Released in 2015, this LG cell phone was designed with advanced and capable features that make it relevant even years later.

But before you buy a phone that is nearly a decade old, read our Pros and Cons list.

lg v10 pros and cons

Technical Specifications

We’ve compared the LG V10’s specifications to the iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone 12 is the most popular phone in recent years and will accurately show the competitive features of the LG V10.

In many areas the LG V10 keeps pace with newer phones, with a few dated drawbacks.
The LG V10 is competitive in it’s:

  • Dual screen display and screen resolution. It has 1440 x 2560, 513ppi and 160 x 1040, 513ppi while the single screen on a iPhone 12 only has 1170 x 2532 pixels, 460 ppi
  • Memory and processing, with 4GB RAM / 64GB eMMC ROM as well as a micro SD slot with storage options up to 2TB – the iPhone 12 can may be 6GB RAM but it can only store 512GB of information on the phone without any additional micro SD space.
  • Extended battery life from a 3,000mAh Removable battery. The iphone 12 has a 2815 mAh, non-removable battery. (disclaimer: the battery is on the CON list below, but more on that later)

The areas where the LG V10 cannot compete against newer phones is its

  • CPU
  • Outdated OS/Operating System
  • Back facing camera – while it takes high quality images, it can’t compete with newer cameras

Some specifications of the LG are better than the iPhone and vis versa. And in some areas (the rear camera and phone dimensions) are subjective and ambiguous which phone is better.

But the fact that it’s possible to compare a phone released in 2015 with an iPhone that was only released 5 years afterwards… that’s impressive.

Pros and cons of the LG V10


  • Second Screen
  • Dual Front Cameras
  • Steady Video Recording
  • Multiple Camera Modes


  • Short battery life
  • Screen burn and Light bleed
  • Boot Loop

Pros of LG V10

The LG V10’s best features are its video and photographic capabilities. LG designed a phone for its versatile and self-documenting target audience.

This phone has advanced and professional specs that allow users to record life and themselves in HD quality – minus the camera shake and motion blur that comes with cell phone cameras. The phone was also built with robust operating systems and processing to edit and store all the content creation.

Second Screen

The LG V10’s second screen is a unique feature and design that sets this phone apart from other cell phones.

The second screen’s function is like a billboard that you can carry with you. This screen remains active and lit with the weather, date, time, battery life and personal signature.

The second screen is a secondary LED screen that is layered on top of the first and main display screen of the phone. Users compare the screen to having a ‘second tab’ open on your phone at all times.

This screen also allows for quick access to tools: WiFi, Silent Mode, Flashlight, Camera and more can be swiped to quickly for ‘on the go’ efficiency. The second screen is perfect for multi-taskers who need to quickly switch between recent apps, favorite contacts, music and calendar events.

Dual Front Cameras

The front facing camera has a lower quality than more recent phones but its dual function is impressive.

Before taking a selfie, you can choose a wider view. The LG V10 has a 120’ wide lens that can capture the whole background at a tourist spot, concert or outdoor adventure.

The lens helps include more people into a photo despite the hand-held depth of field limitations. No acrobatics or selfie-stick needed! Just select which lens you’d like the photo taken in and snap the wide shot close-up.

Steady Video Recording

Steady recording allows you to take the personal and sentimental daily videos of your life without having any of the pesky motion blur and camera shake.

Take more professional videos for better playback quality.

This feature is great for content creators, who need to be able to carry in their pocket a small,reliable and professional camera.

Multiple Camera Modes

The LG V10 offers many manual camera modes and options to further enhance photographic and videography performance.

Manual Video Mode offers color correction and setting managing options to control each aspect of video recording. This is great because most phones (even in 2020) don’t allow any settings changes while in video mode. With the LG V10 you can customize and maximize camera quality for video shooting.

Camera modes are also very adaptable – all aperture, exposure and coloring settings are manageable for users. This can help you set your photography apart from others’ standard look and style. Not to mention you can really make use of every mega pixel in the camera lens when you can adjust it for every scene and shot.

Other LG Phones:

Cons of the LG V10

It’s an older cell phone model.

In every release there are factory and design issues. This is definitely true of the LG V10. Since the phone was designed 7 years ago, there are parts of its technology that have been improved and updated in newer phone models.

If you’d like the ‘best of the best’ – you’d be better off buying a more recent LG cell phone.

Short Battery Life

It has a 3,000mAh battery (which is a great battery) but with a high resolution 5.7-inch display — and that secondary display screen to power — it may not last as long as you’d hope.

Thankfully, the LG V10 does recharge quickly, and there are also some ways to extend the battery life. Power banks and smart charging practices can greatly improve the poor battery performance but it is something to keep in mind.

Screen Burn and Light Bleed

The second screen on the LG V10 had some design flaws in the long term use of the phone.

If you take the phone into a dark room, you may see there’s light bleeding from the second screen around the edges of the screen.

Many people also say there’s a blemish on the main screen as a result of the dual screen. Clearly the second screen has ‘burnt’ the surface of the main screen and left a less than perfect display on the phone. Complaints about this problem began from its release in 2015, and have continued.

This design flaw can be attributed to the age of the technology, and with newer LG phones, issues such as this have been addressed.

‘Boot Loop’

This is the most damning trait of the LG V10.

Many users reported their V10’s would get stuck in a state of rebooting. The phone would shit itself down and then restart, but never open passed the start up logo display.

It has been such a widespread problem that a class-action lawsuit was filed against LG.

You can find forum threads everywhere online that are full of people complaining about what may be the phone’s biggest issue. Everyone reports the same issue: the device shuts down (sometimes on its own), restarts, and gets as far as the LG logo, and then restarts again.

A hard reset of the device is the only DIY solution to the issue, but since a lawsuit was filed, it’s safe to say not everyone can solve the problem at home.


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