The United States of America is full of opportunities at every step and for the state of Washington, the heart of opportunities lies in Seattle, a seaport city located at the pacific north of the nation which serves as the financial capital of the state.

Pros and Cons of Living in Seattle

Living in Seattle
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With its continuous boost in annual growth rate, the metropolitan city has earned its name as one of the best cities in the US.

History of Seattle

Like every other city in the world, Seattle has gone through its share of ups and downs during its years of growth. After the arrival of the first settlers of the region, it was named ‘New York-Alki’ and was soon renamed as ‘Seattle’ to honour an Indian chief named Sealth.

Supported by the lumber mills during the initial stages followed by coal extraction industries, development soared as the population increased exponentially. This growth faltered for a short while in 1889 due to a destructive fire which fortunately did not cost any lives but led to huge property damage. However, as a result of increased job opportunities for renovation, the population boosted.

Discovery of gold in nearby regions along with connections through waterways and railways lines enabled the city to pave its way into the future as a trade and shipping centre. Shipbuilding industries flourished during the war years but the city faced extreme depression after the wars. After long years of struggles and celebrations, Seattle is at the peak of its development today as an internationally known hub for technology.

Pros of Living in Seattle

A vibrant city full of diverse cultures and art history awaits your presence. Let’s see what the first home of Starbucks has in store for the world to see.

1. Increasing Job Opportunities

Alongside the continuous development of the city, we observe an equal growth in terms of job opportunities in various sectors like engineering, technology, healthcare, etc. The presence of centres of big companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon add to the value of the city when we look at this particular factor.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in Seattle is much less as compared to other cities of the US.

2. Lots of Options to Hang Around

Arts and Culture are definitely on top of the list when it comes to entertainment in Seattle. As home to mesmerising theatres and museums that transport you to a surreal world of art, music and dramas, Seattle will certainly not disappoint the art lover in you.

With coffee shops at every corner of the city, it is sure to keep you woke at all times of the day and if you’re a coffee-lover, what’s better than living in the city that was home to the first Starbucks in the world!

3. Environment Friendly

Taking full advantage of its geography, most of the energy used by the city comes from renewable sources like wind, water and the sun.
Seattle also has its fair share of greenery with the Discovery Park covering around 500 acres of land.

4. Comfortable Temperature

The city has a moderate climate all year round with frequent rainfalls. Whether summer or winter, it’s always comfortable weather for a stroll in the neighbourhood.

5. Huge Farmer’s Market

Seattle is a city which believes in a healthy lifestyle and fresh fruits and vegetables from local markets play a huge role in it. These outdoor markets are always filled with various seasonal fruits, vegetables and other groceries and according to the locals, they are also a great way to socialise if you’re new to the city.
Being a city with plenty of access to water bodies, the fish markets here are also quite successful.

Cons of Living in Seattle

1. Living Expenses

The city is quite harsh when it comes to home prices and rent in the city. With an average rent much higher than the other cities in the US, many newcomers find it hard to adjust in the city. This is believed to have occurred due to the lack of skilled labour and materials for physical construction in Seattle.

2. Crime Rate

As per reports from the Seattle Times, the crime rate in the city has soared in the past few years. From being a relatively safe city in the past, Seattle, today, has one of the highest crime rates in America, mainly property crimes. The rate of violent crimes is not less either.

3. Traffic

With the growing population, the traffic in the city has increased as well. Rush hours could cost you almost an hour or more of your time and it’s quite exasperating after a long day at work. Compared to the rest of the world, Seattle’s traffic is ranked among the worst.

4. Homelessness

The homeless population in Seattle is increasing with each given day and many of them are alcoholics or drug addicts. Homeless shelters can be seen at all places and this population may also be adding to the increasing crime rate of the city.

5. Seattle Freeze

The locals of Seattle do not have a reputation for being the friendliest and making friends is believed to be quite tough. The ‘Seattle Freeze’ is the term used to refer to this populous belief. Many believe that it is due to the personality of the Nordic ancestors who once inhabited the city while others speculate that it is due to the climate of the city.


The ever-growing city of Seattle has a lot of opportunities as well as quite a few drawbacks and it is up to you to choose an appropriate neighbourhood for yourself. From the expensive, loud downtown to quieter areas, the city gives you endless possibilities. Outstanding educational opportunities and transport facilities add to the advantages of the city as it becomes home to more ‘big’ businesses, encouraging bigger dreams.

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