One thing that is well known about Google’s new Pixel phones is that these are the devices with the most incongruous opinions. We have stumbled upon the reviews of longtime android users that say they’ll be walk-off from the OS, thanks to pixel whereas, we’ve also witnessed the reviews of iPhone-obsessed individuals wanting to alter straight away.

Pros and Cons of Google Pixel Phones

Pros and Cons of Google Pixel Phones
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Pixel doesn’t seem to be an Android phone for Android fans. These phones are targeting for the finest corner of the mobile market where everybody is unknown to the concept of bootstrap loader/ boot program and the only make that are material are Apple and Samsung; as of now, Google too. If or not these equipment thrive in competing with their exclusive rivals, these are the pros and cons worth assessing.

Pros of Google Pixel Phone

1. Finest For Android Updates

One of the main reasons why millions of people use Google Pixel Phones is the availability of the latest Android updates earlier. Google creates Android as well. The two are crafted to work collectively in an impeccable manner.

Pixel users have the privilege of primary access to any new Android update which to some extent overshadows iOS as well. If it is important for you to have early access to the new Android versions, it’s the pixel phone for you. Besides, all the new pixel phones are assured for three year’s worth of Android updates.

Samsung has matched this on some of its phones but 99.9% of the Android phones only get up to two Android updates at most. But the importance of running the latest make of Android isn’t any negligible if you want your phone to stay away from malware and security infringement.

2. Amazing Camera Tech

Above and beyond Android updates and software design, Google’s camera tech is the focal thing its Pixel phones are recognized for. Contrasting everybody else in the mobile phone room, Google’s Pixel phones are all about performing more with less. Google has been functioning on ways to make its camera software smarter as an alternative of adding on more and more lenses like Samsung and OnePlus.

The approach seems to work well because even the low-priced ones of Google’s Pixel phones continually top “best camera” lists all around the network. The zoomed lens merges the visual zoom with Google’s Super Res Zoom digital zooming feature. Consequently, is able to take high-class pictures even while at the utmost zoom.

3. Soli Sensors

The crest of the pixel 4 houses, Google’s recently introduced “Soli” radar-based facial recognition technology factor that scans faces quicker than other smartphones. It works with motion-gesture controls for a number of apps. The controls comprise of responding to phone calls by flipping your wrist in the air and silencing phone calls by waving your hands.

4. Car Crash Detection

Google, U.S. is adding up a car crash detection element that will be proficient to sense when your car has been hit by detecting distinct noises. The accessibility to this feature is made through the personal safety app where you will have to be in agreement with a disclaimer which says that the feature is reliant upon system connectivity and a number of added factors.

5. Simplicity

With the phones getting bigger, they’ve also become more complex. Bigger phones with more attributes and multiple camera lenses that stay unused by more users are the factors that combinedly contribute to the soaring prices of phones.

Pixel phones have been working exactly on turning these cons into a price-efficient innovation that helps people who actually want affordable, good quality phones. Google Pixel phones spotlight efficacy and not publicity stunts more often than not.

Cons of Google Pixel Phones

1. Not the Most Thrilling Phones

When it’s about the overall design of Google Pixel phones, they aren’t quite as desirable in comparison to Apple’s iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S phones. They don’t look that bad but one sure thing is that they aren’t going to grab any awards for industrial design.

The pixel 4a and Pixel 5 are a little different because Google has finally opted out of its bulky bezels and overhanging chins that afflicted the design of its earlier models. Despite all of this you still wouldn’t call even Google’s newest releases as “thrilling” phones.

This might be because Pixel’s designs are centred on efficiency rather than approaches of fanciness. So, if you’re into minimally crafted models you will definitely like the look of the latest variety of Google Pixel phones.

2. Not As Good As iPhone with Updates

Talking about Android updates, Google is the obvious chief in the Android space. Samsung holds the second position, following its pronouncement that “certain” Galaxy devices, most probably the priciest ones will receive three years worth of Android updates.

Nevertheless, neither can equal Apple. An iPhone will offer you six and perhaps more years of iOS updates. If you are to buy an iPhone you’re likely to be able to use it with almost all possible updates until your battery life reaches to an end.

3. Limited Google Photos Storage

When we look at the past pattern, Google used to provide unlimited photo storage with Google Pixel devices. But as of now, unfortunately, that isn’t happening this year causing the Google Photos storage to be restricted.

4. Plagued by Funky Issues in Older Models

The first few generations of pixel phones despite their impressive factors such as the best available version of Android and the magnificent camera tech, those weren’t devoid of problems. The issues of OLED panels, charging ports and sudden system crash were noted on certain models.

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL weren’t able to offer the users what they were actually looking for, hence, those weren’t loved either. But with the latest releases, these bugs are gradually being fixed and Google has finally hit the pace.

5. No Expandable Storage

Google Pixel phones probably looked like a good choice to opt for when looked into the pros above but unluckily the phone comes with a notable drawback, i.e. it doesn’t support expandable storage. The limited storage might possibly limit your dynamic experience with the phone.