The website has widened the possibility and provided millions of opportunities and ideas to the individuals. It has changed the lifestyle of the people all around the world, helped know the difference between what can be done and how can it be solved.Pros and Cons of Websites

Pros and Cons of Websites

Websites can be the work of an individual, a business or other organization, and are typically dedicated to a particular topic or purpose.  

People are connected and interact with each other from their phones and laptops wherever the person is. The approach and process of business have changed. Anyone can start their own business on whatever investment they have.

The very first website on the internet went live on August 6, 1991. On average, a person spends 12 percent of their entire life on the internet. There is high-speed internet access the entire way up Mount Everest.

Pros of Websites

1. Unlimited Information

There are millions and millions of websites committed to different topics that we couldn’t even think about. There are many issues solving, confusion erasing, IQ enhancing information which you can acquire just by typing the keyword and the result is displayed in just a second.

The concept which says knowing things is better is not only applied but also implemented through websites. For example, how to prepare a birthday cake at home is shown with video and a full step by step procedure on youtube. You can solve your children’s homework with online learning app or contacting teachers on school’s websites.

You can know about the pros and cons of any product in any field or any issue searching and enquiring thoroughly on different websites. Professional to household problems or queries and global information both are accessible through websites.

2. Bridging The Culture Gap

There are billions of people around the world, 200+ countries, each country having a population with different lifestyles, cultures, food, and entertainment according to their landscape and ancient history.

Now here comes the invaluable assistance of the website where it helps to know the culture, food, lifestyle, music, and entertainment. We are able not only to know the way they survive or live but can chat with them personally, visit them and communicate when we reach their country.

Surprisingly, here we can find many similarities also sometimes in the structure of houses, cuisines, foods and musical instruments and even in culture too. Websites definitely help to bridge the cultural gap throughout the world.

3. Communication

The main advantage of a website is faster communication through any device and faster than any device. It has brought the world into the palm of the hand, big monuments in our small rooms and far away members close to our eyes that also just in a second.

Websites for video conferencing and chat has bought the communication mode just a click away. Emails are used as the model for conveying confidential messages as per the security issues. It has made the mode of communication much cheaper without spending a single penny and communicates as long as you want and as far as you want.

From finding a suitable life partner to consulting an expert before making any decision or confirming your tour hotel booking or doctor’s appointment all these issues can be easily handled as you get confirmation through email or even with video confirmation.

4. Follow Your Passion

There was a time when doctors and engineering used to only be the two professions and business used to be done by the rich people only. Now website did not only changed the concept of work, but it also helps people understand and know that there are many other fields and each field has its own scope.

The interviews and articles of people who benefited from those fields obviously helped to understand and know their passion. Full courses by world-renowned universities with certificates online have definitely encouraged students and enthusiasts to choose their passion and work hard on it.

Online free tutorials and communication with respective teachers and students help them a lot. 

5. Job Opportunities

It encourages freelancing works where people can work from home as well as apply for jobs online which saves them time. They can apply for many jobs online when a vacancy is announced with the post they want to apply for and go for interviews rather than going to the office by the office and asking if any vacancy is available.

More entrepreneurs can now open home-based businesses which can save them money because of reduced expenses like rent and gasoline, among others. With this, the problem of employment can be partly solved and women can be empowered. There are numerous tools and platforms that allow people to freelance their skills from home.

This allows people to have more control over their lives and schedules. Amazon has even jumped on-board by committing to hire 5,000 home-based customer service representatives in 2017. 

6. Banking Services

Businesses in each and every vertical need to have their own website which itself shows its importance. Banks also want their customers or employees all over the country to be connected, having their own website where customers can go check their account information, day to day activities of bank and new schemes, which will improve the customer-bank relationship.

Various details and small information and features of the bank mentioned in the website helps customers to choose the best bank for them. Sometimes they can see the website for the nearby bank if they are far from home or in a new location.

The service is 24/7 which gives confidence to customers to use it in an emergency situation and also file a complaint about its services which they can improve.

 7. Marketing

The marketing sector is in the new height and in the high mainly benefited by websites. Here the start-up business and the existing ones both are treated equally, they reach out to their clients and offer their products and services, the convincing one wins the race.

The competition is high for sure, but the marketing strategy and approach also got broaden as they can target the gender, age group, landmarks they want to work on. They can also let consumers know about their new products and services.

With an interesting website that is user-friendly and responsive in design, it will be easier for them to establish authority in the industry they belong to.

8. Payment & Withdrawal Of Money

We don’t feel confident carrying money while going for shopping or breaking some big deals. But now you don’t even need to worry about carrying money.

You can simply go to the website of your bank where you have the money and transfer the money to the desired account. While doing the shopping you can swipe your cards and pay your bills, which is safer and faster. The website made it possible by providing a digital account with digital funds. 

9. Endless Entertainment

The entertainment industry is widely growing and gaining popularity because of websites. Movies, songs, videos, games, etc are available on the website for free. You can upload the songs movies and even earn through the platform such as YouTube.

