Antibiotics is an antibacterial medication that works as an agent for eliminating bacterias, by slowing down their growth. Antibiotics are extensively used in order to control any infection from spreading all over the body.

Pros and Cons of Antibiotics
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The term “antibiotic” in Greek refers to anti(against) and biotic(life), which is why any kind of drug used for killing germs/bacterias are technically antibiotic.

The 1940s was when antibiotics came in light for the rescue which made it a lot easier for people suffering from any bacterial infections. The doctors started prescribing people these medications post-surgery which made it a lot safer resulting in improvement of life expectancy rate. Antibiotics since then have come in extensive use all across the world.

However, depending on biotics, in the long run, might not always be favorable for the body. Various common side effects will be resulted but won’t be a life threatening one.

How It All Started?

Antibiotics such as Penicillin was the first medication introduced in 1928 which has been a phenomenon known for a long period of time. Alexander Fleming a Scottish Professor of Bacteriology at St. Mary’s Hospital located in London was the first person to discover it.

Even though the discovery had been made years ago 1941 was when it came to the actual use after Australian pathologist Howard Florey and the German-born biochemist Ernst Chain conducted a test on mice that had a promising result.

Pros and Cons of Antibiotics

The antibiotics basically the most powerful drugs hence works to reduce the harmful microorganism which is responsible for million of deaths each year. It holds the responsibility to treat various infections certain types of curable cancers too. Since antibiotics are effective against the infection they do not harm other tissues and cells if consumed the exact amount prescribed by the officials.

Antibiotics being fairly free from side effects which are the only reason why they are being overused. It, therefore, serves the purpose to cure the bacterial infection but does not involve in curing infection caused by viruses which include common cold, runny nose, cough, sore throat, and flu.

1. A Major Life Saver

From the 1940s the antibiotics have been serving humankind by protecting countless lives and have been used as a crucial defense against infectious diseases. One of the biggest reasonable advantages of antibiotics is to cure bacterial infections and subdue the pain. These are widely used and are found worldwide.

Antibiotics have been added purposely in cleaning detergents, soap, wet wipes, creams, and eye drops as well, to incapacitate the number of infections humans are exposed to. It keeps the bacterias away from the immune system by targeting them and preventing the redevelopment of bacterias in human systems if consumed only the prescribed amount.

2. Slows Down the Growth of Bacteria

Antibiotics work as an anti agent for harmful bacterias. Slowing down the growth of the bacterias falls as the major property of it.

Antibiotics eliminate the redevelopment or regrowth of bacterial infections. The drug combats various diseases caused by harmful bacterias and keeps the human body immune.

3. Used to Treat Cancer

Antibiotics are known not to cause any harm to useful body cells of the human body. But however, the prescribed antibiotics are developed in such a way to attack the cancerous cells.

Strong antibiotics such as Macrolide are known for their fast reactions. It has been regarded as the best-tolerated drug in the field for 50 years and used by the professionals to ease the stages of cancers.

4. Suits Almost all Age Groups

With the healing properties, this drug can be used among almost all age groups. They have huge antibacterial properties. Antibiotics are simple, easy and convenient to use. They can be used daily or even twice a day upon prescription. Since antibiotics have low side effects it is used for all age groups.

Antibiotics can even be used in the pregnancy as well since they have been declared to be safe. They do not arouse any issues regarding the tissues and cells of the body which is the reason to be widely used all across the world regardless of the age group.

5. Can be used as a Daily Routine

Antibiotics having a low occurrence of side effects are used in even our day to day lives. They are widely used to preserve cosmetics such as creams, eye drops, lip products, etc from getting a fungal infection. Antibiotics are used as antiviral, antifungal and anti-parasite drugs. Reasonably harmless antibiotics are even used in animals to cure them of any infectious disease. With the help of the antibacterial properties antibiotics are widely used in even food industries as preservatives.

So basically after all antibiotics have not only been serving the medical sectors but the society as well. It helps to put the lives of people together with all the properties it carries and with no doubt will continue serving.

Cons of Antibiotics

Antibiotics are not all about fighting bacterias and eliminating infections. It is known to kill the immune system resulting in various issues arising in digestive organs.

Inappropriate use and overdose of antibiotics have been a major threat to the health of mankind. People on a long ongoing antibiotic treatment have informed to suffer from various damages in their body’s immune system.

1. Overdose

Overdose of antibiotics unlike any drugs is an extreme risk. The immune system will basically go numb not knowing how to perform without the help of antibiotics. Overdosing antibiotics will give an ability of survival to bacterias.

Instead of eliminating, allergies, kidney damage, killing the useful cells and bacterias are some of the outcomes which people will be exposed to. Antibiotics Overdose has been a major concern worldwide as they have been given continuation despite the warnings and obligations. Subscribing to different kind of plans might help to avoid overdose. 

2. Gastrointestinal Side Effects

Diarrhea, altered colored urine, change of food taste, headaches, gastric pain, drug interactions, sweaty palms and feet, vomiting, cramps, nausea, abdominal pain, bloating, indigestion, loss of appetite are some of the long term consumption side effects that Antibiotics contributes in.

Instead of eliminating the bacteria it will be immune which is also known as bacterial resistance. It kills healthy bacterias in the intestines which results in almost all stomach problems.


Antibiotics which are basically used for killing the harmful bacteria after an overuse will now be killing the useful ones that protect people from different infections. This might instead result in various fungal infections around the genitals of women, mouth and even throat. The most aftereffects are found among the females and comparatively less male.

Only one-third of the female populations are reported to be prone to these types of infections. The fungal infection will cause inflammation in the sensitive parts of the female. However, these can be cured in time by taking proper precaution measures and related prescribed medications.


Accordingly, Antibiotics has been a revolutionary discovery. It has been used to cure numerous infections, saved the lives of millions and has somehow been beneficial to mankind.

Consuming the prescribed amount of this medication will help us to dodge almost all of the side effects caused by the overuse of Antibiotics. Nevertheless, antibiotics have been a boon to mankind and are the reason for people getting back to good health every time they fall ill.

Following the correct supervision suggested by medical professionals is very important. Consuming these medications without the prescription or consultation of professionals, however, will result in additional medical problems.