A shower that is designed using cultured marble is called a cultured marble shower. Cultured marble is a material made from marble stone particles and resin that are blend together to create a beautiful, natural-looking material.

Pros and Cons of Cultured Marble Shower
Photo by Hannah Xu on Unsplash

It is a great alternative to natural marble and is inexpensive as well. Color pigments are also added to give it a very elegant and beautiful look.

Cultured marble is an excellent countertop material. The use of cultured marble makes the interior more beautiful and luxurious. Though cultured marble is a synthetic product has some exciting advantages over the more traditional tile and stone-based material

Cultured marble is prepared in mold cast hence specific shapes and sizes can be created according to the requirement. So cultured marble is available in various designs and shapes. Also, cultured marble has more aesthetics than natural marble.

A cultured marble shower is an economical alternative to its other counterparts and comes with various colors and designs as well which makes it a great choice for bathroom projects. The cultured marble tiles are beautiful, elegant as well as durable. A shower with cultured marble shower walls indeed looks beautiful and elegant.

There are numerous benefits to cultured marble showers over the more tile or stone-based showers. Let’s explore some of the pros and cons of cultured marble showers,

Pros of Cultured Marble Shower

1. Aesthetics

Cultured marble offers various color options compared to natural marble counterparts. We can add specific patterns and veining during the casting process. You can design shower walls as per your requirement because cultured marble is synthetic.

Many people love the clean and simple look of cultured marble and is inexpensive as well. You can design your shower as per your design with better aesthetics at less cost.

2. Durable

One of the prominent benefits of cultured marble is that it is very durable and long-lasting. Cultured marble is designed in such a way that it can stand a lot of wear and tear. This strength comes from the mounding process where strengthening material is added to the mixture to give extra strength.

There are negligible chances of counter chipping and are not as susceptible to damage. The beauty and elegance of the cultured marble shower will last decades if proper care and maintenance are provided.

3. Easy To Clean

Cultured marble is extremely easy to clean. You won’t have to spend money on fancy cleaning products for cleaning purposes. You can use common household cleaners to clean and are compatible with cultured marble hence do not damage the surface.

Polishing cultured marble instantly gives a shiny and brand new look. We can polish the surface simply using automotive polish and a soft cloth. Since the surface is very smooth, cleansing shower walls is pretty easy and effortless.

4. Budget-Friendly

Cultured marble is inexpensive in comparison to natural marble and its other countertops. Affordability is considered one of the key benefits of cultured marble. It not only costs less but is easy to install and maintain as well.

Lower installation costs will significantly lower your budget. You can have your projects done within the budget by using other materials like quartz or granite. If you want a majestic look while staying within your budget, then cultured marble for your shower might be the best option for you.

5. Stain Resistant

The surface of cultured marble is stain resistant. Unlike other countertop materials, cultured marble has some properties that do not allow the stain to stick on its surface. It makes the shower wall easily cleanable and stainless. The rigid surface is also chip-resistant and you don’t have to worry about the aesthetics of your shower walls as small scratches can be easily fixed using ordinary gels.

6. Uniqueness

You can design the cultured marble as per your requirement. There are lots of flexibility to customize the colors, style, and size. This customization can make your shower walls most unique and attractive.

Cons of Cultured Marble Shower

1. Quality Issues

A poor quality product might degrade the aesthetics of the bathroom. Since cultured marble is synthetic, there may arise some quality/manufacturing issues. Quality may vary with the product; some are much higher in quality than others.

Quality of finished products can vary between manufacturers and one must study and compare the products then only choose.

2. Warranty

Cultured marble is manufactured using the same process but the products used during the process might vary. Due to this reason, some items are of a much higher quality than others. This is the reason behind the cost difference between the products and their respective warranties. Some manufacturers do not provide a warranty.

You must make sure of the warranty about the product so that you can regain some of your losses of installation and maintenance. You can also check the quality of the product at the shop to make sure it doesn’t cause future problems and must check warranty conditions.

3. Ongoing Maintenance

A shower stall must look beautiful and clean, hence require regular maintenance. Maintenance is also a problem with cultured stone shower. Cultured marble is marketed for not requiring sealing as natural marble do but the ugly truth behind is that they require a lot of maintenance to look brand new.

We need to polish the surface regularly to look good. The polishing compounds required to help restore its glow increases the maintenance costs. Some cleaners or scrubbers can cause scratches and marks on the surface, which then requires a new film of polish for restoration.

4. Strong Stains

Similarly to polyester couch, cultured marble is not always stained resistant. Some items can permanently stain the surface and degrade the beauty of the shower. They can also get scratched easily hence you need to use cleaning tools that do not contain abrasives.

While cleansing the stains you need to avoid the use of corrosive cleaning products so that it doesn’t damage the material. So you need to be careful with the stains as some of them are not cleanable and degrade the aesthetics.


From aesthetics, to warranty, to durability cultured marble shower does always give additional benefits than its counterparts. Cultured marble is much affordable, durable, and adds great beauty to your shower stall however requires high maintenance and care.

If you’re planning to design a shower stall that is stylish, beautiful, affordable, and easy to maintain, a cultured marble shower might be the best option for you.