It’s estimated that nearly one-third of all college student transfer at least once during their higher education.

Pros and Cons of Transferring CollegesThe National Student Clearinghouse Research Center found that 37.2% transfer at least once within 6 years.

Transferring from one college to another may work well for some students. However, it may also turn out to be a nightmare for others who may not be ready for the transition that comes with the movement. There is no doubt that transferring schools is a common practice among students today.

Although there are many advantages to transferring, there are also several drawbacks. Here I want to list out some of the pros and cons of online colleges.


Attending a college of a suitable quality

By transferring college you may enjoy the environment that colleges provide. You can get the desired degree which plays a vital role in your personal growth. New friends and professors may have a new perspective about life that might change you completely into a new one. Your new college perhaps has all the facilities that once you thought in your dreams.

The opportunity of saving money

If your college of choice is near to your home, you can save your cost on transportation. Going to a new college may offer transfer and other scholarships on a different heading.

For example, some colleges offer specific scholarships for students who are registered members of Phi Theta Kappa, a national two-year college honour society. Depending on the type of college the financial aid package may vary.

Your new college might be a better social fit

You might find a 20K student attending college with you little bit disturbing. It depends on student to the student whether to study in a big or small school.

Also, some students want to study in college which is away from the city area in a peaceful environment, on the other hand, some student want to study where there is a job opportunity, entertainment centers and many more. So by tranferring you become socially fit.

Chance to study in a high ranked university.

From studying to a low – tier university you will get a chance to enroll to a high-end university that has more facilities to enjoy and programs to explore.


Credit transfer is difficult or you may lose some credibility.

Credit transfer depends from college to college. While transferring college you should aware whether your new college offers credits transfers or not. Most of the time your credits may not transfer at all or left behind some credits causing a delay in gaining a degree.

Increase in budget for completing the course.

While moving from one college to another you might be facing increment in tuition fees. Your new college may be far from your house causing an increase in bus fare. After changing college from low tier to a higher tier, obviously you have to face financial pressure. In conclusion, you have to be financially strong.

Cultural difference

Students’ culture differs from college to college which you personally find hard to cope up with leading dissatisfaction towards your new college. Culture is deep-rooted in our heart so to change or accept a different one is very hard.

You have to lose your old friends and building and start with a new one.

Your new college might have an environment that is vastly different from the college you left behind. In such cases, you may find difficulties in making new friends. You may lose your consistency and dedication toward your study which ultimately hampers your careers. Old school friend is very important in anyone’s life as you spend most of your time with them. They also know about your likes and dislikes but your new friends, they may bully you.