what are the pros and cons of living in north port fl

If you are looking for a relaxed, suburban lifestyle, fantastic climate, and tropical beaches just a stone’s throw away, you might consider moving to North Port, Florida. North Port is a mid-sized town located in Sarasota County and has around 66,000 residents.

But before making a move to somewhere new, it is vital you do some research. Aside from the town’s location and lifestyle, there are many other factors to weigh up. What are the living costs, housing, services, and amenities like? There are likely many aspects you haven’t even considered.

To ensure you make the right choice, we have created a rundown of the pros and cons of living in North Port, FL. You will discover both the best draws and any crucial downsides. Let’s dive in.

Pros and cons of living in North Port, Florida at a glance


  • Climate & lifestyle
  • Amazing nature
  • Low crime rates
  • Good schools
  • Cost of living
  • Great community


  • Healthcare
  • Summer humidity & bugs
  • Hurricane & flood risk
  • Public Transportation
  • Limited shopping, entertainment, and family fun

The pros of living in North Port, FL

Here is a deeper look into the pros of living in North Port, Florida, that you might want to consider.

Climate & lifestyle

The year-round warm climate in the state of Florida makes North Port an attractive choice for many, and it typically stays between 53°F to 89°F. The mild winters and hot summers create the perfect conditions to enjoy a relaxed, laid-back lifestyle.

Outdoor lovers, take note! North Port’s climate allows for an active lifestyle, perfect for anyone who wants to get out in nature or make the most of the nearby beaches and waterways. There are plenty of outdoor activities to get involved in, like boating, kayaking, and hiking.

Finally, North Port is a paradise for golf enthusiasts. Sarasota County has over 50 golf courses.

Amazing Nature

While North Port is slightly inland, you have an array of Florida’s beaches at your fingertips. Some of the best beaches in the state are between 20 and 50 minutes’ drive away.

Close by, you will also find the Myakka State Forest. Here there are great hiking trails, camping spots, a bird sanctuary, and fishing in the Myakka River.

Low crime rates

Safety is essential when you are planning for a new home, and therefore, taking a look at crime rates is important. Luckily, North Port has a reasonably low crime rate making it a safe place to live in the U.S. According to Neighborhood Scout’s crime index, North Port ranks at 49, meaning it is safer than 49% of cities in the U.S.

Good schools

If you are considering moving to North Port as a family with young children, schools are vital. Luckily, Sarasota County is home to some of Florida’s best public schools. The district has always received an A-rating for its education.

You will find five elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, and two charter schools.

Cost of living

The cost of living is quite reasonable in North Port, Fl. According to Area Vibes, it is ranked as 1% lower than the average living costs of Florida and 2% lower than the average costs of the U.S.

If you are thinking about relocating to North Port, you may be on the market to buy property. 78% of residents own their own homes, and real estate prices are not too high compared to the national average. A great bonus about buying real estate in North Port is low property taxes.

Great community

Many residents like living in North Port for a strong sense of community. The locals are very engaged and supportive. While there are many retirees in this part of the world, you will also find high concentrations of young families here. It is ideal for families looking for a tranquil and welcoming place to bring up kids.

The cons of living in North Port, FL

There’s no location in the world with only positive qualities. So let’s take a look at some of the negatives.


While healthcare quality is generally high in the vicinity, there is no hospital in North Port. As many medical facilities are focused on senior care, you may struggle to find close-by care with a government insurance plan.

Summer humidity and bugs

While the heat brings many positives, it also has downsides. The Florida weather can get overbearing in the summer with high levels of wet humidity. You will need to use your aircon, possibly all year round. The summer heat also brings rainstorms. Look out for bugs, too, such as mosquitos and cockroaches, which thrive in the Florida climate.

If you are not a summer-lover, or you crave those seasonal changes, Florida’s climate might not be for you.

Hurricane and flood risk

Being in Florida means there is a risk of hurricanes living in North Port. These might typically happen once a year and can cause damage and electricity outages. Make sure to consider specially protected housing when looking for your home in North Port.

Unfortunately, North Port properties have an increased flood risk along with hurricane risk. According to Flood Factor, houses in North Port have a 26% chance or higher of being severely affected by flooding in the next 30 years.

Public Transportation

Being reliant on public transportation around North Port is tough. It is not a massive town, so you need to drive to reach many amenities, from great shopping or the beach to the nearest hospital. With a car, you will not have a problem. But think carefully before you move here without one.

Limited shopping, entertainment, and family fun

There is plenty of nature, beaches, and parks on the doorstep. However, you may find the town quite limited in shopping, entertainment, and places to take the kids.

With limited amenities in the city itself, such as restaurants, shops, museums, or even a Chucky Cheese, be prepared to drive quite far for them.

Things to consider for living in North Port, FL

So what else should you think about before taking the plunge and moving to North Port, FL?

Is North Port, Florida, a good place to live?

Although North Port is quite a small city, it is a very desirable place to live in Florida. The town is particularly attractive for families as it has great schooling, low crime, a welcoming community, and affordable real estate. North Port has a warm year-round climate and access to Florida’s beaches.

Is North Port, FL, boring?

This depends on your age group and priorities. North Port is a super welcoming town, and residents can enjoy an active lifestyle, great climate, and nearby beaches.

However, the town itself is somewhat limited for shopping and other entertainment. In this way, it could be considered boring, especially for teens or young people.

What is the cost of living in North Port, Florida?

An average property is estimated to be around $204,600 in North Port by That Florida Life. That is compared to an estimated average of $237,100 in Florida.

Is North Port, Florida, in a flood zone?

There is some risk of flooding in North Port, FL. The most at-risk areas are around the Myakka River and Myakkahatchee Creek, as well as by the city’s canals and ditches.

How far is North Port, Florida, from the ocean?

North Port is not right on the coast, but Florida’s best beaches are on the doorstep. You can reach many incredible beaches in 20 to 50 minutes, and there are beaches as close as 11 miles away. Venice beach is 19 miles away.


North Port is a hidden gem in Florida, with outstanding natural beauty, safe streets, good schools, a warm community, and surprising low house prices. If you love a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle are looking for somewhere to raise a family or retire, you may seriously consider heading to North Port.

However, it doesn’t come without its downsides. The downtown is lacking, you may need to go further afield for specific amenities, and the Florida climate can get humid, with the risk of hurricane and flood. What do you think of North Port?



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