A gym, also known as a fitness center, is an indoor recreation area for performing physical exercises and activities with the availability of all the required equipment.

Joining a Gym
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The Evolution of Gym

How Joining a Gym started Trending

The first recorded gymnasium, known as zurkhaneh, dates back to the 19th century in ancient Persia, where people were encouraged to maintain physical fitness. With worldwide colonization around the corner in the 1800s, European countries added programs to school and college curricula that focused on health, strength, and fitness. As a result of which, playgrounds were built to support sports and physical activity.

The 1920s were the decade of prosperity that witnessed the building of many public high schools with a gymnasium. Till the 20th century, gyms were re-conceptualized to accommodate the popular teams and individuals playing various sports.

Today, the gym is commonplace throughout the world, and everyone seems to have their own reason to join. Some might want to pack muscles and improve their strength while others may be keen on losing their weight.

The number of gyms around the world has more than doubled since the late 1980s.

Pros and Cons of Joining a Gym

The idea of joining a gym with access to all exercise machines and equipment does sound appalling but is it worth paying the expensive membership fee? Can you not perform effective workouts at home with proper dedication and save a large amount of money on a gym membership? Here are the pros and cons of joining the gym to help you make an informed choice:

Pros of Joining a Gym

1. Machines and Equipment

The biggest benefit of joining a gym is the fact that you will get access to many different exercise machines and equipment.

Cardio machines like exercise bikes and trainers, rowing machines and treadmills, as well as strength training equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, and squat racks are a few things available to you only when you join a gym.

Buying most of this equipment yourself would cost you thousands and would also require a large room, so it is convenient to be able to use all of these machines for a relatively small fee.

2. Help from Professional Trainers

Without proper guidance and instructions, performing exercises in improper form might injure yourself. However, when you join a gym, trained professionals and gym staff will be available to you if you are struggling to use any equipment or do any type of exercise. Some gyms also offer services such as personal trainers if you wish.

3. Extra Facilities

Most of the gyms are very basic, but if you join a good gym, you may also find facilities as a sauna or swimming pool which is perfect after a workout. Even if you don’t do a rigorous workout, going to the gym and chill in the pool or sauna is still an option.

4. Motivation

When you’re working out at home, it’s easy to get distracted by other things. People don’t even want to work out when they can simply eat and chill. But if you go to the gym, you will see lots of people really pushing themselves hard, and this can act as a strong motivation and encourage you to work hard as well. You don’t want that guy next to you running faster than you, right?

5. Not Affected By Weather

When you think of working out at home or any open space, the first thing to consider would be the weather conditions. Rain, wind and even the sun sometimes can change a person’s mood of working out and result in discontinuity. However, the gym is an indoor space where the weather will not affect you and you can put all your focus at work.

Cons of Joining a Gym

1. Membership Fees

One of the biggest drawbacks of joining a gym is, of course, paying monthly fees which can be pretty high in some cases. Also, the fees are not a one-time payment, you will have to pay every now and then depending on your membership plan. For example, the average gym membership in New York City can cost you around $135 monthly.

2. Lack of Privacy

People who are overweight and those who have just joined a gym can be really self-conscious about people watching them while they workout. Even normal people find themselves in awkward situations when they are not confident about a particular thing and someone is watching them.

3. Overcrowded

If you go to the gym during peak hours, overcrowding of people can leave you hanging around for exercise machines and equipment to become available. This not only kills time but also decreases the motivation of an individual. It is no fun at all waiting around for someone to finish using a particular machine.

4. Poor Hygiene

People get really annoyed when a gym is lacking hygiene and honestly most of them miss out at some point. Lots of people don’t wipe down the machines after they have finished using them, which can potentially spread germs, and it is pretty disgusting when you have to use sweaty weights or sweaty machines after someone else has just been using them.

5. Efficiency and Convenience

With the internet at the stage, it is, YouTube is full of real-time work out tutorials, and there are plenty of exercise Apps on your smartphone. These all offer quick and convenient ways for you to tone your abs or be rid of those cheeseburger stacks from the comfort of your own home.


Going to the gym will always be a win and I would recommend people to join a gym, if possible. However, it is important that you investigate the gyms or fitness centers in your area by undergoing a trial session. After all, it depends on an individual and his/her preference.

Joining a gym is great if you are disciplined enough to get your money’s worth. But if your idea of hell is to make like a hamster on a wheel and pound a treadmill, you’re probably best saving your money and going for a walk instead