Virtual Reality itself gives the answer to what is it. It involves the use of a VR headset that immerses users in a virtual digitized environment but the experience that you feel will be a real-life experience.

It uses images, sound and other physical sensations, where you are kept in the inbuilt virtual world and you can move around and interact in some cases.

You can visit Niagara Falls and hike up to the Mount Everest without leaving your room. You will be completely unaware of what is going on around you in the real world.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality

VR is a new technology grabbing the attention of the huge audience and is implemented by many industries to achieve their business targets and goals.

The virtual reality market is divided into hardware and software segments, the revenue collected in 2016 was USD 1.8 billion and is expected to reach 16.3 billion by 2022.

VR comes with both the pros and cons as stated below.

Pros of Virtual Reality

Entertainment Virtual reality didn’t just bring the entertainment industry in your door but in your fingertip. Most people are tied in the daily routine of wakeup, work and rest, it’s hard for them to manage time to travel certain places for entertainment.

But now you can enjoy the whole entertainment industry from gamings to documentary to movies with the help of VR box. The onscreen experience changing to real-life experience will give you chills. The Oculus Rift and HTC are two VR headsets that do just that.

Traveling and Exploring

VR provides 3D interactive experience to the individual who likes exploring and traveling to new places. The willingness to visit attracts tourists to the place. There are VR videos of Dolphin Dive and Flight of the Kingfisher for tourism purpose domestic as well as international.

VR’s capability to fulfil the most important requirement of the customer to decide what type of destination he wants and that also immediately makes is most needed product around.

Education & Training

Virtual reality encourages the training of professionals like doctors, engineers, architects without putting them in harm’s way. VR simulation helps new drivers to feel the street and learn the basics, a firefighter can practice critical situation in a controlled environment, as well as the surgeons who are amateurs,  can learn the severe and risky operation without harming anyone. This brilliant aspect of VR allows the rookies to catch up on the gap with veterans and reach their role faster replacing them.

Helps to Overcome Language Barriers

The language barrier is a significant problem in the field of education. In case, if you are not studying in your hometown, you need to adopt the dialect of the place where you are considering.

With the implementation of Virtual Reality possible language can be aptly implemented by making use of suitable software. Learn Immersive generates scene descriptions and text translations from scans of real-world environments that you experience in virtual reality, all of which they hope will help immerse you in a new language.

Helps in health issues

Virtual Reality Exposure Theory(VRET) is a type of therapy used to treat a variety of anxiety disorders, including specific phobias. People with Parkinson’s disease also showed some improvement in being able to recognize obstacles in the path and navigation.

This tool has dedicated its development in the field of neuroscience for the study of spatial navigation, multisensory integration, social neuroscience, and neurorehabilitation. Immersive VR helps in reducing pain by distracting mind and flooding sensories with a positive experience.

Architectural Designing

VR also benefits the real estate industry and architectural industry. VR allows architects and designers to analyze the viability of the project, considering the environmental factors(wall stress, wind loads, solar heat gain) or other engineering factors.

It allows greater insight into planning and designing and helps avoid additional costs or problems throughout the project timeline. VR is likely to become a fundamental part of the construction industry, either as it is or the updated version.

Cons of Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality is the complex either for hardware or software management that’s the main reason why it’s costly. As it provides real-time experience or immersive experience which includes some typical type of display and serious images coding that easily plays with human emotion.

These systems are very costly as the production companies are less as it is just gaining some attention and the technical knowledge is with the least individuals. So the management and repair are costly and expensive which creates a big hole in the pocket.

Health effects

The posture while using virtual reality can lead to loss of spatial awareness, dizziness, disorientation, and nausea. Likewise seasickness, you feel nausea with the movement itself here you see the images you feel the movement and the feeling is all the events are for real so it sometimes increases heartbeat and plays with our emotions too.

Excessive use and dependencies can cause vertigo, eye and ear problems and migraine. We are staying in our room and gathering all information which prevents us to gain fresh oxygen and enjoy the greenery or natural environment around us which leads to problems like headaches and weak eyesight.

Escapes Reality

The cons of virtual reality are it gives you real-time experience but fakes the reality around you it shows what it wants you to see and hear. We might be interested in knowing about such technology and its experience but it doesn’t seem to engage for long periods of time.

The question arises within ourselves that the world we live in is not so bad, we miss the relationships(friends & family), ups and downs. We are unaware of the furniture and
surrounding or obstacle that we have around us, we might fall down if we are playing some
fighting or adventure games and badly hurt.

Another concern is VR training

Virtual Reality provides a safer environment to keep trainees away from harm’s way and bad incidents. It would be hard to identify who is the right candidate because all the tasks are simulated and are done in a controlled environment.

It doesn’t help us to filter the quality and dedicated candidate from other causes without the real-world experience we cannot examine their product experience. VR might be safe for the trainees but the profession might be in some wrong hands. So, we need to be aware and balance both VR and traditional training.

Getting Addicted

Performing some task repeatedly causes addiction and VR is such wonderful technology which possesses that ability. The students and people who watch too many movies will for sure be addicted to it.

The experience they gain using VR playing with their favorite avatars online and watching the movies will take them to a fantasy world. They may feel numb and wouldn’t understand or interact awkwardly outside the virtual environment.

The disadvantage of getting addicted is personal disorder and frequent behavioral change which might even lead to isolation.

Loss of human connections

VR brings many enjoyable benefits with isolation from society. It is about you and the software, no other members are required while using it. Those who spend maximum time using VR may feel uneasy to walk to the real world and would prefer being in this virtual world.

They might feel easy to communicate in the virtual world getting irritated soon in the real world due to lack of physical interaction. This distances them from the community, friends and even families. This leads to isolation with the software and might hamper children’s development process physically as well as mentally.

PROS CONS of Virtual Reality

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