Suunto is a well renowned Finnish sports watch manufacturing company. The sport watch company Suunto is a well-established name in the wearable industry, offering a wide variety of watches as well as fitness trackers. Suunto SmartwatchThough Suunto is new to the smartwatch world, its smartwatches are as good as other smartwatches.

Suunto 7 is the first smartwatch from the company. The latest smartwatch from Suunto is Suunto 9. It is a multisport GPS watch designed for athletes. It is powered by Wear OS and is a robust smartwatch that gives a great battery life, sport modes, and all smartwatch features.

Pros and Cons of the Suunto Smartwatch

In addition to time telling, it offers GPS capability, Heart rate sensor, fitness tracker, and Wear OS features like Google Pay, Google Assistant, Google Fit, and many more.

Suunto smartwatch offers tracking compatibility for more than 70 sports, GPS with offline map support, and water-resistance up to 100 meters (Suunto 9). Suunto is probably the best Wear OS watch for fitness.

Pros of Suunto Smartwatch

1. Design

Everyone desires to have a watch that has an eye-catching design that adds up to their personality. Suunto smartwatches have a great design. Suunto has four buttons on the sides of the watch case, which gives an experience like a traditional watch. Suunto smartwatches comes with good look and outstanding toughness.

A touchscreen that is used to navigate through the various features. The touch screen is protected with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. The Suunto 9 has stainless steel bezel, silicon stripe, and the case material is of glass fiber reinforced polyamide.

With Suunto, most of your interaction with the smartwatch will come through its touchscreen. The buttons can be used to launch apps, play music, and do other things. They don’t feel heavy as silicone band feels as though it weighs next to nothing. All of their smartwatches are water-resistant as well as sweat-resistant.

2. Sport-watch

Suunto is basically a sports watch company, and its smartwatches are built for sports enthusiasts. Suunto probably is an unremarkable Wear OS smartwatch as its sporting prowess shows all. Apart from running, biking, or swimming, the Suunto smartwatch also offers tracking compatibility for mountain biking, roller skating, weight training, snowboarding, boxing, and bowling.

It can automatically track sprints while running/cycling. You can also track your efforts while hiking or climbing. Your sporting activity can also be viewed afterward in the Suunto app. You can easily share your exercises in the Suunto app or on major sports services like Strava, Endomondo, and other similar apps.

3. Health and Fitness

Almost all modern smartwatches offer many health and fitness-related features. Suunto smartwatches have a Google Fit app that comes with Wear OS, which comes with many built-in fitness features.

Suunto smartwatch has a wrist heart rate monitoring feature, which keeps track of the heart rate and alerts when found any abnormalities. It helps you document daily activity stats, steps taken each day, and calories burned. You can also set activity-specific goals, which helps to improve fitness as well as health.

With the sleep tracking feature, you can track your sleep, which accesses your sleep quality based on your heart rate variability during sleep. Suunto app comes with some great fitness features as well. So there is a good combo of the Goggle Fit and Suunto app, and you can take advantage of both.

4. Offline Map

It is the coolest feature of Suunto smartwatches. It’s good to have a map to know how far you’ve come and to relate geographical features with your location. You don’t need to take your phone to look out for a map, you can follow your Suunto smartwatch for that purpose instead.

With the Suunto smartwatch, it is much easier to discover the world around you using the free offline maps with terrain details, trails, and contour lines. It is super easy to look at maps as they are a swipe away. Even when you leave your phone behind or don’t have network connectivity, you’ll always find your way with the help of offline maps.

5. Convenience

The smartwatch surely makes everyday life easier. Suunto smartwatch also has various helpful features such as replying to a text, making a to-do list, setting up a meeting, making digital payment, and many more.

Speech to text is also a very efficient feature to reply to a text and email. You can also ask voice assistant, Google Assistant, to assist with your work. You can play music, ask for weather information, and set up tracking routes as well.

In short, a smartwatch can do various things like a smartphone, and having a smartwatch is a great help in this busy world

6. Google Assistant and Google Pay

Suunto smartwatches are powered by Wear OS, an operating system for wearable from Google. All Suunto smartwatch has Google assistant and Google pay feature. Google assistant can do various things on your voice command.

You can give a command to play/pause music, reply to a text, open a certain app, etc. You can ask the Google Assistant for the weather details or ask about the Stock market, etc.

Google pay is the digital payment system from Google. With Google pay, you can make payments for different purchase digitally where Google pay is supported. Google pay is a secure, quick as well as reliable payment method. You have to set up the smartwatch first for the Google pay service, once you do, you are good to go with it.

7. Customizable

With the help of customization, you can give your smartwatch a whole new look. You can customize the Suunto smartwatch with different watch faces and interchangeable straps. You can also customize your personalized sport mode as per your requirement. Alongside being stylish and unique, it will allow you to match your watch face as per your mood and choice.

8. Battery

Suunto smartwatch gives two days of battery life on a single charge. If you use the GPS feature, then it will drain the battery faster. However, it lasts 12 hours with GPS tracking. However, Suunto has an innovative battery-saving GPS mode to save your battery to some extent. An intelligent battery life management system ensures greater battery life, and you probably won’t have to deal with a dead watch in case of emergencies.

Cons of Suunto Smartwatch

1. Design Variations

Though the watch is beautifully designed it does not offer many design variations. To attract buyers, the product must have an eye-catching design, but Suunto doesn’t have much variety in designs.

Samsung or Fossil smartwatches are aesthetically superior in comparison to Suunto smartwatches. If you care about great looks, then Suunto might not be a great brand for you.

2. Lack Some Features

Though Suunto is probably the best Wear OS device, it lacks some serious features. It doesn’t have health features like ECG monitoring, fall detection, which Samsung and Apple are offering.

Tizen OS and Watch OS are superior to Wear OS and offers some high-end features. The build quality in comparison to other smartwatches is poor. In short, Suunto does not offer the best smartwatches.

3. Overpriced

Suunto smartwatches are quite expensive in comparison to other smartwatches. Suunto 7 costs something around 400, and Suunto 9 starts from 424. Galaxy Watch 3 starts from 399, and you will get many more features than Suunto and obviously a great design as well. Within half of this cost, you will get the same functioning smartwatch and even get a better design.


Suunto is a pretty good smartwatch for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to basic smartwatch features, Suunto offers fitness tracking, health monitoring, and dedicated sports features. However, it doesn’t have an innovative design and lacks some features as well.

Also, Suunto is a bit costly in comparison to other smartwatches. If you are looking for a sports smartwatch, then Suunto offers the best Wear OS sports watches. However, the best is not perfect for everyone. The above pros and cons will help you to check whether the Suunto smartwatch is right for you.