pros and cons of living in melbourne fl

Melbourne, Florida, is a charming city where many residents enjoy the splendid waves and positive atmosphere. The town is located beside the Indian River Lagoon along the Florida Space Coast and has many desirable outdoor activities that attract tourists like honey. In Melbourne, Fl, you can enjoy fishing, golf, snorkeling, and much more.

Melbourne is not only a vacation hotspot and has a variety of shops and restaurants in its magnificent Historic Downtown Melbourne, not to mention that the Kennedy Space Center is within a short drive for residents.

The beauty of Melbourne Fl is undeniable, but the real question is whether it is a place you can call home? Living anywhere means you need to consider various factors, such as the crime rate, temperature, lifestyles available, education, Cost of Living, and many more. This article will go in-depth about the benefits and pitfalls of Melbourne Fl.

Pros and Cons of living in Melbourne Fl at a glance:


  • Endless activities
  • Education
  • Cost of Living
  • Great job opportunities
  • Good Weather


  • Hurricanes and Red Tides
  • Scarce Nightlife
  • Dangerous Animals
  • Crime Rate

The Pros of living in Melbourne Fl

Endless Activities

The tourist industry brings many new faces to town, but that doesn’t mean that they get to have all the fun. Melbourne, Fl, has a wide variety of outdoor activities. You can enjoy snorkeling as you swim with the fish, relax on one of many beaches, visit the vibrant Downtown Melbourne and much more.

One of the critical factors that make Melbourne Fl so full of life is the unlimited amount of recreational fun to be had. There are many ways to enjoy your free time both in and outdoors. Melbourne is home to hundreds of unique restaurants where you can relax and enjoy a healthy breakfast, filling lunch, or quaint dinner.

Melbourne Fl is also a host for many festivals, from the Independent Filmmaker’s Festival to the Arts Festival. The year is packed with exciting adventures to be had.

Melbourne can be thrilling and ecstatic but also relaxed and calming. Many beach homes and houses near the beaches enjoy a calm atmosphere as you hear the tides roll in and out.


Whilst surprising to some, Melbourne, Fl, has some of the best schools in the country. A big concern for parents moving with their kids is that they aren’t sure if their children will have quality education. Melbourne Fl puts that quarry to rest with a great selection of public and private schools ranging in size for you to decide which would be the best fit for any child.

West Shore Junior/High School is a public school ranked 5th out of 738 schools in the surrounding area. Longleaf Elementary is another star school ranked in the top 10 percentile of 2218 elementary schools in the area.

Cost of Living

One of the focal points of incoming residents is the affordable cost of living in Melbourne, Fl. With the biggest expense of residents being their housing costs, it’s fantastic that the median home value in Melbourne, Fl is $238,000 to purchase and only $1,500 to rent.

The cheap house market is ideal for young professionals and people looking to retire. The city has life and character with a rich history that doesn’t dramatically impact the cost of living. Melbourne is an affordable city to live in, with great opportunities for families to live and grow as the city does.

Great Job Opportunities

There are many job opportunities available in Melbourne, Fl, in all industries, especially space startups and technology companies. Specifically, defense contractors, aerospace engineers, and tech companies have the most incredible area for expansion and wealth. These industries have a solid base to work from in Melbourne, Fl, and are presumed to expand and grow in the coming years.

There are many entrepreneurial opportunities to be made within Melbourne Fl as it continues to grow and more residents flock to Melbourne Fl. All sectors of employment have vacancies as a portion of the population is beginning to move out of the job market, and the gap they leave needs to be filled.

Good Weather

It is no secret that the weather is mostly sunshine and smiles across Florida. The weather in Melbourne has an average of 238 days of sunshine a year. That means you can say goodbye to snow and absurd amounts of rain.

Should you be looking for a year-round vacation destination, Melbourne, Fl is the home you’ve been searching for. The beach houses enjoy the luxury of having the sea is a stone’s throw away. The Good weather persists throughout the year, the only shortcomings being hurricanes and red tides that occasionally pop through.

Crime Rate

The average crime rate in Melbourne, Fl is low in comparison to the national average. Out of 100,000 residents, only 11.71 will experience the effects of crime. Reports done by real estate agents in Melbourne found that 86% of residents felt safe walking during the day, and 68% felt safe walking at night.

The violent crime rate for Melbourne, Fl is also lower than the national average. The most likely crime in Melbourne, Fl are crimes related to the property, which according to, are 1 in 33 crimes committed.

Melbourne, Fl is a relatively safe place to live with the safer areas using neighborhood watches and a wide variety of security companies to keep residents safe.

The Cons of living in Melbourne Fl

Hurricanes and Red Tides

The unfortunate downside to Melbourne’s fantastic weather is Hurricanes and Red Tides. Whilst Melbourne fl does not get hit the worst by hurricanes when they sweep through the country. They can still cause harm to the infrastructure and housing in Melbourne.

The build-up of algae present in the red tides is due to a lack of clay mitigation on the beaches and coast of Florida. Most swimmers are able to swim through Red Tides without any adverse side effects, but some develop skin irritation or rashes due to it.

The hurricanes that flow through Melbourne, Fl; seem to not be as dangerous around this area; however, they do drive up insurance premiums and cause stress to residents. There are hurricane shelters present around the city for the resident’s safety and have been instrumental in safeguarding the Melbourne’s community.

Scarce Nightlife

Melbourne, Fl; lacks the nightlife present in many cities. The residents of Melbourne seem not to enjoy the partying of such a lifestyle. There are still nightclubs around the city and in specific downtown hubs; however, they are not widely spread through Melbourne.

Dangerous Animals

The most dangerous animals to humans in Melbourne are spiders, alligators, and snakes. Many can be avoided and don’t seek out residents but are still dangerous nonetheless. Fortunately, Melbourne Fl is not a hotspot for vicious animal behavior. Deaths due to animals are pretty low, with the main danger to residents coming from negligence with their own pets.


Melbourne, Fl is a great place to live if you love sunshine and fun. It offers affordable living, low crime rates, good education, and great job opportunities, to name a few. Melbourne, Fl is perfect for families looking to grow. Melbourne is in the hurricane and red tide zone. However, it is generally not poorly hurt by hurricanes and red tides.

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