The idea of folding smartphones rematerialized in 2018. On this date, we have folding smartphones coming in all types of styles, and forms. Royole FlexPai (October 2018), Galaxy Fold (February 2019), Huawei Mate X (February 2019), Motorola RAZR (November 2019), and TCL (March 2020) are the most trendy ones offered in the market.

Foldable Smartphones
Photo by Zana Latif on Unsplash

Pros and Cons of Foldable SmartPhones

Some sort of indistinct murmurs of folding smartphones were heard in the past couple of months but not anything came up authentically; the bendy AMOLED displays we saw in the earlier period, in reality, weren’t purposeful devices except, at present flexible folding smartphones are progressively turning into actuality.

The development of the smartphone industry over time has been remarkable. Beginning from just basic devices facilitating you to call and message, the smartphones nowadays can do practically everything.

We’ve moved forward to bezel-less display mobile phones from the thick bezels and lightweight, handy devices from bulky devices. With pretty much everything in our palm today do we need the folding variety feature? To have a comprehensible concept of it, let’s shift towards the pros and cons of foldable smartphones.

Pros of Foldable Smartphones

1. Facilitates Multitasking

You’re certain to be getting something extra than just a smartphone with the emergence of folding phones. Multitasking unquestionably is an opportunity offered by the superfluous screen size along with the folding feature.

The newest foldable RAZR offers a screen when the phone is folded, allowing you to attend messages and glide through your notifications. Besides, by unfolding your phone you’re unfolding a wholesome experience. In addition, there are a lot of possibilities and space to experiment for consumers.

2. Noteworthy Single-Camera Setup

One of the most in-demand aspect to be looked for while purchasing a new smartphone is the camera. The enduring selfie trends have hyped up good selfie camera smartphones. This will be easier with a foldable smartphone since it only requires one brilliant camera for all photography requirements.

A foldable smartphone permits a single sensor to function in the front as well as the rear camera. With their foldable smartphones, users can also snap a selfie or a usual picture dependent on the side they choose to fold their smartphones in.

3. Superfluous Space for Hardware

With the phones getting bigger, the room for the hardware only keeps extending. Bigger batteries and powerful processors can be packed in by the maker. Despite the enduring advancement in the world of smartphones, we still get to see runaways when it comes to hardware requirements.

People are seen complaining about smaller batteries on their smartphones. This is because with the smartphones getting slimmer, it gets difficult or even impossible to design big battery mobile phones. The thickness of foldable phones is going to be higher than usual smartphones meaning, more hardware components can be added to these devices. It’ll be easier for the manufacturers to insert bigger batteries and powerful processors in foldable smartphones.

4. Larger Displays

The folding smartphone is quite a catch for those who have wanted to experience displays that overpower their tablets. You are basically able to carry a tablet that wouldn’t have fitted in your palm otherwise when you’re carrying a folding phone as it can be easily folded and kept inside your pocket.

A bigger screen ratio offers you help in watching and doing the things you want to in a handy manner. The Huawei Mate Xs and its close contender Samsung Galaxy fold offer you an 8- inch and 7.3-inch screen respectively.

5. Optimized Photography and Videography

If you’re an ardent photographer and or like capturing startling videos, the display could offer you something bigger to mold your creativity. The folding phones clearly leave you with more room to experiment than that of a normal smartphone.

These foldable phones come with a variety of cameras, too, so this can be a good assistance to go for extra clicks and zoom-ins. These phones when unfolded have a bigger coverage that gives you sufficient space to place in more powerful processors and batteries to give you an extra push to craft a masterwork.

Cons of foldable Smartphones

1. Remarkably Costly

The increase in complexity of the smartphones is directly proportional to the efforts of the manufacturers and eventually the cost put into the production and that is to stay intact for at least the first few generations.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold launched with a massive price tag of $2000 (Rs 140,790). So, you must’ve figured out that this device doesn’t come with an affordable price on the majority of levels.

Even the potential foldable phones to be launched in the years to come are likely to cost just as much. Being the earliest few devices in the foldable grouping, they are certain to be costly.

2. Not so User Friendly

It wouldn’t be justifiable to oversee the fact that many of us might not feel so delighted with the idea of using a foldable phone for first courses. Smartphones have been a part of our lives long enough for us to get used to it so the very newly emerging feature might not be so well-suited and a bit too much to handle for many of the laymen.

The in-between process can lead to some awkward outcome since you are to get over the functionality of your old phone and shift your focus to learning to cope with the advanced features of your new device.

3. Only For Easy Learners

Most of us are likely to follow a certain path that has already been paved by others keeping in mind our comfort and want to share identical traits with others. Whereas, some prefer to stand out and be bold. The new form factor is definitely for the latter.

With the big charge point, it is quite obvious that only a few of us who can manage to pay for the luxury can experience the technology at its total scope. The remaining might just have to wait for a time before we get to carry these phones in our sacks.

4. Susceptible to Errors

The foldable phones being very newly introduced to us makes them more at risk to the setbacks and errors that might’ve not even caught the attention of the manufacturers.

For example, in recent times Samsung distributed a few models of Galaxy Fold to assessors and gadget fanatics and most of the review units experienced display malfunction in just a day or two subsequent to the delivery, along with constant flickering. So this turned out to be something unforeseen that still did take place.

The reason why this issue occurred was that the reviewers detached the protective layer on the display that they weren’t supposed to. However, being the first-gen foldable device, these kinds of errors are obvious to occur.

Errors are undoubtedly common with the commencement of new innovation. And we suppose, it will take some time for the producers to enhance their folding devices.

5. Some Weight

Despite the better features and numerous advantages of foldable smartphones, we cannot neglect the fact that better hardware specs and attributes will make these devices heavy. These big-screen mobile phones are sure to be an addition to the weight in general.

So, if you’re preparing to get one you have to keep in mind that you are to carry a bulky device with you. In spite of the folding factor facilitating in minimizing the size of the device, you will still have twice the hardware there to carry. Hence, it’s definite that when you first start using the phone it might feel heavier than most phones you’ve held throughout a lifetime.