Weddings planned and executed outside the setting of a couple’s home (usually on vacation in places with either only family and friends or with more guests) are normally required to stay more than a day in what is considered to be a destination wedding.

Destination Weddings
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This type of wedding can take place in either a beach, a resort, or a distant relative’s home.

The size of a destination wedding can differ greatly from family and friends to multiple parties in remote and beautiful places within a country or sometimes outside the country depending upon the amount couples are willing and capable to spend.

Planning a destination wedding primarily comes with deciding on a venue, which for the majority of couples can be outside their own country. Regardless of the venue, the experience of a destination wedding is well-known to be full of exciting and profound memories.

Thru the 2009 recession, the popularity of destination weddings grew much larger than customary weddings due to the decrement in the cost with the size of the wedding itself. In the 21st century, the popularity of sites like stately homes, castles, etc. for weddings grew especially in Germany, the UK, and France. The introduction in 2010 triggered increments in destination weddings being compared to glamorous places such as the Belize, Maldives, India, Indonesia, and the United States.

Not every couple wishes to or can experience a destination wedding, but those who desire such a wedding and are wavering on whether or not it’s a good decision, some of the below listed pros and cons of destination weddings might just help you make the right decision for you and your partner.

Pros of Destination Weddings

A destination wedding can be a solution to many wedding problems because of the following benefits:

1. Budget Optimization

A destination wedding, according to the setting, can be much more cost-efficient than a traditional wedding. Most of the renowned destinations consist of resorts that charge for the number of guests and offer almost everything necessary for the wedding, functions, and other functions along with food and accommodation. Thus, offering an easy way of optimizing the budget.

2. Limited and Close Guests

Planning a destination wedding means deciding on a venue away from the couple’s home. After confirmation of the destination, guests are invited to attend the wedding by travelling to the venue, which isn’t feasible for everyone, thus resulting in the limited number of guests to the closest individual who can attend the wedding. Hence, couples get to share one of their life’s best moments with those who care for their happiness.

3. Vacation

A destination wedding is generally planned at infamous places offering natural beauty and cultural or historic beliefs. These places are where people usually plan their vacations and with the prospect of a wedding ceremony, couples along with guests get the opportunity to vacation too.

4. All-inclusive Option

Countless resorts at renowned destinations propose an all-inclusive option where they provide you with everything that is needed to make the wedding a success. A wedding coordinator, food, flowers, and many more that are related to the wedding are offered in this package, thus lessening the burden on your shoulders.

5. Lifetime Memories

Just think for a moment that you and your perfect half are on a tropical island or a castle and are about to bind each other up for a sacred wedding ceremony surrounded by all of your beloved friends and family. Wouldn’t such a memory be amazing to be captured and nourished throughout your entire life? A destination wedding might just be the answer.

Cons of Destination Weddings

Whatever the pros of a destination wedding, you should only consider your plans after understanding the following cons.

1. Added TODOs

Although resorts are offering an all-inclusive wedding package, planning a destination wedding isn’t easy. Planning a destination and deciding whom to invite and informing guests about the venue alongside the transportation measure requires communicating with everyone through emails, calls, etc. There is always more to explain to the guests and that can be stressful.

2. Legal Issues

Legal bindings can sometimes be troublesome considering the preferred venue. A wedding ceremony planned abroad requires that it be legal in that country. However, some venues demand a notice a year before the event, along with many other papers.

3. Missing Invitees

A destination wedding hosts guests who are close to the couple, but with that being said, not every close one is liable to attend the wedding due to their poor health, or their work, or their family problems. Regardless of the reason, couples might miss out on these invitees during their wedding, which might ruin the mood.

4. Minimal Designing Choice

In most budget-friendly weddings, an all-inclusive package will result in couples with less to worry about. But for couples who wish to have a custom-made ceremony, finding an all-inclusive package that minimizes their design choices can be a big part of increasing their budgets.

5. Awkwardness

It is not uncommon for people to plan their honeymoon around their wedding in such exotic places. Thus, many couples treat their destination wedding as a honeymoon spot and if the guests aren’t aware of their plans, the situation may turn out to be very awkward.


Hence, on one hand, a destination wedding allows couples to visit exotic places as well as to conduct their wedding within a limited budget and can result in gathering the most profound memories of one’s life. With enough facilities, each family of the couples can spend more quality time with their guests and deepen their relationship.

While couples aren’t completely free from stress since there is more to do in a destination wedding, the decision of location and time might result in the missing out on some of the closest guests at the wedding. Even if couples succeed in deciding the venue, if not notified promptly, they might not get to hold their wedding at that location on the desired day.

Destination Weddings
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