Community college is a type of educational institution which offers a two year school at an affordable price as a pathway to a four – year degree.

pros and cons of a community collegeHistorically they were known as junior colleges. Typically these colleges were established in the USA.

Nowadays it has gained popularity all over the world. More than 1000 community colleges are established in the USA and half of the postsecondary students prefer attending a community college.

The main reason for so many students going to a community college is due to its lower tuition and fees. It cost about 4000$ in a community college yearly while 1000$ is required to complete a four-year public in-state university. Surprisingly, private college is very expensive which costs about 130000$ to complete a four-year degree.

This is the reason why most of the middle-class families prefer community college for their children. Even though there are limitations of community college. Here I want to list out some of the pros and cons of community colleges.

Pros of Community College

1. It is cheaper in comparison to private and public colleges.

Community colleges are inexpensive as you save lots of money on tuition and fees. They are situated near your community so you don’t have to worry about food and accommodation. It requires less than USD 4000 yearly for attending a community college. You save up to 90% on tuition costs if you decide to attend a community college rather than a private college.

2. Community colleges normally have adaptable schedules.

Community college is very flexible for students who have to work as well as study. You have the privilege of attending the college in night shifts. On the other hand, you have to give your full-day (9 to 5) for attending a private college. So private colleges are not for parents and adults who want to complete their education without having debt.

They are flexible in the sense that you can have your credit transfer from the community to standard 4- year private college. So you can achieve your desired degree with minimum costs.

3. Small class size.

Usually, the community college has a lesser number of students in a class. So it is very important for students who require higher attention and who have less time.

Not only that small class size is very peaceful and you can better focus and indulge yourself more. You can have one to one communication with your professors and friends so there will be no ambiguity in understanding the subject matters.

4. It is an option for 529 plan.

In the united states, a 529 plan is structured like an IRA, except that the account is used to pay for educational expenses rather than a retirement plan. Community colleges are that institution which can withdraw money from 529 plan to pay for community college. The money that is lent is tax-free.

5. Community college nowadays may differ from your beliefs.

These days community colleges are funded by various organizations that are directly responsible for creating excellent manpower for the nation.

The organizations include NASA, HONDA, FACEBOOK, Gates Foundation and many more to help them compete in modern technology – offering various courses in cybersecurity, robotics, electro-mechanical engineering, automotive technology, digital marketing and many more. Columbus State Community College is one such example.

Cons of Community College

1. Credit transfer is not as easy as you think.

Community college offers a two – year program also known as an Associate degree. To achieve a 4 – year degree you have to move on to private college by making credit transfers and sometimes you have to lose all some of your credits that you gain in community college.

Be sure to consult with your admission advisor about the credit transfer plan that it offers to its students.

2. No Campus Life Experience

Although Community colleges offer organizations, clubs, sports for students’ involvement they are not giving campus life experience. You are close to your home and community which eventually makes you less active as you are not self-directed and motivated.

You may not feel independence in exploring the new world with new friends. You don’t have night parties and freedom in community colleges as compared to private colleges. In community colleges, it is said that you have to fit yourself around education rather than college be their life.

3. Limited Options

If you want to have your degree programs in a specialized subject, normally community colleges fail to do so. It is mainly responsible for providing a degree in the most popular occupations. Some popular degree programs at community college include- Nursing, law enforcement, and web technology.

4. Less Time Consumption

In community college, classes are often shorter but you may have to attend college throughout the week. As classes are shorter, you have to give more time for your outdoor activities.

Your success in community college depends on your independent dedication and hard work although some community college organize group projects. To obtain a healthy grade you have to do good on tests otherwise community college is not the right choice for future career.

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