It will be an alteration to move to Dallas from any other major U.S. city outside the Midwest and some people may even encounter a little culture shock. One thing is for sure when you move to Dallas, you are going to live in one of the largest cities in the United States.

Living in Dallas
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In 2017, Dallas was the largest city in the US, with about 300,000 US citizens packing up their bags and heading to the Big Dallas. In 2017, Dallas also had the second-highest job growth rate just after Atlanta. The city is thriving in all sorts of ways right now, with an aggressive revitalization of the city centre and an explosion of all kinds of cultural activities: microbreweries, film festivals, etc.

Is Dallas a Good Place to Live In?

Moving to Dallas might be a big choice for you. But you’ve still got loads of questions, right? Living there would cost what? Which kind of work will I come across in Dallas? Where do I live? Is there really anything to do except going to the rodeo in Dallas? The list continues. Keep reading to know about the pros and cons of having a life in Dallas.

Pros of Living in Dallas

1. Schools

The state of Lone Star takes education to heart and Dallas is no different. You can be confident that the kids can get some of the best education in the USA for families moving to Dallas. The state has some of the finest Mid-West primary, middle, and high schools. you should search for the best schools before you move to Dallas.

2. Taxes

Shifting to Dallas will not only help with your job but will also support your overall lifestyle and savings. That’s right, while they look and sound identical to Texas and taxes, these two never suit. Texas state as a whole does not pay state tax or municipal income tax. You will get to keep a little more from every paycheck when you live in Dallas.

3. Sports

Most people lovingly name the Dallas Cowboys “America’s Team.” The five-time super bowl winners are playing at AT&T Stadium, just west of Dallas in Arlington. Although the Cowboys dominated the NFL in the 1990s, the nickname simply derives from the team’s 1978 highlight video, in which narrator John Facenda named the Cowboys “America’s Team” and the name stuck.

Besides the Dallas Cowboys, we can’t forget about the NBA team from Dallas Mavericks — Dallas. While the Dallas ‘Mavs’ hasn’t won a championship since 2011, they are still one of the NBA’s most successful teams. Dallas is a perfect city for sports fans, between them and the cowboys.

4. Food

Dallas, and really the whole state of Texas, is the centre of some amazing food. If you’re a foodie, it would be a trip you and your stomach would enjoy to end up somewhere in Texas. We won’t mention every restaurant in Dallas for the sake of time, but what we can tell you is Texas tacos are a must-have. Every Dallas neighbourhood has its own favourite taco joint, and Texans will be debating to no end what is the best.

Start with La Nueva Fresh & Hot Tortilleria in East Dallas, if you are looking for a place to start your Taco journey. Such tacos won “Best Tacos” from D Magazine in both 2013 and 2016.

5. Hospitality

It is real and definitely one of the benefits of living in Dallas. You’ll find it simple to build relationships and get lost in a rich and diverse culture. The minute you talk to the Dallas movers, you’ll find the laid back, welcoming attitude, and that’s just the beginning. Southerners want to be social and while this may be a big city, it’s not a rough or cold city mentality. Everybody you meet will still find lots of charm. It is helpful if you travel to Dallas and you don’t know anyone.

6. Weather

For those who travel from the northern parts of the country to Dallas, you ‘re in for much better conditions. Dallas isn’t prone to snow and you’ll be soaking up the sun for most of the year. Although we advise you to bring sunscreen, on long summer days, the arid climate can get the better of us.

7. Culture

Dallas is truly a melting pot with an incredible cross-section of cultures from among others Jewish, Islamic, Catholic, Hispanic, Latino and African-American. In multi-cultural Dallas, there’s space for your faith, your traditions and you.

8. Industrial Hub

In the same way as being host to well-known businesses, Dallas is often considered a manufacturing city, unsurprisingly. It’s defined most clearly by being a major centre for technology, medical studies and energy.

Cons of Living in Dallas

1. Cost of Living in Dallas

Dallas ranks approximately in the centre of the cost-to-live index because it isn’t as pricey as New York City or Miami, but it’s also not completely cheap. The index score is 1083 which is significantly higher than the average for the United States. Atlanta has, for example, a cost of living index of 115.4.

While we found living costs to be one of the drawbacks of living in Dallas, it is still one of the most affordable cities in the USA. Housing rates will continue to grow and if more people come to Dallas, that will only generate competition for more price rises.

2. Traffic

Ask any resident of Dallas of what comes to mind first when they think about the drawbacks of living in Dallas, and they’ll probably mention the traffic. While Dallas has many freeways that will take you from point A to point B, traffic is still rough.

The town is very popular and part of the broader Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, resulting in DFW residents getting longer commutes than the national average. If you are short of time, be sure to check at residential areas near your office, or store up for the ride on podcasts.

3. Transportation

Unfortunately, Dallas is not well placed in the department of public transportation. The area is not walkable, and also not very efficient public transport. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is a commuter rail that will take you through the downtown area to several tourist attractions.

It’s mainly for commuters, though, as the trains run every 10 minutes during hours of rush and then slow down to as little as two trains an hour. Buses can also take you to nearly anywhere, but you may need to transfer a couple of times, which takes time.

4. Housing

Under our living costs segment, we touched on that a little, but housing costs are definitely up there in Dallas. While it’s not so costly it’s not affordable, it could be a deal-breaker for some people. With that said, if you’re willing to browse around before you rent or purchase, there are definitely plenty of choices.

5. Very Low Greenery

Not only is Dallas a very large town by area, but it is also part of the “DFW Metroplex,” as it is called by native Texans. Compared with other cities, Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth and surrounding suburbs occupy a large area of land. You won’t find a ton of green space or countryside for proper exploration in the Dallas subway area.

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