Firefighters are actually the real-life superheroes. Firefighters brave through fiery wreckage and smoke to save other lives, prioritising other lives over their own. Their service to the society is irreplaceable, making them deserving of all the respect that they get and more.

Notable Benefits of Being a Firefighter

Benefits of Being a Firefighter
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As long as fire hazards exist in society, we need these mighty heroes and their service.

Selfless service to the community from a kind heart and a brave soul – a firefighter.

Job Description of a Firefighter

Firefighters – the name says it all but there is more to this job than just providing emergency response to fires to control it as soon as possible. When these heroes are not rushing around saving lives, they are working for the cause of preventing fires.

Raising awareness about fire hazards by hosting programs in schools, inspecting buildings being constructed or renovated and routine inspections to ensure that they follow all the fire codes and attending public events to teach citizens about escape drills and the do’s and don’ts during a fire are a few other responsibilities of a firefighter.

Some firefighters also deal with the search and rescue team to find the cause of the fire if they have the qualifications to do so.

One can also be a volunteer firefighter.

These volunteers are generally assigned tasks which can be done after a few days of training like keeping the supplies ready and cleaning equipment. This gives more time to the professional firefighters to train and prepare for emergency situations.

Being a volunteer firefighter allows you to serve your community, make new friends and learn various life skills that will remain with you forever. At the end of the day, your community will definitely acknowledge you for your service and you can also dwell in the satisfaction of being of help to the community.

1. Physical Fitness

The job acknowledged as one of the main three emergency service providers, definitely calls for a swift and active body. So, being fit is a part of the job. During rescue operations, their physical strengths are put to test as they must lift unresponsive people to safety, break down doors, set up their equipment immediately, shift heavy hazardous objects blocking the exits, etc.

2. Teamwork

To work efficiently as a firefighter, you must trust your team to have your back at all times. Your squad will be by your side as you stride through the rage of fire and you must be confident that if something unfortunate were to happen to you, they’d come to your rescue and you’d do the same to them.

Coordinating plans with your platoon also helps quite a lot when it comes to handling the fire efficiently. With the trust that you build by working with these people, you can be confident that you have found your friends for life.

Teamwork also develops life skills like understanding others feelings and perspectives better. These skills will surely be of use throughout your life.

3. Job Security

Firefighters are necessary for society, regardless of where you live. Fire hazards can come in any form and someone must be present to save the day. This somewhat ensures your employment regardless of where you decide to live. Specific areas targeted by wildfires are always seeking qualified and experienced firefighters during the forest fire seasons.

4. Health Care Coverage and Pensions

In many nations, firefighters need not worry about their medical bills as they are already taken care of by the state. Since it is a government job, pensions are also provided after retirement.

5. Educational Requirements

Interested people can choose to take up the training to become a firefighter as soon as they finish school. Though it does not ask for a formal college degree, passing all the assessments during the training is necessary. From rigorous physical training and communication skills to theoretical tests and basic medical assistance skills, firefighters are all-rounders in providing emergency services.

The fact that the career option allows you to try for it as soon as you are out of school is quite appealing to many determined young adults.

6. Public Support

Being a firefighter, you are highly adored by the public, regardless of where you live. There is a sense of satisfaction in knowing that the community will always respect you for the service that you provide. The profession almost never had any controversy and drama to deal with.

7. No Work off Duty

As a firefighter, you will only be working when you are on duty. There will be no take-home work whatsoever. Albeit the duty hours will be quite hectic at times and may extend up to 48 hours at a stretch, you will have your free time to relax. There will be a clear margin between your work life and your personal life.

8. Training and Discipline

It is a certain fact that training to become a firefighter will instil a sense of discipline in you. The responsibility that comes with the job and the dedication it requires to successfully complete the training is sure to bring out a more polished version of yourself. This will inevitably reflect on your lifestyle and you will definitely find yourself becoming more organised and structured in life.

9. A Valuable Job

While most of the career options focus on monetary and materialistic aspects to measure success, a firefighter’s success lies in the number of lives they have saved. How awesome is that! The sense of accomplishment for every successful rescue mission will definitely overflow your heart with satisfaction. Your job does not bother with earning profits but rather with earning respect. Entrusted with the safety of the community, being a firefighter is truly admirable.

10. A Dream Fulfilled

For all those who are desperately seeking for the purpose of their life, who find joy in helping and providing service and who have always wanted to be a hero, this profession has it all. Many kids dream of manoeuvring through roads in a bright red fire truck to save innocent lives. Imagine living that dream!