If you are having a lot of time in hand and have nothing to do, why not give your money-making skills a boost with some stock simulator apps.

Stock simulators are designed to create real conditions in a trading environment just so that you don’t lose any real money but can practice your marketing skills and risks.

Top 10 Stock Simulators
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These stock simulator applications are easily available on the internet: Google Play Store or App Store if you are using an iOS device. Accessible through your mobile phones, you can use these apps anytime, anywhere.

Top 10 Stock Simulators

These apps are to train your market investment skills so that you can always have an upper hand benefit when you ever think of getting into investment. If you are new to this or want to learn more about how apps like these can train you to be better at making money, try out this article on stock simulators.

Since there are a hundred options for you to try on, here are some of the highly reviewed FREE stock simulators (In-app purchase available) so that you can choose where to begin at:

1. Best Broker: Stock Simulator (by cdef GmbH)

Play store review: 4.4/5

App store review: 4.5/5   

Available on both iOS and android, the game-like environment sets you up with 25k cash and lets you make and monitor your stocks and order history. You can connect with your friends or other users and chat about the capital market or strategies. Furthermore, they let you trade digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, and Dogecoin.

2. Shares & Forex Investing simulator – Trading game (by Finance Illustrated)

Play store review: 4.5/5

App store review: 4.8/5

Available on both iOS and android, the trading simulator helps you master forex investing, stock market and currency trading. With real-time trading rates for stocks, oil, bitcoin, and gold, virtual trading seems more engaging once you dive in. Even more, you can challenge your friend into a traders’ battle.

3. Investmate – Learn to trade shares and derivatives (by Capital Com SV Investments Limited)

Play store review: 4.7/5

App store review: 4.8/5

Available on both iOS and android, Investmate is an engaging education app, helping you to learn how to invest and become a pro. Investmate has comprehensive courses with real-world case scenarios developed by actual experts. The app gives quick lessons and short interactive quizzes to keep you in check.

4. Trade Hero (by Tradehero)

Play store review: 3.7/5

App store review: 4.0/5

Available on both iOS and Android, apart from all these free apps, trade hero actually uses money. With a small investment of USD 50, you can practice trading with virtual cash to ready yourself.

Of course, there is a free in-game version, but this can be your stepping stone to the world of real-time money scenario. Also, don’t worry about the risks, Tradehero has negative balance protection that protects your fund and ensures you never lose more than your deposit amount.

5. Bux – Mobile trading (by BUX Financial Services Limited)

Play store review: 4.7/5

App store review: 4.1/5

Available on both iOS and android, BUX is a well-known application to discover the financial markets so that anyone can understand and analyze the market easily. However, the most interesting thing about this awesome application is that in this app you can simply do practice investments in real-time with virtual money and then later when you will get enough experience you can then easily switch to real money anytime. So, you can create your own portfolio and connect other traders simply to expand your knowledge base.

6. Forex Trading for Beginners (by GoForex24)

Play store review: 4.3/5

App store review: 4.4/5

Available on both iOS and android, Forex trading for beginners or GO FOREX, is the fastest way to master the basics and strategies of forex trading. The app is based on the highly popular e-book “Forex basics & secrets in 15 minutes”. Rich in illustrations and trading strategy examples, novice traders can master the currency exchange market in a fun and quick way.

The quiz update now lets you have the explanations for the correct so that you can really polish your reasoning as well.

7. Stock Exchange Game (by boneapps)

Play store review: 4.0/5

App store review: 4.1/5

Available on both iOS and Android, the app provides you the basics of economy strategies with virtual money and trading on the stock market. It does not require any registration and if you are wondering how a stock simulation looks like, this is your way to go. You can train your intelligence, memory and analytical processes to effectively use your skills as a real trader. Furthermore, this app doesn’t require any internet connection.

8. Landlord Tycoon – Money investing (by Reality Games TD)

Play store review: 4.6/5

App store review: 4.6/5

Available on both iOS and Android, this game uses real-life GPS to pinpoint your location to make property management a more real life-like simulation. If you believe the risk of you leaking your information, Landlord Tycoon has a very trusted rep with 5M+ downloads on the play store. You start with $50k and work your way up to being an ultimate tycoon with real life like investments.

9. Wall Street Magnate  (by CF Webtools)

Play store review: 3.9/5

App store review: 5.0/5

Available on both iOS and android, Wall street magnate is a fantasy trading community waiting for you to be a wall street trader. This app only contains information from the US stock market, as almost maximum numbers of apps do so.

Starting with $100k, you immediately start to trading stocks listed on NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX whole climbing the corporate ranks by increasing your status and title. This also provides instant messaging and social club play where you can collaborate or faceoff with your friends.

10. Bitcoin Trading: Investment App (by Quarecy Software Limited)

Play store review: 4.7/5

App store review: 4.6/5

Of course, the list would be incomplete without an app with a bitcoin trading app. Available on both iOS and Android, Bitcoin Trading has a free course and is a risk-free investment app with zero financial commitment. IF you are interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency, then, this app might reach your expectations.

Just by playing, you learn the fundamental principles of trading, get to test your skills and develop your knowledge. Everything is simple and you have nothing to risk – yet so much to gain. Download the app now to keep updated about cryptocurrency news and follow expert advice and tips to becoming a professional trader.

Now, you can pick your way to go and give apps like these a try, learning a thing or two here and there always helps you keep you a step ahead. Also, if you want to learn about Forex (which is a different thing from the stock market), here is a video explaining what Forex is all about.