Samsung happens to be one among the oldest makers of phones, serving the global market by producing an ample range of gadgets ranging from large 5.5+ inch touch screen phones to aged technologies and QWERTY push button models.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Samsung Smartphones

Samsung Smartphones
Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

Samsung Electric industries founded in 1969 in Suwon, South Korea-headquarters manufactures everything starting from televisions to semiconductors. It released its first Android smartphone in 2009 and its first Android tablet in 2010. The company together with being one among the oldest manufacturers of phones is also among the leading competitors in the global smartphone market.

It has only just developed smartphones running Tizen OS, as a substitute to its Android supported smartphones. If you’re thinking of buying a Samsung mobile phone here are some of the pros and cons you’d like to analyze.

Advantages of Samsung Smartphones

1. Updated Technology

Samsung presents the recent high-tech features that can attain all that any mobile phone can presently carry out. Maps and GPS tracking, mobile wallets, high-definition cameras, aligning display and speedy web browsing, prolonged memory and multiple-user interface are set in some.

2. Ground-Breaking Hardware

Samsung makes the best phone processor, cameras, and display so they are one of the most inventive phone hardware companies in the globe. Samsung’s highly advanced phones always feature leading-edge tools. In every high-tech phone, Samsung keeps advancing and breaking the walls to extend its horizons.

They offer you the finest hardware-memory, ram processor, display, and cameras. The displays crafted by Samsung is said to be one of the finest in the world. The first company to opt for a curved screen and mass-market OLED display on their phones is Samsung itself. Samsung also happens to be one of the first brands to afford fingerprint sensor, heartbeat sensor and iris scanner on its phone.

3. Android OS

Samsung was the very first to grasp the android OS technology that has a universal standing for making millions of applications available by means of Google play. Furthermore, it permits the addition of highly developed computing technologies and software in mobile phones.

4. Functional Features

Samsung is always looking forward to making the best software features available on its phone. For instance, the pull-down menu forms the top has all the required shortcuts – WiFi, Location, Bluetooth, Flashlight, Airplane Mode, and so one. These are the features we tend to use all the times so with the offered shortcuts it becomes handy for the users.

Besides, you can mirror your Samsung phone screen with an MHL cable to any TV with HDMI input or a projector with simplicity. If you would like to give a presentation with a projector and a phone, this is what you’re looking for. Because Samsung phones also come with a fitted gameplay recording app, it can record the screen with internal sound.

Each app on the app store simply records the screen but cannot trace the internal audio. This feature is very handy for those who wish to record and share their gameplay on YouTube and/or Facebook and other platforms.

You can also connect to any wireless Samsung printer and print directly from your phone with the help of the Samsung Mobile Print app. Your phone can also function as a Gear VR Screen.

Samsung’s high-end phones are distributed with the world’s best display. So, Samsung phones grant the best experience for a VR screen. It’s uncomplicated to download, share files from one android device to another. That is huge compared to an iPhone.

5. Reliable Manufacturer

Samsung is a mobile phone manufacturer motivating force and has large admirers. Some of the finest and most resourceful compact designs in the market are that of Samsung’s. These smartphones are fairly long-lasting and can serve you for numerous years if upheld suitably. You can come across phones that could be more than half a decade old yet deliver optimal performance.

Disadvantages of Samsung Smartphones

1. Battery Life

Despite all other amazing features Samsung brings with its smartphones, the smartphones are serious battery users due to the backdrop applications. A recently purchased Samsung phone charges very rapidly and holds the charge for quite a long time but after a few years of use, the battery performance happens to degrade.

Despite using a speedy charger to charge your phone battery, the battery will drain very quickly. In older times you had the option to replace the battery but presently there’s no such option available in high-end Samsung phones.

2. Frequent Release Cycles

This might come out as an advantage for technology fanatics who love to stay up to date when it comes to affording and owning devices. However, generally, the latest phone will soon be out of fashion with the frequent release of new trendy designs.

3. Bloatware

Samsung phones come with much-unneeded software. For instance, every android phone comes preloaded with Google’s Email, Chrome, Maps, Drive, YouTube, and Google Assistant and so on.

In a number of cases Facebook, Instagram etc comes preinstalled as well. These apps that come preloaded in a phone cannot be uninstalled and only disabled if they do not come in use. Despite being disabled the amount of storage occupied by these apps is notably big.

4. Slow Feature Phones

Besides Android phones, Samsung also manufactures feature phones. Compared to other makers the software on these phones is very sluggish. In due course, the performance of the phone only worsens. You aren’t suggested to buy a Samsung feature phone if by any chance you’re up in the market to buy one.

Samsung isn’t a beginner to product feature phones; they’ve been manufacturing phones for a while now. With Nokia around, Samsung had only managed to influence a smart portion of the market. They only expanded successfully when they took on Android as their mobile OS.

5. GPS Issue & Loss of Processing Power

One of the common issues in Samsung phones is that the integrated GPS hardware in the phone fails to work in the approved manner after a few years. With the conversations that the reviewers had with uber and Lyft drivers, the fact that they had to face this problem where the uber and Lyft app fails to get data due to GPS hardware problems is an evident case.

Samsung smartphones always need to be restarted to resolve this issue. A new Samsung phone definitely functions efficiently, but as years pass by you’ll take notice of the fact that the apps stop running well on performance standpoint and apps crash recurrently or freeze and/or the phone restarts automatically.