Apple TV is a digital media player and micro console developed and sold by Apple Inc which is a global tech brand that produces the iPhone, Apple Watch and MacBook etc.

Pros and Cons of Apple TV
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Pros and Cons of Apple TV

Apple TV  is a small network appliance and entertainment device that can receive digital data for visual and audio content such as music, video, video games, or the screen display of certain other devices, and play it on a connected television set or other video display.

The first Apple TV was launched in 2006 and was classified as first generation. Since then improvements and additions to Apple TV have made it one of the most popular streaming devices. Currently the available version of Apple TV is the 5th Generation which was announced on September 12, 2017.

Pros of Apple TV

1. The Streaming

4K resolution is typically 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and is also referred to as UHD, or Ultra-High Definition. It’s the highest standard of high-definition video quality that’s widely available to movie, TV, and sports buffs these days.

Apple TV turns your regular TV into a Smart TV. 4K TVs are still quite expensive, so Apple TV is a great alternative for users on a budget. It provides endless content streaming from iTunes and other major streaming content providers. It also supports HDR10, so if you have a HDR-capable TV, you’ll enjoy improved dynamic range.

2. Home Kit

HomeKit is a software framework by Apple that lets users configure, communicate with, and control smart-home appliances using Apple devices. By designing rooms, items, and actions in the HomeKit service, users can enable automatic actions in the house through a simple voice command to Siri or through the Home app.

This is the base function for home automation. It makes life easier in your home by simplifying tasks. Siri voice capabilities enable users to control the TV by voice. Through voice commands you can request specific content including podcasts, songs, movies, or videos. Through HomeKit, users are able to communicate with smart devices in the home like Smart lights.

3. Elegant Design

Distinctive design—clean and friendly and fun—is the hallmark of Apple products. As with most Apple products, aesthetic appeal is one of the selling points of Apple products. Apple has an elegant design with a compact remote that blends well with most indoor decor.

4. Miscellaneous Apps

When placed between your Internet-connected computer and your TV, it can access Hulu, Netflix and other similar services with its programs, specially designed for this goal, so you can easily send their shows to your TV screen. And not just their shows: thanks to its AirPlay technology, it allows you to send YouTube videos from your browser (on whatever Apple device) to the TV screen as well. In addition, it can also download a multitude of apps from iTunes.

5. 4K HDR Gaming

Apple TV also includes its own gaming platform, called Apple Arcade. You can have access to a wide range of games in dazzling HD quality. The Apple 4K has a powerful processor that rivals some laptops and can handle most heavy games on your TV. And, should the Apple’s own developers do one little upgrade and port the company’s games, currently meant for iPad only, to the Apple TV as well, this “streamer” would instantly become a gaming console as well.

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6. Mirror iOS Device

Apple TV not only allows you to view streaming apps but also any other app on your device. The AirPlay feature lets you mirror your full phone or tablet screen on your TV.

This is useful if you want to see any non-streaming content from your device on your TV. With one tap on your iOS device, you can blast the image or the video right to your television screen through the wireless Apple TV connection. The connection is seamless and requires no set-up. All you have to do is be on the same Wifi network.

So, there is, after all, more than one reason to set your eyes on Apple TV. However, lets also look at some disadvantages of Apple TV.

Cons of Apple TV

1. Very Expensive

Apple can cost you up to $200 with an additional $50 for annual subscription of Apple TV plus. However, Looking at what the competition has to offer, the price seems to be too much for what we get.

Brands like Amazon and Google have found ways to make the same device affordable and simple. Amazon Fire TV stick lite and Google Chromecast cost around $30. Despite some of the features of Apple TV, its expensive compared to what you can get at a better price for basically the same apps and softwares.

2. Just another App

Apple TV might have some good features but at the end of the day it is quite pointless if you already own a smart TV. A smart TV has access to streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and even YouTube. Having an Apple TV subscription will just be you paying for a service where you can watch from the other streaming services you have already paid for.

3. Reliance on Apple Products

Apple TV only streams content from the Apple ecosystem. If you have Android or Windows devices, you probably won’t get much out of the Apple TV. You are locked into purchasing all your devices from a particular vendor, or you have to really work at getting everything synced up properly through third party tools such as Dropbox, and if one vendor changes something it might break everything. Unlike Google, the walls of Apple products have been closed off for apple devices only and it makes it very difficult to get use out of devices or services from other companies.

4. Compatibility Issues

A very prominent feature is Apple’s lack of access to universal ports types. Apple products have a distinct type of design and does not support other USB ports. Unlike other competitors like Roku and Chromecast, Apple TV’s lack a USB port offering little support for audio and video puts it at an disadvantage. Apple also does not provide processor upgrades for its streaming device — once you buy it, you are stuck with it until another upgrade is launched.

In conclusion, I personally would use Apple TV since I’m already in the ecosystem and the features that they offer outweighs the disadvantages. Apple TV is convenient, sleek and a great addition to a smart home.