Plastic surgery is a procedure performed on patients who, due to injuries, birth defects or burns, require tissue or skin repair or reconstruction. To specialize in this area, plastic surgeons undergo a special kind of training. Technically, when it comes to purpose, this is distinct from cosmetic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Pros Cons
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For aesthetic reasons, cosmetic surgery is typically performed with the desire of the patient to improve his or her appearance. Nowadays, however, it is used interchangeably by most people. These two are often referred to as one and the same by other plastic surgeons who also perform cosmetic surgery.

Patients with lip or cleft palate, hypospadias, birth marks, abnormally formed heads, tiny ears and webbed fingers, to name a few, have disorders present at birth that can be fixed with plastic surgery. These include patients who have suffered from serious burns, cancers, Bell’s palsy, trauma from injuries and animal bites, osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome with regard to cases where plastic surgeries are called for later in life.

There are many setbacks associated to undergoing reconstruction, despite the need and importance of plastic surgery. Here is a glimpse at plastic surgery’s pros and cons.

Pros of Plastic Surgery

1. Appearance

Improve your appearance. Needless to say, your appearance can be greatly changed by procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, and nose work, and it is also one of the most common desires of patients. A lot of individuals want to change a body attribute they don’t like, and according to them, it’s a life-changing experience. A person’s self-image will change for the better with plastic surgery.

2. Social Skill Enhancement

People who have always been aware of their physical defects and deformities have typically been too shy to engage with other people, which is why their social skills have not been developed as they should be. Plastic surgery will eradicate those defects and thereby improve your relationships with other individuals.

3. Gain Self-Esteem

People born with birth defects such as a cleft palate have speech difficulties. For this reason, they will find it difficult to communicate what they want to say and be mocked by other children growing up at the same time. This can have an emotional impact on them and can cause them to think less of themselves and have low self-esteem.

Burn victims and women who have undergone mastectomy may also be affected by their conditions and might not be able to feel secure facing other individuals. These issues can be resolved with plastic surgery and, hopefully, patients will be able to recover their self-esteem.

4. Quality of Life

It also improves your quality of life. Plastic surgery can also greatly enhance the quality of the life of a patient, and the fact is that when it comes to changing their sex life, many people resort to it. The presence of their vaginas does not satisfy a significant number of women, which is why they chose to undergo the labiaplasty surgery. These women also say that, as they felt more secure with their bodies after it, this procedure enhanced the quality of their lives.

5. Better Nasal function

Deviated septums cause issues with breathing that contribute to repetitive snoring and sleeping disorders. In order to treat long term sinusitis, remove nasal polyps, and relieve other problems that obstruct the nasal airway, a surgeon may perform a rhinoplasty.

6. Improved Vision

The benefit of plastic surgery also involves blepharoplasty, which corrects the droopy eyelid and enhances vision. The dry eye problem is solved by this procedure. The majority of patients are pleased with better physical appearance and improvised vision.

7. Life Expectancy

When fats are removed, you have a better heart condition and a healthy lifestyle, better diet and daily exercise which will not only helps to improve self-confidence, but also to achieve a better lifestyle. This will enhance the patient’s lifestyle, and life expectancy will increase with all of these health benefits.

Cons of Plastic Surgery

1. The Cost

The amount of money needed to do plastic surgery is one of the setbacks. This can result in thousands of dollars, depending on the type of treatment. For people who do not have enough money to spend on surgery, this may be a concern. Some may not even have health insurance benefits. In order to get the desired results, there are also situations where several procedures are required. Cases such as severe burns and imperforate anus require a number of procedures before the treatment itself.

2. Can be Risky

The risk depends on how severe the injury is and the process of treatment. Infection may occur in the area of the incision and blood clots, damage to the nerves, and the danger of anesthesia. This method itself is complicated, so the simple mistake could have a large impact and lead to serious complications.

3. Time Consuming

The time needed for the procedure also counts as a drawback of plastic surgery. Even a small surgery requires recovery time. We are talking about critical and difficult surgeries here. Depending on the treatment, time is the essential factor. It is necessary to rest some patients undergoing multiple surgeries and operate again, which takes time.

4. Painful

Another concern about plastic surgery is that for patients like skin grafting, it can be painful. There are times when recovery takes time and pain and discomfort are part of the healing process and medication is given to patients to reduce the pain. There are, however, those who are intolerable to pain who, to the point of being dependent on them, get used to taking pain relievers and drugs. If this isn’t controlled, it can lead to drug problems.

5. Not Permanent Results

Plastic surgery might become helpful to the patient, while a threat exists because it may not be the same as it was. It will be difficult to restore the naturally grown extremities, skins, the structure as it was. But after the treatment, that would have worked better. It is a must to follow the instructions given by the doctor about diet and exercise. There will be an exception for everything, not all but some of the operations may not have long-term effects. It is essential to consult the better doctors.

6. Scars

Surgeries can leave scars. Depending on the process, many plastic surgery operations can leave noticeable scars. For many people, this is not a huge problem, but a lot of them are actually quite disappointed when they see a large scar instead of perfectly smooth skin.