Since they play a big role in keeping you, the family and all the linens clean, you have to do your research well prior to buying a washer. Bearing in mind the amount of time you may use interacting with it, you would want to acquire one that will give you a comfortable experience.

Pros and Cons of Washer Without Agitator

Washer without Agitator

Nonetheless, there are multiple options for modern machines. However, it gets slightly hard when you have to decide to make a choice between the one with an agitator and without an agitator.

One key difference that catches the attention of most households is space. You tend to have access to a larger tub for your clothing or linens once your agitator is removed. This helps you get done with your loads of laundry faster.

Along with spacing, expenditure, effectiveness and the ease to use are vital aspects to focus on.

If you are in the market for a new appliance, these are the pros and cons of a washer without agitator you’d want to review before making an investment.

Pros of Washer Without Agitator

1. Easier on Clothes

Due to the absence of an agitator, there are fewer interactions between your clothes and the electrical device which is less likely to create wear-and-tear while doing laundry hence, keeping your items cleaner and conditioned in comparison to the traditional models.

Consumers who admire agitators think that the rod in the middle of the washing machine helps to clean clothes better, but with modern machines, agitators aren’t a necessity. As per the reviews done by the critics, it is said that agitators can be rougher on clothes and cause extra spoil due to the hyperactive washing action.

2. Less Consumption of Electricity and Water

Washers without agitators are high-efficiency appliances. Despite the larger washing capacity of the model, it tends to use less electricity and water than those with agitators. An agitator-less model is shown to use 80% less water and in terms of energy most units are around 60% less in comparison to a traditional one.

3. Low in Maintenance

Several automatic products are available in the market to assist you in cleaning the unit time to time to make sure your clothing is being cleaned properly. These products help you do this by operating an empty load through the machine.

You’ll see that working in a drum with no agitator is a lot less task to do even if there is a mess to be cleaned. As with any washing machine, you will have to clean the unit once in a while to guarantee it cleans your clothing suitably.

Despite the volatility of some agitator-less washers while cleaning clothes, you’ll find that the work required to keep the unit conditioned to operate is quite petite.

4. No Issue of Small Items Getting Stuck

While washing a hoodie, jacket or other clothes as such, the drawstrings and other components of the clothes can get stuck on the agitator. Even the enhanced design cannot prevent the strings from getting wrapped around the base of the unit. This might result in the damage of your clothes. This won’t be an issue anymore when you step up to a washer with no agitator.

5. Models Fit In Most Homes

Chances are, most homes have laundry rooms allotted as per the specific size of the washers and dryers. Some washers might come out as too large to be placed in an area and won’t fit the preferred space. On the other hand, the agitator-less top loaders aren’t larger than the traditional washers suitable of fitting in the chosen gap.

Cons of Washer Without Agitator 

1. Cost

This model isn’t the best choice for you if your budget is tight. Usually the entry-level models without agitators exceed the traditional models by $100.

If your decision of acquiring a washer without an agitator has to do with its tub size you have to make sure to compare all the models beforehand, because you may find a washer with an agitator and a larger tub in a cheaper price than the one without agitator with a smaller-tub and in fact costlier.

2. Use of Specific Detergents

Almost all the agitator-less washers are categorized as high-efficiency application, Which means that you have to to use a particular laundry detergent, specifically prepared for your tool due to the usage of lower water levels.

These are the detergents that avoid the production of disproportionate bubbles within the laundry and let you wash more loads in cool water, as a result of which even more energy is saved.

3. Longer wash time 

Due to the higher usage of water and electricity than the high-efficiency appliances, the traditional models are mostly shown to finish the cycle 50% faster. This is one of the most frequent complaints amongst people who get washers without an agitator.

4. Struggles to Clean Bulky Items in a Single Load

Washer without an agitator might turn out to be a not so good choice for you if your clothing is inclusive of fabrics like canvas, denim or thick low-stretch items.

These heavyweight materials call for a hard line appliance which supplies a powerful clean-up solution. Despite the shortcomings, agitator-less washers are great for providing an aggressive cleaning method that works fine for certain materials and rough marks.

5. Issue with Grease and Oil Buildup

If you’re obtaining an agitator-less washer with the thought of being able to clean clothing, blankets, etc with oil or grease stains on them, then that isn’t the case.

Despite the availability of a fewer contact surfaces to clean with updated designs, the grease and oil is still likely to get collected on the interior of the drum.; eventually, the resistance to clean increases making them difficult to come off.

The portions of the grease might still make more clothing stained. You will have to get some baking soda onto a rough sponge and scrub the inside of the drum robustly, making a direct contact between the baking soda and the oil stains and to finish, run a vacant hot water load with a full cup detergent and go over as needed to get rid of grease and oil from your agitator-less washer.