Social media platform connects, conveys and satisfies many emotional and professional needs of people. Being connected to family and friends who are far away from home and communicating visually that also for free.

How could we deny such a luxury we consider ourselves lucky for being in this era. It’s not only that but they also offer other numerous possibilities to share user-generated content, like photos and videos all for free. Supports promoting awareness of social and political issues and organize demonstrations. 

73% of marketers believe in social media marketing the reason being 3.4 billion social media users in the world. One of the reasons for this high usage of social media is because mobile possibilities for users are continually improving which makes it simpler by the day to access social media, no matter where you are. Here are some pros and cons of social media platform.

Pros of Social Media Platforms

Connecting People

It connects people all around the globe, from anywhere to discuss any issue and with a particular person, it’s made possible. Just like Facebook helps us to maintain our circle from school friends to professional level friends and locate their current location and have a chat with them from all around the world.

Have a chat with our business after if we are away from the country in Viber or Hangouts and discuss each clause and finalize the deal.

Cheaper and Efficient

Any campaign you want to run or any business promotion you want to do it’s going to be cost-effective and impactful if you do it through the social media platform.

As the number of newspaper readers is rapidly going down, posting in social medial is very much effective and helpful. All the social media platforms where you want to run your campaign such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LikedIn, etc are free to join. Now it means the cost significantly is much less than other marketing practices.

Whenever you need to brand or run your new business use the right platform, post the advertises or banner or post a campaign and get the crowd without spending a penny. Finally, social media platforms are simply one of the best and most economical ways to market your business.

Public Opinions On Social Issues

Many things aren’t said publicly or statements are made by a person about political decisions or issues going around in the country or society because they are going to be pled guilty and thus punished by the government.

But if the masses make the statements and publicly criticize them or their decisions no actions are to be taken. Social media helps such issues to come out to the public, as news is not able to show these things on their national television.

We can’t only know about our national issues but the international issues going around and the victims and the culprits in the process are to be decided by ourselves as everyone has their own view.

This changes and widens the knowledge and awards the people about the policies and strategies their government is applying on their particular country and questioned are raised isn’t this the same as that occurred in some other country which makes political figures or social figures to think once before taking some wrong step against the people.

Allows To Help People In the crisis

Social media platforms connect people where they can create and join a group they want or like to work with.

Some groups are really active and acknowledged by their dedication and enthusiasm nationally and internationally. Many people use these types of groups to collect clothing and foods and money for the people in crisis during floods and winter respectively.

Most people who are eagerly wanting to support or help the victim are unable to send the support because they are unaware of location and people and their authenticity. So, posting those images of the previous project is definitely going to encourage people for more support and prove their authenticity.

Support for your talent and craft

Social media platforms are the reason encouraging youth to come out breaking the barriers and follow their passion. From photography to graphic designing to paintings.

It has a platform for any profession, there are groups made by the people who are interested in their particular forte, and provides a platform to showcase their hard work and recognize themselves worldwide and get the much-needed support and motivation from seniors and the members of the group.

For example, it helps the people from rural areas who may not have the market in their area but now goes global in the social media platforms to achieve their goals and earn. It’s not just the tool(social media platforms), it’s an opportunity for each and everyone to grab and show their skill and get paid.

Awareness Programs

There are many issues that have to be addressed amongst the mass of the people and need to flow rapidly.

Like the health awareness program, natural calamities funding program, job empowerment program, these all news cannot flow through television or websites only. It has to be shared in social media platforms where it reaches doubles by each second and goes viral rapidly and everyone concerned or who knows who is concerned will be alerted by the platform itself.

There is the perfect way of utilizing social media platform by making groups of the related issues or campaigns which makes these flow channel efficient and effective. For e.g, urgent blood needed is the title and if it’s posted in the group on Facebook then it notifies you, even if you may not have that blood group your friends may have, and it’s saving someone’s life.

Instant News

News channels and newspapers are also in the path of using social media platforms where they can easily reach their audience. They are able to provide fresh news, edit news and collect and share information. Social media is becoming a popular source for breaking news. Anyone can access the news in realtime what happening not only around them but around the world.

This has brought a new era of instantaneous news cycle from a terrorist attack to a car crash to political issues making their audience much more alert. As 49% of people use their phones to open the platform where 83% open on a daily basis and 75% opens it several times a day.

Target audience

Social media platform provides the perfect opportunity for each aspect, if you want young and enthusiastic people to work for your company then you can go for Facebook, if you want professionals and give a good pay you can go for linkedIn. If you want to show your singing talent and artwork the best platform is YouTube, upload your own video and even earn from it. If you can create themes for the website upload it and give the best price to it.

