than an iMac.

2. Difficult to Upgrade

Another downside of an iMac is its inability or difficulty to be upgraded or customized as per the requirement of the user. The presently found iMac is designed in such a way that for upgrading something as simple as a RAM, the entire machine is required to be taken apart, leading to chances of several complications during the upgrading procedure.

3. Limited Software

Honestly, almost all the software and applications available for windows and essential daily are available in an iMac. However, in contrast to the windows computer, several applications are still not available for an iMac. Also, in certain conditions, several of the essential software that could be accessed freely within a windows computer cost money for installing and operating in an iMac.

4. Limited Choice

On visiting the website of Apple, the availability of computers is extremely less. The choices are limited within a certain model option as compared to the market of windows computers. Regardless of the availability of the option of customizing the models, it doesn’t offer much flexibility in the design.


Concluding, iMac is a great choice considering its design as well as performance, and the security it offers. Several people desire an all in one design instead of regular computers that are bulky and take lots of space. Also, iMac users are facilitated with a bold and durable design that not only make one’s table look professional, but also ensure high-end performance within that single unit.

However, iMac isn’t the first choice when graphics and gaming come into consideration, as several computers out there offer much richer performance at a relatively lower cost. Owning an iMac restricts one with the possibility of customizing or upgrading the unit and doesn’t deliver value as per the price it upholds. Also, several applications within an iMac are either absent or are required to be purchased in contrast to the normal computers.