iPhone is a line of smartphones made by Apple. Although initially released as a device to make communication easier, today’s iPhones can do almost anything you want from attending virtual meetings to preparing a PowerPoint presentation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone
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iPhone – Advantages and Disadvantages

These smartphones are considered as one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century due to its impact on so many people. As of November 2018, 2.2 billion iPhones were sold worldwide. These phones are sleek, minimalist, and powerful.

Every generation of iPhone uses IOS which stands for iPhone Operating System which is an operating system developed by Apple exclusively for its devices. The first generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, with a slogan “This is only the beginning” and for 13 years, iPhones have been the most decorated smartphone ever created.

A Brief History of the iPhone

Although the first iPhone released in 2007, the development started two years back in 2005 and was kept a complete secret. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs came up with the idea of using the touch screen to interact with the system as most of the smartphones back then were using keypads. After the first iPhone, every year, an updated iteration of the previous phone came.

The second iPhone (iPhone 3G) came with GPS, 3G data, and tri-band. Similarly, features like better camera quality, voice control, quad-band, voice assistant Siri, better speakers, fingerprint scanners, IPS LCD, face recognition, thinner bezels, larger screens and so on were added to the new iPhones.

The new iPhone SE was the latest addition to the line releasing on April 24, 2020. The newer iPhone models have Apple Bionic chips installed, a processor powerful with a max CPU clock rate of 2.66 GHz which means they can run 2.66 billion instructions per second.

However, that is not enough for anyone to decide whether to buy an iPhone or go with Android. You might want to consider reading about the pros and cons of iPhone before getting one. So, here are some advantages and disadvantages of iPhone.

Advantages of iPhone

1. Apple Ecosystem

iPhone is the ideal phone if you have other Apple devices such as MacBooks, Apple Watch, or iPads. Connecting one device with another is seamless and very convenient. This is really handy if you have to transfer files or photos from your phone to your laptop or vice versa. Apple IOS and macOS have developed to the level where you can start a movie in your phone and continue it later on your laptop.

2. Something for Everyone

Two years back, a new iPhone would cost you up to $1200 which is crazy for a phone. However, things have changed a lot now. You can get the new iPhone SE for $400 or a new iPhone 11 for $700 or a new iPhone 11 pro for $900 and they all come with the same A13 bionic processor. This gives you various options to choose from and you will not have to break your bank to buy a phone.

3. iCloud

iCloud is a cloud storage service from Apple. When turned on, it can automatically save all your files and photos to the cloud as a backup in case your device gets lost or stolen. Also, you can access it with your email anywhere with internet access. This is really helpful and you won’t need your pen-drive or any secondary storage device as everything’s backed up in the cloud.

4. Easy User Interface

iPhones have a simple interface and the similarity of the UI between the apple devices make it really easy to operate. The iPhone ensures all apps and functions are being performed the way Apple intends them to which allows for simple user experience. While android has more freedom and choices, users find it comparatively difficult to use.

5. Faster Processor

Let’s compare Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with iPhone X, the best android phone available in the market right now, and almost a 3-year-old iPhone. The geek-bench score for a single core of iPhone is equal to that of Samsung.

Tech experts say that iPhone’s processor will always be two steps ahead of android. The newest iPhone has a single-core geek bench score of 1337, 432 more than the S20. This proves that iPhones have better, faster processors than their competitors.

6. Fewer Security Breaches

While you have the freedom of customization on an Android, it might be costly. Android phones are easy to access and hackers can corrupt your files or even steal your personal information. With the iPhone, things like this are very rare as everything has to first go through Apple’s firewall. However, you should always check before downloading anything from a third party.

7. iPhone Privileges

Getting an iPhone also means you’ll be able to use various Apple only features like Apple pay, Apple Car play, FaceTime, iMessage and so on. The popularity of the iPhone has increased priority to the IOS apps. There are many apps like Apollo and Drafts which are not available to Android.

Disadvantages of iPhone

1. Apple Ecosystem

The Apple Ecosystem is both a boon and a curse. Once you get in, it’s really difficult to get out. The ecosystem is essentially there to make consumers purchase more Apple products. You’re likely to purchase a MacBook if you have an iPhone rather than a windows laptop. This way you won’t be able to see if other brands have better devices and you’ll have to wait until Apple makes one or updates the previous model.

2. Overpriced

While the products are very beautiful and sleek, prices for apple products are way too high. Brands like One Plus are really pushing hard on making amazing affordable phones that you feel cheated for paying an Apple premium.

3. Less Storage

iPhones do not come with SD card slots so the idea of upgrading your storage after buying your phone is not an option. So, you most likely have to buy an expensive higher internal storage version.


iPhones are great smartphones and can certainly be a great choice for you. But you should also keep the alternatives in mind. There are many smartphones that are relatively cheaper that will get the job done. However, if you own a MacBook or any other Apple product, you’re best off getting the iPhone.