Belize is a small country located on the northeastern coast of Central America. It is also a Caribbean Country tucked between the Caribbean Sea and the eastern coast of Central America. On the northwest, Belize is bordered by Mexico and on the south and west by Guatemala.

Living in Belize

Living in Belize
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Belize has an area of 22,970 square kilometres and has a population of 408,487. As it is a tiny country, Belize has the smallest population and population density in Central America. 

The geography of the country is flat and has low mountains in the southern part. It is a multi-ethnic country having a group of Africans, Europeans, Amerindians and Asians.

History of Belize

Belize was formerly known as British Honduras. In 1973, it was officially named Belize by British colonial office. It was the last United Kingdom territory on the American Mainland. However, Belize has a strong relationship with Britain. Hundred years back, Maya Civilization inhabited Belize. It was the classic period between AD 250-900. During this period, Maya of Belize and Central America formed a dense population and culturally dynamic societies. Gradually, civilization declined and got separated. However, their offsprings still live in Belize.

In 1638, Europeans started to settle in Belize. Pirates from Scotland and England used to come and hide in Belize. The population began to grow gradually again. These pirates took advantage of the various islands of the coast of Belize. Then around 1650, these pirates began to log the mahogany and logwood forests of Belize. These loggers came to be called baymen. The pirates used the labour of slaves to cut the wood and sent it to England.

Until 1862 “British Honduras” was part of the British Commonwealth. After WWI, when black soldiers were returning to Central American Nation, the independence passed in Belize. These soldiers objected to the discrimination they experienced by British people colonial. They protested about it as well. The primary viable challenge to British colonial rule was the reform movement in Belize.

The country’s name was changed from British Honduras to Belize on June 1, 1973. The new Independence constitution got introduced on September 21, 1981. 

Pros of Living in Belize

1) English is the Official Language

Since Belize is a former British Colony, people there speak in English. According to the facts, 62% of people living in Belize speak English, 56% speak in Spanish, and 44% in Creole. English is an international language. So, it is way easier to communicate with people in Belize that makes your living more convenient.

2) Kind and Friendly People

When you are living in a different place with a different environment, people you meet every day also determines your living experience in that particular place. People in Belize are friendly and always welcoming to foreigners, ex-pats to their society. “Belizeans are easy to be around,” said one ex-pat. 

 3) Low Cost of Living

Since Belize is a small country, you don’t need a car to go to places around. Mostly, ex-pats in Belize hire a bike or a golf cart that saves a lot of your money. 

Similarly, property taxes are exceptionally cheap in Belize. It’s almost $100 for people who own a home. The price of foods, vegetables in Belize is quite low. You can buy from the farmer’s market throughout the country because it is way cheaper compared to other countries. However, imported foods cost a bit high price. The standard of living in Belize is simple that does save your money.

4) Good Instant Medical Facility

Medical facilities in Belize don’t cost much. It only cost around $25 to $50. Health insurance is not required that saves your money. Dental care is also satisfactory as well. It is way cheaper compared to other countries for extensive medical treatment. However, only a few hospitals can provide facilities for major and extensive treatment. In general, the average medical expenditure is affordable.

 5) Tropical Living

In Belize, it’s mostly summer. If you like the summer season, then it would be a great choice for you to stay in Belize. Throughout the country, the weather is similar. You will be able to feel the breezes off the Caribbean Sea all year round. It’s perfect for outdoor living and chilling around. You will get to feel the essence of nature and there are plenty of places to chill. With the lifestyle always being around and experiencing nature’s greatness your quality will of life would be significantly higher. 

6) Adventurous Life

As mentioned above, if you stay in Belize, you will always be close to the sea. Various fun water activities like surfing, scuba diving and fly board flying would be easily accessible to you. Also, the wildlife is diverse which gives you an option to explore the greeneries of nature. 

Cons of Living in Belize

1) Crime Rate

Belize has higher crime rates compared to other small countries and has one of the highest per capita murder rates. Living in Belize might be quite dangerous as you should take your safety seriously and be cautious all the time. Mostly, tourists are the victim of the robbery, pickpocket and theft. Another criminal activity like sexual assault is also prevailing in Belize.

 2) Limited High-Quality Healthcare

Being a small country, Belize has a few numbers of hospitals with proper and extensive health care facilities. A serious injury and emergency cases always require evacuation to other bordering countries. High-quality health care facilities for emergency and major issues can only be treated in limited hospitals in Belize. This type of treatment is rare in rural areas and aren’t easily available.

 3) Road Condition

Roads in Belize are in bad condition. If you have a low ground clearance vehicle, then you might face a problem regarding speed bumps. Also, transportations like cabs and buses in Belize is quite high. However, you can rely on bicycles and small engine motorbikes, which are one of the popular means of transportation in Belize.

4) Humidity can be Oppressive

The overall climate of Belize is sub-tropical. However, there is another word known as Humidex that describes how hot you will feel when humidity and hotness get combined. This condition in Belize can be oppressive. It will be a bit difficult to adopt in the beginning if you are from cold regions. 


Living in Belize might be a great choice after looking at all the pros and cons. However, it depends upon your choice and circumstances that you are on. Belize has a great environment with good people around that will make your living homely. Adding to it, people in Belize have a simple lifestyle, which can be great if you want a life of less effort, easy and manageable. 

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