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From music, arts to academic courses, everything thinkable is within our reach with a single click of a button with the help of Digital Technology. The internet serves as the largest collection of information and knowledge where there are dedicated individuals who spent many hours giving classes on a subject of their expertise.Online Classes

Online classes have exploded into popularity in the past decade with the access of internet service to virtually every corner of the world. In 2014, it was reported that 6 million college students out of 20.2 million were taking online classes. Major institutions have exploited this opportunity to gain global exposure. Universities have even started giving online courses to their students.

It surprises that you are going to encounter one of these classes in point or another. So, let us look at the pros and cons of online classes.

Pros Of Online Classes

1. Globally Accessible

Online classes have given the opportunity for people to gain access to knowledge and training from a long-distance away. One does not need to compulsorily travel far away from their home to learn from these classes.

This is proving to be very profitable for the institutions hosting these classes as they are not limited to interested candidates only from their own locality. And for those looking to attend these classes, they can free from the hustle of traveling.

2. Time Saver

Time spent on commuting to and fro from home to the classes is vastly reduced especially in the city area. You can skip the rush hour by simply opening your laptop and started your class in the comfort of your home.

This is very crucial for people with jobs and full- time students who are looking to gain extra knowledge on top of their existing skills. Some people may even want to change their careers at some point in their life. In this case, online classes is seen as the best option.

3. Convenient Timing

Online classes can be started at any time of your day. There is no need to drag yourself out of day early in the morning and attend a class half asleep.

Simply pick your most suitable time of the day and start your class. Some of the classes even provide control over the pace of your classes. There is also no need to present in a certain location for your class. You can choose to take the classes anywhere you like. Maybe a coffee shop or your own dinner table, wherever suits you is possible.

4. Wide Variety of Options

Traditionally, you were stuck with choosing from the classes that were provided at a certain time and at a certain place by the institution. The limitation of choices is very discouraging compared to the wide variety of options provided by the online classes. You can handpick the classes you want and spent as much time as you want!

5. Saves Money

Online classes are usually cheaper than in traditional classes. The need for large spaces for classes and full time/ part-time teachers working continuously is eliminated. The classes are shot in a single sitting and can replay as many times as required.

6. Direct Interaction

Some online classes allow direct interaction between students and teachers. This level of attention is very rewarding for the student. Personal tips and care can be given to the problems that one faces.

Cons of Online Classes

1. Lack of peer interaction

One of the major parts of learning is the experience gained by spending time with peers going through the same courses. Many people like discussing and learning through group studies.

This lack of human Interaction is very prominent in these classes.

2. Lack of Accreditation

Online classes are not under the strict supervision of government or concerned authority. So, the degree or certificate earned from online classes may not be original and it may not be recognized by institutions looking to hire on the basis of your degree.

The Internet is full of frauds looking to earn money. One must look for proper classes with proper recognition to earn a valid certificate.

3. High Distractions In the Internet

The advertisement has been the major source of income for every online platform imaginable on the internet. Each and every website is trying to grab your attention and your views to earn revenue. This can be highly distracting if you are trying to concentrate on learning a completely new topic.

Pop-up ads and advertisements can be highly distracting and the notification from your favorite app or website forms a great challenge for individuals looking to study from online classes. There might be monotony in a real-life class, but the single-mindedness helps us focus on the topic more effectively than having tens of distractions every few minutes.

4. Need to be Self-Disciplined

With the leisure of choosing the time and venue for these classes, one problem arises in the midst of it all and that is Self-discipline.

One must be patient enough to actually dedicate time and energy, every day to finish these classes. There is accountability in real-life classes in the presence of a teacher, but in an online class, no one is accountable for you.

You must have the dedication to fully engage in all of the activities in the absence of a real-life counterpart of your online teacher. Self- discipline is one of the most challenging aspects of our daily lives. Mastering this is sure to prove quite difficult for those looking to attend an online class.

5. Lack of Hands-On Learning

Learning from virtual tutoring does not allow us from having hands-on practical experiences. Although the effect of this problem depends on the nature of your courses, it surely is going to be a disadvantage for the student due to the absence of practical classes on their chosen subjects.

One may even have to attend additional classes to gain practical training which takes more money and time.

So, both the pros and cons of online classes must be considered before making a decision. Each class differs from one another and the experience also can be highly subjective. So, it is highly recommended to compare all your options of classes while keeping in mind the pros and cons mentioned above.

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