Surrogacy is the process where the embryo will be planted in a surrogate mother. The intended parents and the surrogate needs to mutually agree on the procedure. SurrogacyWhen somebody is desperately wanting a baby to complete their family, helping them is the humble gesture, where both parties have their desires.

The process begins when the couple who want to have a baby will donate sperm and egg to create an embryo. Then after the implantation of an embryo into the surrogate mother, the birth of the baby is possible. Sacrifice and responsibility are equally distributed to both the parties.

Surrogacy not only contains the legal contract but also many emotional, medical and financial factors attached to it. Both sides have the right to be emotional when the intended parents are getting their biological child making their family complete and on the other hand mother is carrying the baby for 9 months in her womb and sacrificing after giving birth is a heartbreaking aspect.

Here surrogacy appears to be a perfect solution beware of the consequences you might be facing before taking a step ahead. There are many pros and cons to this long journey for the individual who is involved in this process. Here are some pros and cons of surrogacy listed below.

Pros of Surrogacy

Genetically connected

Surrogacy is boon for those parents who couldn’t bear a child or struggling with infertility. When one of the couples has a fertility problem, a direct biological child will born from the egg or sperm of the fertile person.

This gives the intimacy feel and genetically connected proof which helps in decision making for the parents.

Better Alternative to Adoption

Adoption can be quick then surrogacy, except for surrogacy it takes around 15-20 months whereas adoption can be done sometime in 24 hours to sometimes 24 months also might not be sufficient.

Neglecting the time differences, adoption contains many legal circumstances. Whereas in surrogacy it seems easier and confidential. Surrogacy allows intended parents to be part of their child’s development from the moment of their conception. Intended parents are allowed to attend doctor’s appointments and the birth of the child.

Relationship of Surrogates

Both the surrogates must have mutual respect and trust upon each other. They respect each other’s belief for helping each other in their difficult times. These bonds between surrogates must have mutual understanding and support for better and easy surrogacy.

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Some stronger bonds are also created like lifelong friends, they will be in touch after the baby is born. They have some community of surrogates where you can share your experiences with others to encourage and motivate them.

Surrogates Can Relive the Feeling of Pregnancy

The minimum requirement for the surrogacy is you have to be a mother. This ensures that the mother is much experience and knowledgable about the pregnancy process. Some people prefer being pregnant even though if their family is complete.

Surrogacy is the best possible solution for both the surrogates and women who wants to be pregnant.

Legal Procedure

The legal procedure has to carried out to ensure the right and agreement between both parties. These agreements are signed after the screening and matching process. They include compensation, pregnancy, delivery and ‘worst case’ scenarios so that the surrogates know all the processes and limitations about surrogacy.

This ensures a healthy pregnancy and a smooth journey. The responsibility of the newborn has to be taken by the intended parents so that the surrogate is not responsible after a baby is born.


The compensation is the financial support and reward to the surrogate for their commitment, time and risk involved in the process. It also sometimes cover health insurance and travel expenses throughout the surrogacy journey.

It helps surrogates to feel secure as they will be helping intended parents as well as earning for their family and household expenses.

High Success Rate

Surrogacy has a higher rate of successful treatment than any other fertility treatments to date. Surrogates have a proven track record of carrying healthy pregnancies which often make it successful.

Surrogacy is a Great Experience

Surrogacy is an experience that many of the surrogates claimed it satisfying and full of joy. Bearing a child for someone unable to do themselves can’t be compared with anything. The scene when intended parents are carrying their baby, the joy you see in there face is priceless, at that moment you will be complimenting yourself.

Cons Of Surrogacy

Complex procedure

The gestational surrogacy involves complex procedures and surrogacy laws. Preimplantation of the embryo include risks like unintentional epigenetic effects and undesirable consequences of invasive manipulation of the embryo.

These processes are expensive, time-taking and may not be successful on the first try. When multiple embryones are transferred multiple gestations might occur, then both the surrogate and the embryo face higher risks of complications.

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Need to lose control

The intended parents feel like they have the control but you need to trust the surrogate to carry the pregnancy for you. As well as the surrogate has to complete the agreement to have the compensation.

Here either side may be thinking they have control over each other but it doesn’t seem so. The surrogacy might go in the wrong direction if mutual understanding and communication goes sideways.

Physically Demanding

There are many screenings, interviews, and appointments of which intended parents should know about and on the other hand, her health is at stake. Being a surrogate you have to meet all the physical demands of being pregnant, receiving treatment and taking care of the baby too.

Most surrogates experience ups and downs during the journey. There’s always a risk in carrying a pregnancy if a complication arises it can harm surrogate mother’s health.

Surrogacy is a Lengthy Process

Surrogacy is a lengthy process that requires lots of time. From screening to a medical test, delivery and postpartum it takes almost a year.

In this duration, the surrogate is asked to stay away from the risky and dangerous situation and long-distance travel is prohibited. This is done to assure normal delivery and successful surrogacy.


This process involves fertilization of multiple embryos and each of these embryos is considered to be a child. The multiple embryos will be implanted while just one will be selected and need to abort the others.

This is considered as murder in some countries and religion. Whereas the concept is the creation of the child has to be done by mother and father. These biological children are not the act of god but an act of technology so, they refuse to accept the process of surrogacy.

The Cost Involved

Surrogacy might cost up to $50,000-$80,000 for the intended parents. Not only this but there will be some extra bills as well as medical bills, attorney fees, medications for the surrogate mother and payment to the surrogate mother.

The intended parent should stop spending money on expensive things if they are thinking about surrogacy. If some complications may arrive in the case then the solution will be more expenditure.




(Last Updated On: March 4, 2020)
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