The Samsung Galaxy S7 series was released as a success to the Samsung Galaxy S6 series. The series included the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active.

The Galaxy S7 was officially released in February 2016 at a Samsung press conference at the Mobile World Congress. The North American and European releases of the Galaxy S7 followed in March 2016.

samsung galaxy s7 pros and cons

After the release of the S7, there were some positive reviews and comments from users.

However, there were some negatives to the Samsung Galaxy S7. Below, we’ve listed the pros and cons of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Quick pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy S7

Pros of the Samsung Galaxy S7

  • Extra storage space
  • Waterproof
  • Improved camera feature
  • Front-facing flash
  • Quickly charges
  • “Always-on” display
  • Hardware improvements

Cons of the Samsung Galaxy S7

  • Same old design
  • Short battery life
  • Still uses TouchWiz
  • Fingerprint prone
  • It might not be worth the high price tag
  • Has been known to have plenty of issues
  • Difficult to repair

Pros of Samsung Galaxy S7

Extra storage space

Samsung’s S6 was ridiculed for taking away the option of expanding its native storage. However, the electronic company worked to fix this with Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Galaxy S7 has 32 GB of internal storage, and you can add an extra 200 GB of storage space with a microSD card. With all this storage space, you can rest assured that you will have plenty of room for your pics, music, and videos.

This was a significant and positive step for the tech and electronics giant. But there are plenty of other positives to the Samsung Galaxy S7.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 has also improved on the S6’s water resistance. The S7’s waterproof feature has an IP68 certificate. This certificate means that the Samsung Galaxy S7 can spend a maximum of 30 minutes at a maximum of three feet under the water’s surface.

Improved camera feature

The Samsung Galaxy phones have always taken excellent photos, but the tech corporation has continued to improve their cameras with the Samsung Galaxy S7.

With the Galaxy S7, the megapixels went down from 16 to 12 megapixels, and the pixels were made bigger. The bigger pixels mean that you’ll get more details and light in your photos.

The camera in the S7 also has an optical image stabilization feature and has an aperture value of f/1.7. You will be able to take stunning photos with just your phone.

Front-facing flash

Another huge pro of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is that the front-facing five-megapixel camera has a built-in flash. So the built-in flash means that you will look stunning in your selfies, and you won’t have to worry about bad lighting.

Quickly charges

Samsung has taken a positive step in improving from the Galaxy S7 to the S6. The Galaxy S7 will quickly recharge compared. This quick charge will happen when you recharge your phone with the usual methods.

The S7 can charge up to 25% in 15 minutes. The S7 battery can reach 50% charge in 30 minutes. To reach a full recharge, you need just over an hour. If you’re in a pinch, you won’t have to wait long for your phone to be charged.

Samsung has also improved the wireless charging ability for the Samsung Galaxy S7 with its QI base. This charging method might take a little bit longer for your device to charge, but it does have the added benefit of charging it without the hassle of dealing with cables.

The “always-on” display

The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with an “always-on” display. This display means that your screen will always show you your missed calls, messages, the time, etc.

This helpful little feature will only take 1% of your battery power every hour. You won’t have to turn on the display every time you need to use your phone. This minimal battery usage means that you will have longer battery life.

Hardware improvements

You can’t mention all the pros without talking about the hardware improvements in the Samsung Galaxy S7. The excelletn5.1 inch Super AMOLED 2K display will show all the bright and vivid colors on your device’s screen.

There is also a massive RAM in the Galaxy S7, which is 4 GB. There is also the Snapdragon 820 CPU or Exynos (depending on where you live). The Samsung Galaxy S7 also comes with the Gorilla Glass 4 coating.

The hardware improvements will give you very little to complain about with the Samsung Galaxy S7. The hardware and software will ensure that your device works seamlessly and gives you a perfect display even while you’re using plenty of apps simultaneously.

Cons of Samsung Galaxy S7

Same old design

The Samsung Galaxy S7 still has the same design as the Galaxy S6. This design might be a significant disappointment for anyone who has been looking forward to the Galaxy S7.

In most cases, the same design might not be a deal-breaker. It might be a deal-breaker for users who have been using the Samsung Galaxy S5 or another phone brand. But if you’re someone who has been looking forward to a new look with the Galaxy S7.

Short battery life

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is still an issue for most users. There has been an improvement by increasing the battery capacity to 3000 mAH, but this might not last the day.

This disadvantage is still an issue despite improving the quick charge improvements.

Another issue with the Samsung Galaxy S7 battery is that this device has a unified design. This design means that you won’t be able to retrieve the battery. This was the same issue as the previous Samsung Galaxy S6.

Still uses TouchWiz

Despite being discontinued, the Samsung Galaxy S7 still uses TouchWiz. This is even though Touch Wiz was replaced by Samsung Experience in 2017. This persistent issue is a major con for the Galaxy S7.

Before the interface was discontinued, there were some improvements. However, TouchWiz will drastically decrease your device’s lifespan. The interface also uses more RAM, and TouchWiz will delay any OS updates.

Fingerprint prone

While you want to have fingerprints on your fingerprint scanner, you don’t want them all over your phone. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a screen that is sensitive to your fingerprints, and it might be difficult to clean over and over again.

It might not be worth the high price tag.

Even if you’re not a little bean counter, we can’t talk about the Samsung Galaxy S7 without talking about the price tag. If you don’t use some kind of payment plan, the Galaxy S7 can be expensive for what you’re getting and the continued issues of this device.

In 2016, Forbes reported the price for the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S7 from three different telecommunications. At the time, AT&T was selling the Samsung Galaxy S7 for $23.17 per month, which led to a $694.99 total.

The telecommunications company, T-mobile, sold the same device for $27.92 per month, which adds up to $669.99 total. Now according to, the best price for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the price in the USA, is $159.95.

It has been known to have plenty of issues.

No device is perfect, and we can say this of the Samsung Galaxy S7. There have been some issues reported about this device.

In 2016, according to GSMArena and, Samsung users were complaining about stuttering problems with a slo-mo 240fps recording. The company later released some firmware updates to fix these issues.

In January 2017, Android Authority reported that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge devices had a pink line across the screen that couldn’t be removed. Users couldn’t figure out what was causing the random pink line. At the time, Samsung recommended that users report the issues to the company.

Difficult to repair

In March 2016, Slash Gear reported that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is difficult to repair a broken screen on your device. Phone repairers will need to remove the AMOLED panel to fix the broken screen on your Galaxy S7.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 received a repairability score of 3 out of 10 from iFixit. The score resulted from Samsung using an excessive amount of glue and glass panels. iFixit also lowered the score because it was an arduous task to fix some device components.

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