pros and cons of living in apollo beach fl

If you are one for whom beach living has serious appeal, then you’ve come to the right place for a quick, comprehensive tour of the pros & cons of living in Apollo Beach!

Pros and cons of living in Apollo Beach, Florida at a glance


  • Low cost of living
  • Family-friendly
  • Nature
  • Sports
  • Lifestyle
  • Low crime rates
  • Great education
  • Connecting to other cities
  • Population growth
  • Demographics
  • Safety
  • Retirement
  • Neighborhoods


  • A great economy, poor job market
  • Lack of public transport
  • Few dining, entertainment, and nightlife options
  • The weather outside is frightening
  • Natural disasters
  • High taxes
  • High insurance costs

Pros of living in Apollo Beach Florida

Low cost of living

The actual cost of living expenses is lower in Apollo Beach on average than in other cities in the state. The problem is that it appears higher, with the difference being reflected in the local housing market. So, if you’re house-hunting in the area, you’ll find the average home price is about $283,000. Yikes.

Residents generally spend less on healthcare, local utilities, and other basic expenses.


The community is always hard at work to maintain its strong sense of history and, of course, small-town charm, all the while offering quality amenities and holiday living.

As a resident, you have many opportunities to participate in the community with events like the outdoor summer concert series and membership of neighborhood books, games, and computer clubs (amongst others).

Real Estate

The median sale price of homes in Apollo Beach increased by over 29% in 2021, so if you’re looking to buy a house that yields dividends, then you definitely want to invest here.

This might be really great for you if you can afford the competitive prices and available limited options.

More than 75% of homes are owner-occupied, so your options to rent are really slim. And unfortunately, renting in Apollo is more expensive than in surrounding areas.

While there are apartments to rent, if you’re looking for space – it’s going to be a bit of a strain on your budget.


If you like long hikes and you’re a fan of nature, then Apollo Beach has plenty of options for you. Sixty-three acres of Apollo Beach Preserve offer nature trails, shoreline fishing, and sandy beach picnicking. There’s the added bonus of taking your dog with you!

If you’re not so much for the outdoors but love the ocean and its creatures, you can visit the Tampa Electric Manatee Viewing Center to learn more about them in their natural habitat.


Hiking, running, and walking through the Preserve, along the beaches or even in and around town, fishing (both deep-sea and shoreline), as well as golf and, of course, tennis at the Apollo Beach Recreation Center, are among the many sporting things available for you to do in town.


You can live at the beach and enjoy it. Especially if you’re one for living in a holiday destination with the influx of tourists during the peak seasons of the year, you’ll do just fine.

Apollo Beach is one of the most desirable parts of the Tampa Metro area, with 22 square miles of scenic neighborhood, three of which are water weaving its way through them and the harbors.

It’s the perfect combination of a small-town feel with big-city perks.

Low crime rates

Apollo Beach has a seriously low crime rate, being 60% lower than the national average and 47% lower than the Florida average.

Great education

At least 94.5% of the adults at Apollo Beach are high school graduates, with another 40.6% of those being college graduates.

The city has the highest concentration of top-performing public schools in Florida and a consistently higher than average state proficiency in math and reading.

Behold! The Hillsborough County Public School District, the 8th largest school district in the country, has more than 200 schools and 100 charter schools. Their average graduation rate is 85%.

Apollo Beach has three elementary schools, namely Apollo Beach, Dobby, and Waterset Charter. There are no high schools, but Lennard High School and the Hillsborough Community College – Southshore Campus is a few miles south, in Ruskin.

The closest four-year programs are at the University of Tampa.

Connecting to other cities

Apollo Beach is home if you want to live the quiet-retreat way while still accessing big-city amenities. It’s the best of both worlds.

You have access to cities like Tampa and Sarasota, and you are 30 minutes drive from Tampa International Airport, which is great if you’re a frequent traveler.

