Streaming services have changed the way people watch TV. Now there is no need to wait for the broadcast since all the necessary content becomes available at any time, anywhere, and on almost any device. But despite all the benefits, the users may face the problem of choosing the best streaming service and the most suitable tariff plan.

When it comes to streaming service providers, they are going through tough times right now. Since the lockdown period brought an influx of subscribers, this year promises an increase in new streaming providers. But which streaming providers are the best at the moment? You will learn more about this in this article.

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Top 5 Popular Stream Services

With a wide range of streaming services, it feels like the content will never end. We can safely say that cable will soon become a thing of the past since streaming services become more and more advanced each year, and modern television technologies require the presence of Internet connection only.

Netflix takes the leading place in the rating of the best services. This service has invested a lot in their marketing, corporate culture, and surely has provided a lot of features that are difficult to complete with. For example, the creation of personal profiles as well as the constant updating of content so that users do not lose interest and do not cancel their subscription after an increase in tariffs.

However, this is not the only service that is popular in 2021. Some services are already stepping on the heels of the leader, and some are just starting their way to improve the stream but already have a wide audience. Below you will find 5 streaming services that will be talked about this year.


Quick overview:

  • A wide range of compatible devices.
  • Great assortment of content.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Smart content recommendation system.
  • An expensive stream compared to similar sites.

Netflix is ​​considered one of the most popular streaming services this year. Netflix has become the instigator of the Internet streaming revolution. People quickly liked the services and became addicted to them. Therefore, the rest of the players in the TV content market had to switch to stream mode. Being the leading service in the US and beyond, this streaming platform also revolutionized pop culture after the show of the “House of Cards”.

YouTube TV

Quick overview:

  • The presence of original content.
  • Unlimited storage for recording your favorite shows.
  • A reasonable price in terms of range and functionality.
  • Possibility of subscribing to 6 accounts.

This platform is one more leader in the world of streaming services. It remains one of the best free streaming services in high demand. YouTube TV empowers users to view ad-free content. But in order to compete with the king of streaming, Netflix, they had to launch original content.

YouTube TV can broadcast over 85 channels with entertainment, sports, and news content. As for the cost, then it can be considered reasonable in the context of the ratio of quality and range.

Disney Plus

Quick overview:

  • Great family content.
  • Reasonable price to use.
  • Expandable UHD.

A powerful Hollywood studio finally did not stand aside and created a stream. This streaming service offers more than just its own collection of classic and original content. Also, there are powerful franchises such as Marvel. In addition to such content, the streaming service has prepared a sports program ESPN, Hulu.

Of course, Netflix offers more content. But at the moment, we can assume that Disney has the right to be listed among the leading streaming services, especially considering the low cost with great family content. Perhaps soon the content gallery will be more sprawling, as this is really lacking.

Amazon Prime Video

Quick overview:

  • Wide range of content.
  • The presence of original shows.
  • Ability to select the resolution of the desired content.

This streaming service also deserves the attention of users since it has not so many differences in comparison with Netflix. Plus, the content gallery allows for finding something right for every taste.

The price is not the cheapest, but nevertheless, the platform attracts more and more users. Users have the ability to choose the required content resolution. Also, for each content, information regarding the cast and crew is provided.

Sling TV

Quick overview:

  • Wide range of content.
  • No contractual obligations are required.
  • Affordable price without additional packages.

This streaming service is notable for its availability to transfer content. This is one of the oldest but no less popular streams. The one more pleasant fact is that the cost of the services of this stream is still quite low compared to its competitors. The service allows you to broadcast content in 4k resolution.

It works as a cable service, you pay a monthly fee and get about 30 channels in real-time. A feature of this service is the ESPN content gallery and family-oriented content. Also, this service is available on many devices ranging from smartphones to Smart TV.

Top New Trends in Streaming Services

Since streaming services are on the popularity rise, there also a lot of new trends in such content provision and consumption. Below are some of the trends that have become popular this year:

Telehealth. The pandemic made people more interested in their health and health issues prevention. In addition to the opportunity to watch health-centric and reliable medical content, there are also a lot of telehealth streaming services that allow for getting in touch with healthcare professionals online in a real-time mode.

Artificial Intelligence. It is about the automatic creation of subtitles, translations, advertisements, and so on. Also, the recommendation engines are becoming smarter, making relevant suggestions based on the information about our identities and online behavior.

Using HEVC. This encoding allows you to improve the quality and broadcast video in HDR and 4K.

Fierce competition. As we have said, the demand for streaming services has increased because of the pandemic and lockdown, so there are all the reasons to expect the emergence of new services that will be using advanced business models to deliver even more relevant, high-quality, and affordable content to the increased number of viewers.

The Bottom Line

A complete rejection of traditional television may be just around the corner. The number of users of streaming services is gaining momentum and the pandemic was a good push for this. The number of content providers is expected to increase, which means that soon streaming services will become available to almost everyone who could not afford to use them earlier.