Traditional education is also known as the conventional education system and in fact the best mode of the educational system. 

Pros and Cons of Traditional CollegesIt is the oldest form of delivering education to students through face to face interaction between teachers and students. The schools are divided into grades which include both primary and secondary education system.

 Although this type of education system is practiced all over the world it is losing its popularity nowadays. Everything nowadays is part of the digital revolution, education is no exception.

 The traditional education system needs to be revised in order to continue delivering education successfully in the present scenario which we called the digitized world

The subject of this article is to provide the pros and cons of the traditional educational system which is listed out below.

Pros of Traditional Education

Benefits of the Traditional School

Pre-planned and Organized

The traditional education system is well–organized institution with proper classroom, building and teacher faculties. Everything that is going to be taught is pre-planned not only regular activities but also extracurricular activities.

Every department of the school takes an active role to run the schools is an organized manner. Everything is pre-planned whether it is your daily routine or uniforms.

Discipline and Punctuality

In a traditional school, classes start and end at a fixed time.  Students attend and leave school at the same time.

It makes both teachers and students punctual on their everyday task which is pre-planned by the school management team. It makes them discipline too with repeatedly following the same rules every day not only in school time but also before and after school.


Equality is the positive and most important part of the traditional education system. It does not matter in which caste, religion, race, and class you belong. You are treated fairly whether you belong to a high or low-class family.

Everyone is treated equally to get the best out of them. So the traditional education system is the only mode of education that provides a sense of true education.


Students and teachers are placed in a classroom where they carry out discussions and lectures about certain topics on a daily basis. It makes them feel more participated since they can share their knowledge with one another.

They may have different views and ideas regarding the different subjects which ultimately transforms into a solid idea that can change the world. It can be referred to as face to face learning which creates a friendly relationship between students and peers so they make the most out of that strong relationship.

They can have any time in the world for teachers’ guidance and mentoring. This kind of relationship and interaction between peers and student also develops moral and social values in students.

Extra-Curricular Activities

It is one of the most important activities in general which is carried out in each and every traditional school. It provides a platform for students to develop and sharpen individual skills which can be a useful commodity in a professional career.

Such activities include sports and games, music, painting, dancing, debates, etc. It inculcates confidence in students. Such activities are nearly impossible in the online education system.

Grading System and Competitiveness

Grading System is practiced all around the world in traditional schools. It helps the student to be watchful and alert throughout the educational terms and help, they overcome procrastination.

The traditional education system motivates and provides a platform to compete against one another to get the best out of them.


Getting a degree from a traditional educational system is very valuable as it is recognized by every institute all over the world. A degree means you are capable and fully-qualified for attending a desirable workstation. The degree also increases your self-confidence and social status. 

Cons of Traditional Education

Disadvantages of Traditional Education

High Cost

It actually needs a lot of money to complete your schooling or degree from traditional school. The expense includes your tuition fees, costs on ETA(Extracurricular activities) and other facilities.

It is more expensive as compared to the online education system. Tight-budgeted families face money issues for admitting their children to traditional schools. 

General Education

Students have their own interests to achieve in life. Someone wants to become doctors, engineers, lawyers whereas others want to become writers, professors, singers, etc. In this case, the generalized education system hardly serves the true purpose of educating people.

Its curriculum includes subjects that are completely unnecessary for someone but it may be useful for other students. Everyone should follow the same coursebook whether it interests you or not. It helps to become a jack of all trades but master of none.

Passive Learners

In traditional schools, you can get information and knowledge only from your books and teachers. So you can have what your teacher knows. They can be wrong too. Students don’t make any kind of effort to learn new ideas themselves.

A student is bounded by four walls of the school whereas online education has no boundaries in term study material and research work.

Away from Home

Parents should visit your college for boosting confidence level. The traditional school is usually away from home keeping you away from your family and lack of parents care may result in unimaginable events.

Time-consuming and limited interaction

Managing time for traditional college is hard if you have to work for sustenance as well. It utilizes your whole day for different activities conducted by the school. Globally you cannot make interaction in traditional school but online colleges give you that opportunity.

Self Discipline and Boring Routine

Traditional school is sometimes boring due to their course material. Courses are often lengthy and boring because it is in practice for many years. Some chapters are outdated and uninteresting in the context of the present situation.

Classes took place a whole day with minimum break time which makes you lousy too. In traditional schools, you are supervised by teachers. As long as you are under the supervision of the teacher,  you maintain discipline in your work. Otherwise, you have not learned to be self-discipline.

Crowded Classrooms

No matter how your school or college is well – organized or fully equipped with labs and libraries, some students find difficulty in attending a classroom with 49 others.

So much of the student in a classroom makes it difficult for some students to catch his/her lectures and assignments. Teachers cannot give time to each and every student present in a classroom which makes class less interactive and hence productive.