These are the websites made to find a perfect candidate for your marriage. Put into simple words: A very serious one-time tinder date.

Matrimonial Sites
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The Need for Matrimonial Websites

If you’re from South East Asia, the general brown category, you probably know the pride and hassle people take in finding the right partner for marriage. People hold marriages in very high regard and consider it once in a lifetime seal over one’s future. The background checks on ethnicity, race, prestige, heritage, physical appearance; people are ready to take no chances.

There’s no compromises or liberty as parents are far more concerned about their children’s life partner than what they actually want. Generally, it is believed that fates are intertwined and all these marital relationships are god created. So, it is very important that you of all people have to search far and wide for your groom/bride to be.

Due to all these concerns, there are even these middle-man hired to search for “The perfect candidate” for marriage. Since the internet has decided to take over everything, there are actual matrimonial sites that let you surf over your category and the likes of people to let you decide which is your perfect counterpart.

History of Matrimonial Websites

Now, Matrimonial websites sound a lot like tinder. Well, they are. The first-ever online dating website was Match, released in 1995 and not soon after, the first Indian matrimonial site called, “” started in 1997 through a Tamil portal. Whereas the famous online dating app now, tinder was just released in September 2012.

According to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry in India, the online matrimony business is expected to be a $250 Million business by 2017. Also, according to The New York Times, there are over 1500 matrimony websites in India. Now that you know how people are serious about getting married, dating on tinder doesn’t sound so bad.

How Does it Work?

Matrimonial websites are basically LinkedIn, but for marriage. You fill out all the required basic fields and some extensive fields with your preferences for people.

You get a separate field for any additional needs you need in your partner and the algorithm shows you a couple of potential partners and you’re good to go. Meet them, chat with them or approach their parents, all of these are taken formally.

Matrimonial affairs online sound both funny and authentic. Well, here are some pros and cons to let you decide what part you believe in.

Pros of Matrimonial Sites

1. Saves Cost and Time

Matrimonial Sites do not require any cost in general. They are there to help you and you shouldn’t be feeling obliged to try one out. Neither do they ask for any account details or take up much of precious time.

You can easily eagle-view your matches or go specifically into details if you feel like it. Either way, You save up a lot of filtration process to find that one perfect match for you.

2. Saves You From the Awkwardness of Knowing People

There have been multiple situations when you fall in love with someone but your families might just not accept who they are or because of their background. And in South-Asia, this is the main reason for people breaking up because some priests decided their fates should be met by their caste.

Even if this system was created to avoid any incest relationships, there are some absurd cases that might leave you astonished. But, since you’ve taken up to choose your bride/ groom after researching them, matrimonial sites are your best option.

3. Privacy

Imagine yourself telling everyone that you need a perfect groom or a bride and asking them for a list of possible candidates. This is an embarrassing move to some. But, with matrimonial sites, you could do it on your own.

No squabbles, no frenzy, just you chilling on the internet looking at people that might or might not be interested in you. Make sure to get some coffee as you might need to make some changes to your profile if you don’t get potential matches.

4. Career Preferences

People have different preferences and when it comes to career, it is very vital that you choose what you really feel. But what about your forthcoming life partner? What do you want them to be?

Someone in any particular field might want someone in their own niche, some might not. Well, matrimonial sites set you up with your sets of preferences and all of this is very professional and very normal.

5. Connectivity

Matrimonial Sites have no geographical boundaries. One can easily connect to profiles from all over the world. You can easily communicate with the match through online chat services. This helps to know more about them. You can choose to keep a private profile that is visible only to selected people or send out a worldwide signal that you are ready to mate.

Cons of Matrimonial Sites

1. Catfish

Catfish is luring someone into a relationship by means of a fictional online profile. Anything with an online profile management system has a profound relationship with catfish. Put into simple words: fake accounts, fake profiles.

People mislead with fake profiles or write things they are not capable of online so, get your expectations straight and search upon proper details before you are approached or send a request to someone. Some people are on the internet with not the same virtuous intentions as you have.

2. Fear of Being Judged

It’s very common on any social networking site that someone might develop a fear of being judged. You might look at some profiles to scale up yours and might end up feeling low just because someone else looks or has a profile better than yours.

Your accounts can be viewed by anyone and everyone so, you might want to make it top-notch but, it’s very essential not to be overwhelmed by the fear of missing out or being judged and be who you are. Because if your partner cannot accept you for who you are, he/she might not be the right one for you.

3. Marrying a Stranger

These matrimonial sites are a basic form of taking arranged marriage to the next level but nonetheless, you’re still marrying a stranger.

Although matrimonial websites let you know each other better first, still by mere chatting and few meets, one cannot figure out what type the other person actually is.

For instance: both parties may not be able to fully understand each other’s interests, hobbies, behavior, habits, social and religious outlook, besides other crucial issues.

4. Algorithms

No matter what matching systems you use, whether google, youtube, online dating, matrimonial sites, everything is based on keywords and search protocols/ algorithms. So, your matches on these sites can be felt rigged.

You might miss out on important matches just because your preferences were just a little off than your soulmate waiting for you. This is rare but is a possibility and you don’t want to be let down because of your “unworthy” matches.


Matrimonial Websites have brought countless people together. In a worldwide scenario, marriage is a sacred bond in every culture shared by all of us humans alike. Finding your perfect partner is not so hard when you meet and know them.

Not just that tingly spring love-like feeling but your whole trust intuition: your mind and soul alike knows the perfect one for you and in this regard, matrimonial sites like this just might be your best wingman.

So, give matrimonial websites a try when you’re looking for a serious relationship. This helps keep your family problems at bay as your family might regard different aspects; physically and culturally – while looking for your marital partner.

I hope you find your other half waiting for you just like you’ve been waiting for them.