Dell is among the top-selling laptop brands in the world. Dell is a multinational computer technology-based company that mainly manufactures, sells, repairs, and supports computer and computer-related products.

Pros and Cons of Buying Dell Laptops
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Dell is named after its founder, Michael Dell, and is one of the premium laptop brands. Dell’s wide range of laptops, customer support, and spectacular build quality makes them a brand that is worth considering irrespective of one’s needs.

Buying Dell Laptops

Dell is the third largest pc vendor in the world after Lenovo and HP. Dell computers have a market share of around 17% in 2019. Dell is considered as the most consistent and forward-thinking laptop brands out there. Dell also is the largest shipper of PC monitors worldwide.

Dell is one of the few brands that deliver reliable and robust machines. Dell laptops aren’t just intended to be used in the office but also provide options for high-end computing and they can run medium and high-level software. Dell has a large and compelling lineup of laptops, which works for both office and home use.

Dell provides various range of laptops as per users’ needs. Inspiron is a perfect choice for budget users, where XPS can be used for high-end usage and of course Alienware for gamers. Dell provides a lot of options to choose from gaming laptops, business laptops, Ultrabooks, etc. Dell laptops are built to last and boost the components powerful enough to meet the computing needs.

Whatever you are looking for in your next laptop, you will surely find a Dell laptop that will make your needs. Dell has become Toyota of the laptop world. Dell provides a great balance between price, performance, and design.

Here are some of the pros and cons of buying Dell laptop that one should consider before buying:

Pros of Dell Laptops

1. Design

Aesthetics is the most important factor for product success and popularity and success. Dell laptop’s design is very straight forward and the next generation. Dell provides a wide range of models with various features such as edge-to-edge screen, lightweight, enhanced display. Dell has a slimmest and sexiest design out there.

XPS models are aesthetically appealing .XPS 13 is one of the thinnest and lightest laptops in the market. The 13-inch version of the notebook is even lighter than Apple’s MacBook Air. When it comes to design, Dell is giving a tough competition to its competitors.

2. Budget-Friendly

The dell laptops primarily are known for their low prices. They have laptops for various price ranges from premium business laptops to budget Inspiron series and more. They easily fit the user’s pocket. Dell laptops are a truly great deal for the price if we analyze the qualities. Dell has a model in almost all price points to please customers. Within the same price range, Dell offers a better quality product than other competitors in the market.

3. Technical Support

Dell’s technical and after-sales support is worth praising and is appreciated by users worldwide. Technical support is equally important as other factors like design, durability, and price. If you have any issues with Dell laptop, you can reach out to the company via phone, live chat, and an agent will respond to help you.

Dell’s technical support is spread all across the globe with 24*7 availability. The experts at live-technician technical services are all geared up to help the user with any problem arising in the Dell laptops. Dell provides on-site service for some of its products such as for Alienware laptops.

4. Customized

Dell laptops are customized to the buyer’s needs. When it comes to striking the right configuration balance, Dell laptops stand a notch up their competitors. The balancing of the configuration helps a user continue using the laptop without issues.

Anyone can build a custom laptop which means you can equip it to meet your specific needs by selecting an optional processor, memory, hard drive, display panel, and so on.

5. Warranty

Dell provides a one-year standard warranty for all of its laptops. You can extent Dell’s warranty for up to five years from its original day of purchase after paying a certain price. Dell covers the cost of return and shipping on all of its models, irrespective of its cost. Even if you upgrade the laptop, it doesn’t void the warranty.

6. Better Security

Dell offers the most secure laptops with the most advanced security solutions that include comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication, and better malware detection. These security measures are designed to protect the user’s data through central management.

7. Innovation

Dell is considered a forward-thinking laptop brand and is consistently pushing their products to the next level. Dell continuously keeps up with technology and produces quality products to its customers.

Their collection of laptops is seriously hard to count and most of their notebooks have all the latest features covered including touchscreens, backlit keyboards, powerful processors, and long-lasting batteries. XPS 13 is a great example of innovation, which is the thinnest and lightest laptop by the company.

Cons of Buying Dell Laptops

1. Build Quality

Not all but some of the dell laptops have poor build quality. The premium laptops or those with high costs have great build quality but build quality decreases with the price.

Plastic build laptops have poor quality over the metallic body which is more aesthetic and looks premium too. Some of the laptops have a bulky design which is aesthetically unpleasing. You must be more careful while using because of the poor built quality.

2. Screen

Long exposure to the computer screen affects eyesight. Not all laptop comes with the advanced display panel, only expensive ones have advanced display panels. The cheaper laptops have screens that do not have an eye-protecting coat and emits more blue light.

The RGB ratio, brightness level, and contrast ratio are the factor deciding the quality of the display panel. The better display panel comes with a high price which is a safe and comfortable panel for prolonged periods of reading.

3. Heavier Than Other Laptops

It is true that Dell has a series of laptops that are slim and lightweight but it is also true that Dell laptops are the heaviest among other laptops in the market. Generally, gaming laptops are heaviest. Generally lugging a heavy laptop around all day can take a toll on your shoulders, arms, and back. The XPS is reasonably competitive in weight for its size.


We all know Dell laptops for their speedy performance, eye-popping displays, and beautiful design. Dell laptops are powerful laptops despite their few cons. Dell laptops have undoubtedly been the eminent one in serving the customers with laptops within their affordable means.

Dell is the best Windows laptop brand for its support, professional design, fair prices, and durability. So if you are looking for the best combination of performance, portability, and aesthetics then Dell might be a good option for you.