Population growth

The current Apollo Beach population is 26002 people, split up in age distribution like this:

29.8% = 35-54
18.1% = over 65
15.8% = 55-64
15.8% = 5-17
10.1% = 25-34
5.3% = 18-24
5.0% = 5 years old and younger


Apollo Beach is an ethnically-diverse town leaning toward Conservative, with their diversity being made up of mostly White (70.8%), Hispanic (16.3%), and Black/African American (7.0%).

Also, Apollo Beach is home to some wealthy people, with the average median household income being $89,000. About 6.7% of the city’s population is below the poverty level.


Apollo Beach is an incredibly safe place to live. In fact, according to NeighborhoodScout, it has a safety rating index of 75%, with 100% being the safest.

Specifically, the number of violent crimes reported in an average of 1000 people is 25, and the number of property crimes reported in the same amount of people is 140.

This means an 8.25% chance of you dealing with crime there. Those are good odds in a population of 26002 residents. You can basically live your life worry-free!


There are seven retirement communities to choose from in Apollo Beach. Homes range from $280,000-$610,000, and the active age range of successful retirees is 55+, so you’re young enough to enjoy life and reap the rewards of decades of hard work.


Ruskin borders Apollo Beach to the south and Adamsville to the north. Its western view overlooks the point where Hillsborough meets Tampa Bay. It’s truly a sight to behold!

Aside from the view, your neighborhood option will likely be affected by closeness to town, schools, and beach access.


The weather outside is frighteningly good with there being lots of time for surfing, swimming, boating, and kayaking throughout the year.

Summers are typically long (Yay!) with temperatures between 73°F and 91°F, even though the warmer months see a fair amount of partly cloudy days and scattered showers on occasion.

Winters are generally short, cool, and wet, with about 51 inches of total rain annually. Not to worry, though; the temperatures are still comfortable, ranging between 49°F at night and 71°F during the daytime.

Cons of Living in Apollo Beach Florida

A great economy, poor Job market

Even though Apollo Beach is a relatively wealthy community, most wealth is not generated in-house.

Don’t despair – you’ll be able to find a surplus of career work in nearby Tampa if you’re prepared to do the roughly 30-minute commute daily.

Lack of public transport

Public transportation is not the best, so you’ll need your own transport or become a “Walk Everywhere” family.

This is great for downtown, but for the larger area of Tampa, you can’t rely on the three buses with their scanty schedule to get you anywhere important or in a hurry.

Few dining, entertainment, and nightlife options

If you want the whole all-night-long party vibe of Lionel Richie, you’re not going to get it in Apollo Beach, but you can still kick back and have an awesome time.

The place offers an extensive range of restaurants and hang-outs for literally every kind of person.

Traditional beach bars like The Salty Shamrock always host events like football watch parties, live music, etc.

Tiki Bay Island is a floating bar with music, dancing, and strong drinks. They can also take you to Beer Can Island for some beach parties there.

These places are super popular with the tourists, so if crowded places with new faces are your thing, you’re on the money!

The best thing about all the restaurants is their reasonable prices, meaning you could eat out every day and not be broke. Technically. And also, wonderful ambiance, great view, etc., etc.

And, there are several city cafes with great coffee, tea, and snacks for daytime relaxation and a great view of the ocean.

Natural disasters

You’ll be delighted to know that no volcanoes are found in or near Apollo Beach. There is no historical record of earthquake events found near or around Apollo Beach.

Your greatest threat might be a tornado, but the last one recorded was in 2006, and it hit the people of Pasco County, of whom only two were injured, and some property damage occurred.

Since then, it’s been “Happy Days are here to stay!”.

High taxes

Well, retirement is great if you can afford it. With the average assessed home value of $250,000, you will be expected to pay around $2,450 in property tax annually.

High insurance costs

Car and home insurance in Apollo Beach are generally higher than that of other states because of your age. Combine mostly elderly drivers and a hyped-up tourist crowd. See what I mean?

It’ll cost you roughly $2958 annually, or $246 per month, depending on your age, car model, and other factors.

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