If you want to start a business or promote a brand you can even choose age, gender, location in many platforms which directly connects to your targeted audience and you can know the feedback of your own audience which is more authentic and motivates to improve yourself.

Build Up Confidence

Not all humans feel comfortable communicating at the first meet or some feel awkward to talk face to face. It provides the opportunity to first face them in video chat or interview or interact with different people build up confidence and walk out.

Some people with disabilities do not prefer going out for work or walk, now they are given opportunities to earn from their table and play online games feel the change and be motivated and feel normal as others.

People from different countries interact with each other may be in professional personal or social issues which connects them. All the barriers seem to be falling one by one, as there were 2% senior users until 2008 has now reached 35% for social media users.

Cons Of Social Media Platforms


Social media platforms bought all your friends, family closer but with them, we all made most of the unwanted friends, we joined unwanted groups cause some friends talked about it though we are not interested in it, we liked some pages of some online news pages blogs.

These blogs or sites constantly throw news every hour each day, and we are connected to it because we read it, when we read it we think about it and although its unnecessary we read about it, its a waste of time that can never be recovered.

Corporate Invasion of Privacy

Social media platforms invade your privacy and sell your personal information. In 2018 social media platforms and websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google were questioned in congress, they admitted that they had your personal information with them.

Whatever you wrote about, video chatted about all those data were accessible, and the places you visit even the conversation you had with your friend’s family which you didn’t chat on site but were logged in and has been recorded through your phone or camera which is shocking to know. On social media platforms, the website isn’t the product, the users are.

They run algorithms for the keywords you have searched, the sites you have browsed, your computer’s data and social media profile to provide you with the specific advertisement for you. It seems crime but we didn’t know about it, but it is how it works.

Not Reliable

As we have been hearing news about your social media accounts being hacked. Or you forgot to log out and it got into the wrong hands then you are truly in big big trouble. Your all information your work and your life all are compromised.

So, the information you are going to be keeping in social media platforms should be filtered, and you should not be using your personal details correctly in all the sites you use except the authentic sites.

Ineffective use

It has lots of advantages but if you can’t put it in the right way or give the right direction. Feedback can be opposite then you expected. For example, if you push too much on social media about your new business without alerting your customers or without addressing negative feedback you may damage your reputation.

If once your online audience is not satisfied or doesn’t like your service it’s pretty impossible to gain confidence or build a reputation with that audience. So, every step you take can be small but shouldn’t be wrong, cause it hampers you.

Negative Feedbacks

People have different views which vary with mindset and perspective. There may be people who may like your concern or your point of view on some social issues but there surely will be some people who may disagree. Disagreeing is good it may be sensible then we can look into it, but there will be some illogical comments which leave a negative impression on your audience or it demoralizes you.

When we post something obviously we will be looking forward to some good comments but you need to be prepared for some of those feedbacks and ignore it. Like if someone is jealous cause you are doing good in business or organizing social groups then they will surely try to interrupt your work by posting something negative about your work.

Spreads Hatred

With advantages come disadvantages, it depends on how the users or admins are going to use it. In today’s world when online communities are growing in numbers some groups with a mission to spread a message of hatred about racial, ethnic or religious groups.

This increases violence and hatred towards each other when it’s written by someone else we will be fighting with each other and that person acts soberly when he is among us.

Cyberbullying and Crimes Against Children

Cyberbullying is the nasty side of the internet, which is encouraged by social media platforms. It can happen any time anywhere and any day, with anyone there needs to be just a bad intention then it occurs.

As age is mentioned in social media children can be easily targeted which increases the rate of crime against children. When children are exposed to some illegal content like violent or porn videos is definitely going to hamper their mental growth.

Risks of Fraud & Hacking

The information we post on the internet is accessible to everyone, it’s just how people gather our information and collect it.

There are certain groups who will collect all our information and make a full proof plan and will use some hackers to hack our social media account to fill the pieces and will cost us big time. Sometimes or accounts are hacked and the hacker posted materials that affected the individual’s personal life.

Activists, journalists, and active-duty military members all have their lives placed at risk because of the structure of social media platforms. People on the high-level post and who bears important files or information are targeted in today’s online warfare and large ransom and big companies are involved in it.

Fake News

Just to encourage users to fake news has been today’s trend on the internet with blogs and posts on social media platforms. As no one is accounted there is no loyalty towards their users, as the fault is not only one way even the users get excited if they see such news.

This is even used by one company against others or by one political party during the time of election against another party. It is one of the dark sides of the social media platform where fake news can destroy one’s reputation.

Pros and Cons of Social Media Platforms

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