In comparison to the traditional college education system, the online college has a short history. But nevertheless, it has been gaining quite a popularity year by year.

Pros and Cons of Online CollegesIt has become more reachable as potential students tend to find it easy and manageable; they can find ways to obtain degrees within their life schedules.

Online Degree – Pros and Cons

According to a 2010 Sloan Survey of online learning, a 21% growth rate is found in enrollment in online degrees. Another study shows that 80% of online learners considered the value of their degree equal to greater than the cost they paid to pursue it.

Online college is quite popular and has some advantages. Below are the most common pros and cons of online colleges or online degrees.

Pros of Online Colleges

Advantages of Enrolling in Online Degree or Online College


Online colleges give you the benefit of choice if you want to enroll online, as you are not bound by its location. You may sometimes require to be online for a class or interaction with an instructor. You can log on to the course material at any time, making it possible for them to keep us with other responsibilities.

Opportunity to Learn and Earn

Most of the students who take online classes are full-time professionals looking to get ahead in their careers. It allows you to learn and work at the same time and pay your way through college.

TIGHT BUDGET – Saves Money

Online education saves your expenses on fuels, parking, books, childcare and many more. It saves your time and hence money. Many online degrees have a lower amount of tuition fees.

Self Discipline and Responsibility

As long as you have the self-discipline required to make the continuity of your schedule and keep yourself on track, you will enjoy the freedom of taking online classes; however, it requires greater responsibility of your own.

Availability of Programs

More online colleges are offering online programs, increasing the available programs. You can have access to courses that are beyond your reach both in terms of geographical or economical.

CONS of Online Colleges

Disadvantages of Online Degrees

Online Education Scams

Some people may question the quality and validity of distance learning. The only way to beat this dilemma is to make sure you earn your online degree from a valid accredited institution. Though the government and law enforcement are cracking down on diploma mills and other online degree scams.

The majors might not get covered

There is the possibility of not finding your majors that interest you more. It might not be fruitful if you want to get in-depth knowledge of your majors. Some subjects are very tough that you might require face to face interaction with instructors.

No Classroom, No College Life

Without a classroom, finding someone to study with is a lot harder. Synchronous sessions are helping students and professors to meet each other, but they are not the same as traditional colleges. By taking online classes, you might feel you miss out on cultural events to inter-college games, from prom nights to graduation. The most important thing is you miss out on campus life.

Reduced Social Interaction

On-campus, interaction can be stimulating in many cases, conversely online interactions can make you feel like you are all alone in your coursework because of the inherent lack of a physical presence.

Self Motivation and direction required

Because of the freedom that online colleges offer it depends on whether to make it a curse or blessing. If you struggle with procrastination, understanding the material, or time management, it can be hard to get through your online college course work on your own. Thus online courses are primarily self- directed, you need even more motivation and self-discipline.

Transferring Credits

Some schools still do not acknowledge online schools in the same light as on-campus schools, making it difficult to transfer credits to an on-site college.

Some universities with flexible online degrees are:

Pros and Cons of Online Colleges