pros and cons of living in jacksonville fl

Jacksonville, Fl is positioned on the Northeast coast of Florida and is a natural paradise for many. Jacksonville has roughly 22 miles of beaches that residents boast are uncrowded. The land features of Jacksonville list the largest urban park system in the country, with ten state and national parks. Jacksonville also has a fantastic nightlife that proves it can do it all.

Jacksonville, Fl is a vibrant and energetic palace to live in. Before making a decision, such as moving cities or even to a new state, you should consider as much information you can about where you want to go. Below will be the pros and cons of what makes Jacksonville, Fl, both good and bad to live with.

Pros and Cons of living in Jacksonville Fl at a glance


  • Good Weather
  • Beaches
  • Nightlife
  • Affordable cost of living


  • Bad Public Transportation
  • Crime Rate
  • Bugs
  • Job Market
  • Hurricanes

The Pros to Jacksonville Fl

Good Weather

The obvious great weather in Jacksonville, Fl is a massive positive for most. Jacksonville spends almost the year with sunshine, which is great for uplifting your mood and energy levels. Gone are the days of having to worry about excessive rain or snow.

Another upside to the weather in Jacksonville, Fl, is that you don’t need to throw on hundreds of layers of clothes to be warm. You can rock your shorts and t-shirt.


Jacksonville, Fl is known by surfers for its waves. Surfers have named Jacksonville Beach to be the best surfer spot in the area. There are roughly 22 miles of beach in Jacksonville, meaning you will have plenty of space when you want to go for a dip in the ocean.

The beaches also bring a particularly energetic and lively atmosphere not readily available in areas without beaches or only with a few. The ice cream vans, live music, and great waves are just a few reasons why the beaches in Jacksonville are in a class of their own.


Good weather and perfect beaches are not the only significant parts of Jacksonville, Fl. The nightlife in Jacksonville is an experience that few can top. Not only are there a wide variety of clubs to choose from, but they are unique and have their own atmosphere and music.

Nightlife in small towns is often nothing compared to those present in cities. It is the fact that Jacksonville, Fl is so small, which makes the nightlife scene far safer for residents. Many residents enjoy going out and knowing many people because it makes them feel far safer.

Affordable cost of living

Housing is generally the most expensive part of living for most. However, in Jacksonville, the median price for a home is $274,700. This is great as it drives down the cost of living for many. The high prices of homes and apartments in cities like New York is a common reason that impoverishes families across the country.

Not only is the cost of housing less in Jacksonville, Fl, but the same goes for groceries. There are many stores in Jacksonville, but residents have named Aldi, Market Basket, and WinCo the cheapest grocery stores. These stores help keep food costs down for residents as they offer far lower prices than corporate stores such as Target and Trader Joe’s.

The Cons to Jacksonville Fl

Bad Public Transportation

One of the most critical factors in decision making for moving for lower-income households is the Public Transport available. Unfortunately, the Public Transportation in Jacksonville is outdated, and occurring to residents could be easily solved with the use of modern systems and buses.

Many Jacksonville, Fl residents have decided to purchase a car because of the untrustable public transport. However, should you already have a vehicle, then this will not be a problem you’ll face.

Crime Rate

Any crime can be seen as an evil crime. However, crime in large quantities is terrible for any community. The crime in Jacksonville, Fl, is almost double its state average. The crime rate in Jacksonville is lower than the national rate.

Residents have repeatedly mentioned to governance that the violent crime rates scare its residents and that it’s too high. The crime rate for murder is 0.15 per thousand. That statistic was enough to scare many residents. This is still below the national average but seen as too much by residents.


The same temperature that brings tourists and residents to Jacksonville does the same to insects and bugs alike. Jacksonville is reportedly home to 7 different species of cockroaches.

Not only are they pests, but insects can cause a spread of disease and illnesses in communities. This problem has been a challenge residents have faced over the years, and as such, there are new ways to combat these insects.

One example is an entrepreneur who has found a way to make cabinets, windows, doorframes, and vents airtight. In doing so, this limits the ability of cockroaches to get into a home and specifically to where food is stored.

Job Market

Whilst there are many job vacancies, and like many such jobs available in Jacksonville, the job market is still developing. Meaning it might be easy to get a job. There isn’t much job security for some. There are a variety of jobs for merchants and qualified professionals that are secure such as handymen, plumbers, electricians, accountants, and lawyers, to name a few.

The problem with the job market in Jacksonville is that a large portion of the money made is due to tourism and fluctuating incomes across industries. Thereby until there are enough residents to create a strong enough base for the job market to be stable, job security will not be something many will have.


The commonly known downside to any place near the coast is that hurricanes many wreak havoc every so often. There are steps to take to limit damage to your home, business, and assets. However, there isn’t a way to remove the damage of a hurricane entirely. The hurricanes brought to Jacksonville vary in their destructiveness but can still break down houses and buildings.

There are shelters and hurricane-proof buildings available for tourists and residents in the event of a hurricane. Businesses have popped up that buy out land and then hurricane-proof warehouses to store residents’ cars and various expensive items. This is expensive for most and is not necessarily ideal in a crisis situation.


Jacksonville, Fl is a great community with excellent opportunities available. The extensive beaches and perfect temperature allow sunshine almost year-round. This vacation hotspot is home to nearly a million people. Jacksonville has a low cost of living and is ideal for families looking to grow or ones looking to retire in a paradise.

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