Most embarrassing things

Believing in God

Nothing says more clearly that the person is a retarded than if he has ignored most of the past 500 years’ scientific discoveries and still seriously believes in an imaginary creature.

Trusting the Government or other Authority

Thanks to the Internet the information it has provided to us, we have finally seen the dark side of the governments. We have discovered that their goal is something completely else than our safety. If you still trust authority, then you are gullible as a little child.

Not having regular sex

More correctly it would be “not having a (sexual) partner”, but since many people deliberately want to live alone and not be in a relationship, it’s important to specifically point out the lack of sexual intercourse in one’s life. It doesn’t matter if you have a wife, a girlfriend, visit hookers or hook up with someone new in the bar every weekend. As long as you satisfy your sexual needs, you are fine.

Being poor

It’s okay to be poor if you are young. We all started there. But if you are over 30 and still poor, you’re a bit slow. If you are over 40 and still poor, that isn’t good. Sure some people made it quite late, but they were embarrassed their whole life before that moment, and probably it was the power that finally drove them to success.

Not having a car and using public transportation on a regular basis

Driving a car is such basic human skill, that the person who does not know how to drive is seen as retarded. Also, people without a car are seen as homeless in terms of transportation. NB. Owning different type of vehicle, such as motorcycle is also accepted, especially in warm countries.

But uses public transportation on regular basis is embarrassing. This does not apply to planes, trains or ships. In some cities where traffic is heavy, even subway is seen as an appropriate form of transport since it’s the fastest way to get around the city.

Living with your parents

Nothing says more loudly “I’m immature” than living with your parents. You should move out as soon as you have the money for that.

Not standing up for yourself

Weak is a person who others boss around, and he doesn’t have guts to confront them. Most people are weak because they are afraid to be seen as rude, without understand that while they are trying to be nice, other people treat them rudely.

Commuter cycling in bad weather

Cycling is fine and in packed city centre often the fastest way to get around. But if you are cycling in heavy rain or when the temperature is closer to zero Celcius it just shows that you cannot afford a car.

Being an activist

From the mid-20th century activism turned from something weird into the mainstream, but today most people are just tired of them. They know that if they run into an activist, normal interaction will not be possible, because that fanatic will babble all the time about global warming, racism or something else absurd. It doesn’t matter if you are a feminist, gay activist or environmentalist, rational people want to avoid you.

Smoking (tobacco)

Not only you are poisoning yourself, but you are also poisoning others around you, which is extremely rude and could even be interpreted as an assault.

Not able to have a rational debate

If in debate a person starts throwing fallacies, such a calling other people racist, homophobic, chauvinist or becoming aggressive, it’s clear that you are dealing with an immature fool.

Working on a low wage salary

Unless you are a student or this is your first job, working on a low wage salary is the social bottom. It’s even worse than being poor because a person starting his own business can also be poor, but when you are working on a job with low wage salary, there’s no hope and no opportunities for you.

Bad with technology

You don’t need to be an IT wizard, but a basic computer and Internet skills are essential in the modern world. Without them, you are deaf-mute.

Not understanding Bitcoin

Bitcoin is not just some cool toy that will go out of the trend soon. It’s the basis of the new type of economic structure where the people will finally have financial freedom and power.

Not knowing English

English is a de facto universal language. It’s very convenient when all people from around can speak with each other in one common language, except of course for people who want to do everything the opposite way and ruin it all. Those who speak the English language as their first language should learn at least one foreign language to widen their worldview. It’s extremely illiterate only to speak one language.

Why do you think is embarrassing for an adult in 21st century? Share your thoughts in the comments!



Filip Poutintsev, the Chief Editor of Honest Pros and Cons, is a long term business writer, who has been featured in various online publications such as Forbes, CoinTelegraph and HackerNoon. Now he writes exclusively for Honest Pros and Cons.