The procedure of restoration and reconstruction of damaged tissue or skin is known as plastic surgery. These include birth defects like cleft palate, birthmarks, abnormally shaped heads, small ears and webbed fingers that naturally occur.Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery

As well as patients with extensive burns, bell’s palsy, traumatic injuries caused by accidents and animal bites with bad scars all these problems can be treated by plastic surgery. 

Plastic surgery does bring a positive impact on the patient’s health. Here health refers to mental, emotional, intellectual, social and even occupational health. There is a saying, “Plastic Surgery won’t add years to your life, but will add life to your years.” Plastic surgeon uses many methods to reconstruct areas of the body.

They transfer skin form one part of the body and graft to the area needed. Tissue expansion, which helps grow skin on the area which is damaged, where the tissue along with its blood vessel is transferred. 

There are many considerations to be made before applying for plastic surgery. During the decision-making process, the positive health benefits, as well as the setbacks, has to be thoroughly researched. Most people are fascinated with the idea of having plastic surgery to improve their physical appearance.

These are the reasons for cases like BDD(Body Dysmorphic Disorder) rapidly increasing. Better to consult a surgeon for the proper and necessary treatment is beneficial.

Pros of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery not only benefits patients with their injury but changes the quality of life. It helps them gain confidence and better life-esteem to face the world.

There are various types of plastic surgery according to the type of body organ to be treated. Here are some advantages of plastic surgery stated below.

Helps Losing Fatty Acids

The advantage of plastic surgery includes it helps the diabetic patient and patient suffering from obesity.

The patient suffering from obesity and diabetes should take care of their weight, daily diet, and regular exercise. Being unable to lose weight through diet and exercise can remove fat via surgery. 

The removal of fatty acids helps decrease the break down of insulin improving the chances against diabetes. They have methods like liposuction and breast reduction for taking out fats and maintaining body weight.

Removing fat from the body will result in improved blood pressure and less cholesterol – both important factors for better heart conditions. 

Better Breathing and Nasal Function

Deviated septums causes breathing problem which leads to excessive snoring and sleeping disorder.

A surgeon will perform a rhinoplasty to treat long-term sinusitis, remove nasal polyps, and treat other conditions that block the nasal airway. 

Improve Your Vision

The advantage of plastic surgery also includes blepharoplasty which corrects droopy eyelid, improving the vision. Even the dry eye problem is solved through this method.  Most of the patient is satisfied with better physical appearance and newly improvised vision.

Self Confidence

Adding to the advantages of plastic surgery provides self-confidence. The person with scars or different issues of skin and limb feels low in self-belief and even embarrassed to leave the house.

Plastic surgery is the procedure that helps regain their confidence back. It broadens their opportunity to succeed in the professional as well as in social life.

Possible to Regain Function of Damaged Parts or Repair 

People with physical disabilities who suffered serious damage because of accidents can be benefitted from plastic surgery. Natural causes like webbed fingers, cleft palate as well as victim losing there limbs or damage in their skin would have no better option than plastic surgery.

Webbed fingers can be operated and with the help of prosthetics, after the treatment they can perform the normal task using their hands. Other victims such as acid attack victims and severe burn victims can also repair their skin and have a new life.

Better Quality of Life

The advantage of plastic surgery involves the quality of life. Many people have problems with their nose, lips, butts, size of the breast which forces them to depression.

After the introduction of plastic surgery, all these problems merely seem to bother them. It improved their daily life, sex life, relationships and boosted their confidence.

Life Expectancy

As mentioned above when fats are removed you have a better heart condition and a healthier lifestyle, better diet and regular exercise which not only helps to grow self-confidence but a better lifestyle is obtained. This will upgrade the lifestyle of the patient and having all these health benefits life expectancy increases. 

Cons of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery along with the advantages has some disadvantages also. It can go sideways if done without consulting physician and psychologist. It cannot be reversed once the treatment is done. There are many steps to be followed during and after the treatment. Here are some of the disadvantages of plastic surgery.

Involves Risk

Plastic surgery is the procedure which undergoes many minor and major incision process. The risk depends on how serious the injury is and the treatment process.

Infection might occur at the incision area and blood clots, nerve damage and the danger of being put under anesthesia. This process itself is complex, so the simple error might cause a big impact and lead to serious complications.

This can be Expensive

The disadvantage of plastic surgery includes its cost. The procedure depends on the injury and the treatment to be done which can cost thousands of dollars.

Some treatments require several processes to be performed including a series of surgeries with other treatments in between. Some are not even covered by health insurance which will be the bigger problem for the people who cannot afford the cost.

Takes Time

The time required for the procedure also counts in the disadvantages of plastic surgery. Even the small surgery also requires a certain time for recovery.

Here we are talking about critical and difficult surgeries, time is the essential factor depending on the treatment. Some patient going through multiple surgeries needs to be rested and again operated which takes time. 

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), or body dysmorphia, is a mental health condition where a person spends a lot of time worrying about flaws in their appearance. These flaws are often unnoticeable to others. Mostly thinking about-face, appearance or comparison with others. 

In many cases, people undergo plastic surgery and still unhappy with the result. And they wish they had never undergone through the process. Consulting the physician or psychologist is strongly recommended for people suffering from BDD.

Can be Painful 

A patient going through plastic surgery might have to go through lots of pain. There will be some certain surgical processes when the patient has to go to the doctor monthly or yearly for the progress inspection or further treatment.

Doctors prescribe sedatives and painkillers to ease the pain, but too much use of these medications might lead to the drug problem. As the body would only respond to these particular medicines.

Results are not Permanent

Plastic surgery might be helpful for the patient whereas there is a threat as it might not be the same as it was. The naturally grown limbs, skins, the structure will be hard to restore as it was. But that would function better after the treatment. 

Following the instructions given by the doctor about diet and exercise is a must. There will be an exception for everything, not all but some of the surgeries might not have long term effects, consulting the better doctor and procedure is important.


(Last Updated On: November 28, 2019)
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