Or even upload your own video or music and gain popularity and grow your career. You can sit in your home with your family and enjoy each and every bit of entertainment from sports, music, songs from the old classics to the new ones without spending a penny and without moving a muscle.

10. Emergency Calling

In case of any emergency, for example, some errors occur in your personal computer or mobile we never rush to the technician or the repair shop. We take our time to open the website and search for the solution as websites provide the site where people will be discussing the same problem as our which they face frequently.

And for the people who want to use herbs as the medicinal purpose for certain mild fever and cough, it provides the complete procedure, where you should be intellectual to compare it in many sites rather than following blindly the single site. 

Cons of Websites

1. Risks Privacy 

The personal information that you share on websites is completely traceable. This may be used for crime prevention or gaining market data but your personal privacy is at stake. The real-time photos that your share when you are on vacation shows you are not at home, details about your assets may attract people with negative intentions.

Nowadays, even the bank information, security pins, and social security numbers you types on the website can easily be accessed by the hackers and commit fraud and identity theft. The information you may share with your friends in the chat room is also not secured, those are also the information that can be hacked or be used against you by the website if they have ill intentions.

Similarly, big companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft also know your personal preferences. For example, if you search for different websites to buy jeans, then you will get add related to jeans on every website you use.

2. Encourages Illegal Activity

Along with the advantages and opportunities created unintended consequences of websites are illegal and dangerous activities. The information accessed has given opportunities for terrorist attacks, kidnapping and many other types of data crimes.

It also created crimes of different sorts like piracy, which is downloading or distributing materials and earning money from the content without the permission of the owner. People hampered by piracy are artists, software developers, and production companies, where the latest album and latest movies are just hitting the market you can download it for free.

Blackmailing people by using the edited videos or images, cause once it’s uploaded you cannot blame or file a case against the website and your image and character are compromised. Websites may encourage such illegal activities that earn you money without any investment but ill thoughts.

3. Dependence & Less Productivity

In an era when all the business activities and transactions are being done by website, what happens it’s your website is down or hacked or crashes. Now you are invisible in the market and your existence is omitted. Without any written data or bills it’s impossible to track down your past activities and transactions made, your company can easily be shattered.

The productivity of the human mind is lessened by the extreme sites and software which are embedded in websites for doing more than half of their work. They just need to do give the numbers and all the detailing and processing are done by the site. Students and teachers write their note from the websites which mean people won’t be having a different perspective.

They will do and believe what past generations have done, which means how today’s world is growing faster ignoring the barrier made by our ancestors this generation is barring themselves inside the past world avoiding research and physical activity. The dullness of the mind results in less productivity.

4. Increase Expenses

To benefit from this technology, business and corporation need to invest in heavy and new computer systems, internet connection and web hosting. Here day by day technology is growing and bringing new innovation and system.

Side by side updating the system they need to train the personnel to automate their system. The increase in the expenses of the company arises in the increment of the product. This results in expensive products and markets.

5. Children Are Vulnerable and Exposed

The true age cannot be verified on the internet, children can be easily faked by the id which may risk their lives as they are unable to verify the content and get excited soon.

Along with finding inappropriate materials online, like pornographic contents it may hamper the children’s psychology and behavior. Bullying can invite some serious issues where an unintentional accident may happen. But it also may occur online, through emails or via text messages.

Newer examples including making fake profiles of people on websites or posting embarrassing photos or videos on social media.

6. Online Addiction

Excessive use of online materials and habit of continuously watching the series playing games and movies hampers the health of the person. A nervous disorder causing excessive uneasiness and apprehension and even develop panic attacks.

Many games involve rewarding the player and driving them to continue through another cycle and retaining them in the game. The anticipation of such rewards can create a neurological reaction that releases dopamine into the body so that once the reward is obtained, the person will remember it as a pleasurable feeling.

This has been found similar to the same neurological reaction believed to be associated with gambling addiction. The disorder may present itself as compulsive gaming, social isolation, mood swings, diminished imagination, and hyperfocus on in-game achievements, to the exclusion of other events in life.

7. Unable to Socialize

The website helps connect people making new friends abroad and far away from home, but at the same time you are ignoring the people who you need most when you are in trouble or whose assistance you need the most “your close ones” and “your society”.

We like chatting on websites but do not prefer talking face to face, we find hard to make eye contact, it may not impact our social status but also alters our thinking and psychology.

This addiction can be so great that people become preoccupied with the website, risking their jobs in real life and significant personal relationships for the chance to connect with others online.

8. Spam and Advertising

Some phony business websites scam people into purchasing items that don’t even exist, where the money is being paid online and materials will be of low quality or the empty stock mail is being delivered to the customer.

Advertising or ad can be seen in the websites wherein clicking one site opens multiple tabs irritating the users and sometimes those ads will be containing a virus or be used by hackers as well. The business proposal or forum is kept on the site and the small number of donations are collected from millions of people and when the large sum is collected the website crashes, people won’t bother as they invested less amount.

Social networking sites allow people to impersonate others, gain the trust of unsuspecting users and then defraud them of money.

PROS and CONS of Websites